hello again everyone my name is Andrew

Easler I'm the head instructor here at

drug testing courses comm today I just

wanted to talk to you about the

difference between do T and non do T

testing so I get this question a lot and

it is a little bit confusing because of

really this do t covers wedeck i kind of

a catch-all for a lot of federal

regulations so when we're talking about

do T it directly represents the acronym

for the United States Department of

Transportation and those are

specifically to the Department

Transportation regulations now this also

will in the industries interchangeably

used for also Department of Health and

Human Services regulations and those are

a little bit different and they have a

couple of different nuances and we train

you guys on that whenever you take any

of our courses but if you hear the word

do T or do T testing or do T your own

specimen collector anything like that

that just really refers to federal

regulations typically the 49 CFR Code of

Federal Regulations part 40 regulations

for drug and alcohol testing for

federally regulated employers this can

be the that our Motor Carrier Safety

Administration without a railway

administration pipeline and hazardous

materials Safety Administration so all

of these ones that I'll put up here for

you those are all going to be do t

anything that doesn't fall underneath

that DoD umbrella is gonna be non d-o-t

and that's typically referred to if

you're not federally regulated you're

gonna be regulated by the state so non

DMT testing referred to state mandated

testing or just a company protocols so

non VOT can be you know let's say you

have know your state like Texas and you

have very little regulations on drug and

alcohol testing so far so it's really up

to the employer to come up with whatever

rules and procedures they want for doing

those types of tests and that would

still be under what's called non d-o-t

so when we're using that in the

hopefully when we're using that

conversation now you're gonna be more

familiar with what you're researching

and things like

that for doing training d-o-t federal

federally regulated non do t usually the

state or the individual company policy

drug and alcohol for workplace policies

gonna govern those protocols that we're

talking about so hopefully that clears

things up if you have any more questions

feel free to reach out to us

we'd love to hear your questions

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great day