The 5-Minute Nose Job - Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty | VIVA Skin Clinics

hi guys welcome back to the viva sync

clinics youtube channel

and we've got sophia with us today we're

going to be doing a non-surgical


let me show you how it's done


so a lot of people forget that it's not

just your selfie profile angle when it

comes to a nose

and it's not your straight on the

improvement needs to be made at a

full 180 degrees worth of angle

so if i can get the nose better at 180


of that entire view you've got a really

good result

tell me about what bothers you about

your nose

so i've never really had a problem

straight on but i always

see my nose from the side and i don't

like my bump

and even though other people don't

notice i always

pick it out so i think it's going to

really boost my confidence

just straightening out and where do you

notice it most

really when i look in photos or when

people take photos on me so

that's why i don't really like taking

photos too much and i do my makeup in

the morning

i don't like turning my head to the side

so it is having an impact yeah how you

feel in photos

yeah and i've been thinking about this

for a very long time so

how long roughly um maybe two two and a

half years

so the average time it takes for someone

to think about doing something

and coming into the clinic and sitting

where you are is two years

it's interesting yeah i feel like

fillers and plastic surgery always has

a negative image family members friends

or online

but when you think about it i'm doing it

for myself i'm not doing for other


for that reason you're the best

candidate for this

because it should be about how you feel

it's not about external pressures

so if it improves your confidence within

then you're a good candidate for this if

i look at you from the side on angle

i see that you have a little bit of

dominance to this

to this side of the nose so the bump

there the nasal bridge

so to make that appear smaller

and a little bit straighter it's how the

light hits the nose so noses are all

about optics

so at the moment the light's hitting the

nose with a wider surface area on the on

the bump

so it's looking like it's bigger if i

put some product

above and just below to soften this


what happens is the lights hitting the

nose at

almost less of a surface area and a

straight line

which means that it appears straighter

so most of the time

noses are not as straight as they should

be because the way the light hits them

so my first injection point is going to

be just above the pump

and what that's going to do is it's

going to make the little indent

look straighter so it's not going to

mean the nose looks wider

it's just going to slightly elevate the

area above

the nasal bridge which will mean that at

this angle it's straighter

and all the way around as well in terms

of symmetry

what i'm seeing is this little indent

here just above just below the bump

so by putting some product here it will

soften the appearance of this little


so it will look straighter

i'm just going to put some anaesthetic

cream on which will numb the nose

so i just do a little drop here a little

drop here

let's go for a little pinch

this might feel a little bit more


a little pinch holder


beautiful it looks super

it honestly didn't hurt at all i was

really shocked so we have the moment of

truth for sophia now

so super excited to give her the mirror

are you ready yes

oh my god oh looks so cool

my bumps kind of smoothened out a bit

and my nose looks way straighter from

the front

as well and as you can see down time

literally zero i just wanted my bump to

go down a little bit and i've definitely

noticed the difference

honestly i don't i think it's

supernatural i don't know if anyone

really noticed it

and that's why i really like it that's

what we want them to say yeah

sure i can see such a big difference

from the front and i didn't know

i didn't think i was going to see the

most difference from the front as well

i think the biggest reason i put off for

so long so i was like i'm going to be so

painful it's going to take so long

but i felt pretty much absolutely


if your girl that gets eyebrows threaded

honestly 100

worse and i wish i did this sooner now

oh my god






i was really nervous before i came in

but dr rupert was absolutely amazing and

i felt absolutely nothing

and i love my results thank you so much

for watching guys

i hope that's been useful for you if

you've enjoyed it and you want to see


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