Parotid Surgery Animation | Overview of Minimally Invasive Parotidectomy

the Prada is the largest salary Glennon

has an intimate relationship with a

facial nerve the facial nerve starts

from the brain travels in a long bony

canal before coming out of the skull and

passing through the product land to get

to the muscles of the face thus

controlling facial movement and

expression once the facial nerve enters

the product gland it generally divides

into two main branches called upper and

lower divisions and then into five other

branches which then subdivide into many

smaller branches that connect to the

facial muscles facial nerve branching is

like a tree in that no two facial nerve

branching systems are the same and great

expertise is required to be able to

dissect the nerve find all the branches

and protect them the facial nerve enters

the product in its deeper portion 4/5 of

the gland is superficial to the nerve

this is the reason why majority of

parotid tumors are superficial to the

facial nerve however sometimes the

tumors do develop and grow deep to the

facial nerve or involved the nerve the

product is made up of multiple different

cell types which is the reason there are

many types of tumors that can develop in

these glands it is very important to

take a biopsy of the tumor prior to

surgery in order to determine if it is

benign or cancerous fortunately the

majority of product owners are benign

the most common one is called

polymorphic adenoma pleomorphic adenoma

z' are unique in that they have

microscopic finger like projections on

the surface of the tumor so when clear

morphic adenoma Zuri removed the surgeon

must be thorough and completely get

around all these projections otherwise

the tumor will come back after several


traditional prodded ectomy incision

which is called a modified Blair

incision goes from in front of the ear

underneath the earlobe and down into the

neck this surgical approach does give

white access to the gland and for the

less experienced surgeon it is very

important to use this type of incision

to have greater visualization

after years of performing Pradhan and

facial nerve surgery we further

perfected it and developed the micro

parotid ectomy procedure micro prodded

ectomy is a minimally invasive technique

that involves making a very small

incision starting in front of the ear

and finishing just behind the ear the

skin is then elevated so that we can see

the tissue beneath it after which we

find the greater auricular nerve and

protected which preserves sensation to

the lower part of the ear and earlobe

next is the most important part of the

procedure identifying the facial nerve

which we follow to find the smaller

branches and preserve them as well then

the tumor and the portion of the prodded

that is around the tumor will be removed

afterwards we reconstruct the area using

a muscle flap graft or a combination of

both pending on the patient's unique

needs this is done to fill the divot

lift from the tumor and make both sides

of the face even during the procedure we

look at pictures of the patient and the

two sides of the face to make sure that

the reconstruction we are doing leads to

the face being symmetric using this

reconstruction technique also adds a

layer of protective tissue on top of the

facial nerve and exposed parotid which

helps prevent frays syndrome finally we

proceed with doing a plastic surgery

closure of the skin so that there is

minimal to no scarring

if the tumor is deep to the facial nerve

then the branches of the facial nerve

that lie superficial to the tumor are

identified and are separated from the

product so that we can get underneath

and remove the tumor micro parotid

ectomy is an outpatient procedure and

patients can return home on the same day

overall microfarad a dictum II focuses

on identifying and protecting the facial

nerve preserving the greater auricular

nerve reconstructing the face to be even

preventing phrase syndrome a very small

scar less pain and a fast recovery is

Micro parotid ectomy right for you

everyone should evaluate by a parotid

and facial nerve expert your smile is

very important for more information

contact the Center for Advanced parotid

and facial nerve surgery