Cell parts and function-Nucleus-Nucleur membrane-nucleolus-nuclear pores

welcome to moomoomath and science in

this video I'd like to look at the

nucleus I've always heard that the

nucleus is the brain of the sail but why

is it the brain and what are the major

parts of the nucleus the nucleus is a

large organelle in fact you can see the

nucleus with a compound microscope here

it is inside a cheek cell I'd like to

look at four main components of the

nucleus first the nuclear membrane

nuclear pores nucleoplasm in the

nucleolus the nucleus is surrounded by a

nuclear membrane and that this is very

similar to at the cell membrane and it

is also composed of two layers it

protects and houses the other parts of

the nucleus you can also find ribosomes

on the outside of the nuclear membrane

up next are the nuclear pores these are

openings found on the nuclear membrane

they allow items to move in and out of

the nucleus an example would be

messenger RNA

you are heading through a nuclear pore

and into the plant cell nucleus the

nucleus is home to a plant's DNA like

meters and meters of cell blueprints the

DNA make the plant what it is

nucleoplasm is a gel-like or watery

material found inside the nuclear

membrane you will find the DNA suspended

in the nucleoplasm the nucleolus is

almost like a nucleus inside the nucleus

it has a very high concentration of DNA

it is also the site of transcription

which is the starting point of protein

synthesis this is how the nucleus

controls the cell it has all the

information on how to make the stuff

like proteins for the cell these

proteins are used for many purposes

inside the cell raba somes are also made

at the nucleolus all eukaryotic cells

have a nucleus and bacteria and other

prokaryotic cells do not have a nucleus

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