How To Put In & Take Out A Nose Stud

hey guys welcome or welcome back to my

channel today I'm going to be doing a

video all about how to remove and put in

your corkscrew nose it's done so it

literally it doesn't take long at all so

yeah let's get straight into the video

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see you guys a very up close and

personal with my face right now but it's

very easy to do this so literally all

I'm going to do is just start by just

like taking out how I would without

explaining just so I can show you how to

put it in then I will show you how to

take it out in detail so if you haven't

seen what a corkscrew nose ring looks

like before this is kind of how it looks

so it's kind of hard to show just

because it's absolutely tiny so this is

the end of it and I'm just holding where

the little ball is but you want to start

with the hooked part so how you want to

hold it towards your nose you want to

have the hook like this so it's kind of

like curved to go into your nose so what

I do is I start off by getting the

curved part like this and holding up to

my nose just to make sure it's gonna go

in kind of like causing the curve kind

of like a backwards C so a C would go

like this and you're having it this way

around I'm sorry it's really hard to

show like like that so what you do is

you get the end of the corkscrew and you

just hold it up to your nose just to

make sure it kind of will go in so first

of all what I do is I put the end of it

in my nose and I just have it hanging

out like that so what you want to do is

you kind of want to make it straight so

what you want to do is you get your two

fingers so your pointing finger and your

thumb and hold the jewelry at the end

and you just want to kind of turn it

anti-clockwise so I just turn it inwards

and for obviously if it you are new to

this it's gonna be really tight you want

to so you want to turn it anti-clockwise

into your nose and it will look like

this so it is secure but it's like all

still all sorry like hanging out of your

nose so then you want to keep doing that

until it's just a straight line out of

your nose so then all you want to do is

get your finger and just push it and I

know it's easier said than done because

when I first did it and I was watching

tutorials it was really do

cool so all you really want to do is

just make sure you're really holding

tight onto it and just turn it inwards

so to remove it for me it's just really

simple I just pull it like that because

I'm used to it but for someone that's

not used to doing it it's gonna be

really difficult so I'm just gonna pop

it back in so as I said I just put it in

straight and then turn it anti-clockwise

and just push it in so for me to remove

it it's very simple very easy because

I've had mine in for a long time but for

someone that's new to it it will be

quite difficult because it will be

really tight so you want to pull it out

like this and this time I am going to

turn it backwards towards my face and at

the same time be pulling it further out

and then turn it backwards and then just

pull it out again I'm just gonna show

you that one more time so I get it with

my fingers and I pull it out then I turn

it backwards and then it will look like

this and then I just pull it straight

out so guys I hope you found that

helpful if you do need any other like

tips or if you just need any other help

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enjoyed and I will see you in my next

one bye