The Paleo Diet Explained

the countdown begins with the seven

things people get wrong about the Paleo

diet now all the diets out there of all

of them the Paleo diet is the number one

Google diet around the world for two

years in a row and countless people are

changed in their bodies that's why

they're searching for it for example

I'll just throw a couple up here there

you just pull these off the web you have

changes from from this to this we've got

tons more folks bragging about how

they've changed their bodies from using

this diet in fact there's so many I can

go on and on and on and on but I'm not

going to because despite all the

googling out there there's still a lot

of misinformation about this diet for

example that I did you have to eat hunks

of meat to be on it I'm gonna clear that

up today I want to clear up the

misconception so you can make the Paleo

diet work for you and get those results

I just showed you so here's that the

record straight are the Paleo gurus and

co-authors of the whole thirty Dallas

and Melissa Hartwig


amazing results that folks for posting

but there's still a ton of

misperceptions about this Paleo diet why

didn't that sell well there's no one

person or one organization that sort of

defines what paleo is so there's a lot

of different sort of interpretations of

that but the other thing is that there's

also a large degree of variability

person-to-person so different diets work

better for different people even within

a paleo framework so those are who was a

diet for so a lot of doctors use the

Paleo style diet to treat things like

type-2 diabetes high blood pressure and

high cholesterol but you don't have to

be sick to benefit if you just want more

energy better sleep fewer cravings or

weight loss a Paleo diet is for you so

we're gonna start off with the biggest

misconception I just mentioned it a

second earlier about these hunks of meat

because you don't actually have to have

excessive amounts of meat on this diet

and if I'm gonna show you in this table

go ahead you can walk ahead of me there

are lots of things that we put up here

that all are part of the Paleo diet so

walk people through what you typically

would do when you guys are using when

you're eating paleo this is how we

recommend putting a plate together it's

not just meat meat meat I recommend

about a palm-sized serving of protein so

you can do this wild-caught salmon or

postured eggs or this grass-fed beef and

then you're really filling the rest of

your plate with vegetables so you can do

some starchy vegetables like butternut

squash or a baked potato and then with

some of the kind of leafy greens and

more nutrient-dense vegetables and add

some fruit if you want either to the

meal or as a side so we've got some

peaches here some apples and then

finally you're gonna add some healthy

fats so roughly I get this right half

your plate is vegetables half your plate

with vegetables yeah and it's a good mix

of starchy stuff and some of the more

nutrient-dense stuff you know how much

of the fat you put in there so for

things like avocado you can do between a

quarter and a half of an avocado or you

could do a closed handful of nuts and

seeds or about a tablespoon or two of

oil like avocado oil extra virgin olive

oil or coconut oil for your cooking all

right so big myth you have to only meet

people throw that criticism at the diet

all the time we disprove that there's

two things that people also get wrong

about the Paleo diet one of them is that

calcium is a big issue and they're

always searching how to make your house

even a paleo died what do you think

about that Dallas well good thing the

thing with calcium is that we tend to

fixate on how much we take in how much

we actually get into our die and that's

not really the whole story so really in

the context of a paleo diet that doesn't

have additional inflammatory load your

body is better

actually storing the calcium in your

bones where do you actually take in and

you can get some of that from dark leafy

greens and things like that what about

the crews is about to hear about lack of

fiber yeah so actually this is a great

source of fiber right here all the

different vegetables you're gonna you're

gonna eat and fruit and both solid lines

all the fiber is really rich and

plentiful when you're feeling half your

plate with vegetables and fruit so I

feel like there's a lot of rules for

this diet if I'm not going all in is

there any point in me trying it you

don't have to do it all in there's not

an all-or-nothing you know you don't get

any benefit if you don't do it all in so

really what we say is ideally you jump

in with both feet do an introductory

program like the whole 30 and then go on

from there and figure out how to make it

work for your long-term in a very

sustainable and balanced way what about

people who think they have to become

shut-ins to go on the Paleo diet come on

back I bought the menus here just thrown

up there Melissa

yeah you were to walk into this

restaurant what was your order so we

don't want you to become like a paleo

hermit afraid to go out but I know right

the first thing I would do is I would

look at protein options and I would

choose a healthy protein so the chicken

the skirt steak the grilled salmon all

look like really great options you're

gonna want to take a look at your side

dishes make sure that the potatoes for

example aren't swimming in cream and

then if you want to add a salad just

take a look and make sure that you're

not eating any sort of non paleo foods

like the goat cheese and the California

bistro yeah so if when I see that what

do I do

you would just say I don't the salad

with no goat cheese it's really quite

that simple if you don't make a big deal

out of it the waiter and the people at

your table aren't gonna make a big deal

out of it all right

number five what's the question come on

up here the question you get asked the


I'm curious cuz you guys are filling

these all the time sure I think the

question we get asked the most is how do

I make this work with a busy schedule

and a family so what we say is they

don't we just really requires some

planning and preparation and get the

whole family involved so involve the

kids in meal planning all right we go to

Libya for our number six question

where's Libya put your hand up Libya let

me see there you are now you've been on

the Paleo diet I understand for three

years yes right all right how's it

worked for you it works out well I plan

my meals on Sunday and make up for the

whole week I always have go-to food like

almonds a slice of apples so almond

butter I take a whole jar of almond

butter with me in the car whenever I

need a real fanatic yeah yeah whenever I

need something I just go right to it so

planning for the whole week I'm making

he makes me stay right up right on track

and then the morning I get up I just

packed my meal for the day and then I

don't come back too late and that said

to me

so there's another question comes out of

experiences like yours it's number six

on our countdown it has to do with how

much of some of the things you can eat

take a look when on the Paleo diet you

should only eat one serving of fat and

every meal


a serving of nuts the size of a small

fist a portion of nut butter no larger

than a ping-pong ball a helping of

avocado the size of an egg and if you

want coconut oil no more than half a

shot glass and finally number seven on

the countdown comes from Twitter

Cornelia posted this she says paleo is

no carbs there's no way for me hashtag

paleo problems so what do you think

about that Dallas

yeah really become stampers people will

confuse carbohydrate as a factual food

constituent with grain tour products so

they talk about bread and pasta like no

carbs but really you're gonna get some

carbohydrate from the fruits and

vegetables you're eating yours not

eating the lower nutrient sources like

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