Difference between Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources

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video let's talk about renewable and

nonrenewable resources a natural

resource is a natural material that is

used by humans examples include water

oil wood from trees in coal many of

these resources are changed into

products that make our life more

comfortable or convenient natural

resources can be classified as renewable

or non-renewable a renewable resource

can be replaced at the same rate in

which the resource is used common

renewable resources used to produce

energy include solar like these solar

panels converting solar energy into

electricity wind which can turn turbines

to produce electricity hydro electric

which involves moving water turning a

turbine geothermal which involves

capturing the underground steam that

flows to a turbine and then produces

electricity and biomass which involves

plants and poop being burned to produce

electricity Aeryn water are renewable

natural resources also they don't regrow

like trees but they are always being

renewed they move in cycles remember

renewable resources can regrow or be

replaced within a person's lifespan

non-renewable resource is a resource

that forms at a rate that is much slower

than the rate that it is formed

coal is an example it takes millions of

years to create coal and once it is used

up it is no longer available you can use

the phrase Kahn to remember three

popular non renewable resources

this stands for coal oil natural gas

nuclear fuel is also a non-renewable

resource uranium-235 which is used in

nuclear power plants is found in a

finite amount minerals used for making

metals are also non-renewable for

example steel which is used in making

buildings is made of iron or iron ore is

mined from the earth and is limited

resource non-renewable resources are

things that take longer than a person's

life span span to be replaced in fact it

takes millions of years to form these

because many important resources are

limited we can all reduce reuse and

recycle you can turn off lights when

you're not in a room you can ride your

bike more and walk more to reduce the

amount of gasoline used you can reuse

and recycle things like plastic jugs

jars paper paper bags plastics cardboard

aluminum and even steel if you'd like to

know more about how we get energy from

non-renewable resources this playlist

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