Importance of Balanced Diet and Nutrition to Stay Healthy | Ms. Emmany


hi I'm Emily teenie a dietician in

Marana health I would like to talk about

the importance of balanced nutrition and

how important it is to eat a balanced

diet to stay healthy food is a basic

necessity of life it helps us to stay

healthy and be active unhealthy food

habits like starving yourself not

knowing what you eat overeating and

eating more junk foods not drinking

enough water and drinking sugary and

carbonated drinks irregularly irregular

food timings and late night dinner will

increase there is for developing various

health problems like diabetes

hypertension heart diseases and obesity

etc in current scenario there are

different fad diets followed by many

people without proper guidance

especially to lose weight and these fad

diets are popular as well like keto diet

Paleo diet detox diet and very low carb

diet but we fail to realize that whether

these kinds of diet plans are healthy

well-balanced and unsustainable our body

needs all the nutrients in adequate

amounts and in a correct proportions to

work and to make healthy body cells it's

called balanced nutrition so a

well-balanced diet us which includes the

basic 5 foot poops

the first one is carbohydrates which is

the main source of energy for the body

the examples like rice wheat parties the

millets like raggy

and Chava the second important nutrient

is protein which helps us in growth and

development the foods like Dan non-veg

Fisher's nuts and seeds are rich in

protein the next one is milk and milk

products are essential for building of

bones as it's high in calcium and also

milk products are high in vitamin D

vitamin A and protein as

then next oneness fruits and vegetable

which provides us vitamins minerals and


it's called protective foot as its helps

to fight infection and improves our

immune system the last one is fats and

oil even some fats are important to our

body because it also plays a vital role

in various functions and they should use

used it in a minimum amount so we must

learn to include all this five food

crews in our daily meal and eating

anything exists or less is not a good

practice and eat the right amount of

calories based on your height and weight

there are few simple steps which can be

followed to maintain your ideal body

weight and also to stay healthy the

first step is learn to eat when you are

physically hungry and stop when you fill

the second step is replace unhealthy

snacks with healthier ones like fruits

vegetable salad bean salad and nuts and

seeds the next one is drink plenty of

water limit intake of sugary drinks and

carbonated drinks and limit intake of

processed and packaged foods and cut

down sweets and bakery items and make a

habit of eating healthy balanced type

which includes all five food groups as

discussed earlier and plan your meals

hockey shopped for healthier ingredients

and last stay physically active to stay

healthy thank you