Nursing Bra Measuring and Fitting Guide - Kindred Bravely

hi I'm Dan Akerson and I'm the founder

of kindred bravely I'm here with my

friend Amy who's agreed to help

demonstrate how to properly measure

yourself to get the best fit on a bra so

the first thing you want to do is go

ahead and put on a bra that is not

overly padded not overly compressive

like a sports bra but just a comfortable

bra that you think fits yourself well

and then you're going to take two

measurements the first one is directly

under your ribcage and then the second

one is around the fullest part of your

breasts when you take the measurement be

sure to pull in nice and snugly not

tight but snug and then remember this

number this is 34 and keeping the band

so that it's going directly around your

back and that's 37 so the difference

between those two numbers is how you

figure out your cup size the first

number is your band size 34 and then the

difference between the two numbers is

how many cup sizes you are so from 34 to

37 is 1 to 3 inches different so that

would be a B C a C cup and if you're in

between if the measurement doesn't fall

exactly on a band size you part of it is

going to depend on your personal

preference if you want it extra snug for

extra support daytime use or if you want

it to be very loose and good for

overnight use when your breasts might be

more full of milk as well so if you have

any questions about how to get the best

fit for your bra just drop us a line we

would be glad to help you thank you