Nicotine testing in the workplace

or this one is a rapid test test

positive for a whole list of drugs

marijuana cocaine amphetamines opiates

PCP benzodiazepines and you'll quickly

find yourself on that do not hire list

if we are missing a line then it's gonna

say that it's positive but what happens

when an employer adds nicotine a legal

addictive substance to that testing Les

Halles move this month got plenty of

attention the company says it's an

effort to empower a healthy workforce

but nicotine free hiring policies aren't


Alaska Airlines helps one of the oldest

at Alaska Airlines our people go out of

their way to show you they're only human

since the 1980s the airline has refused

to hire smokers arguing flying in smoke

breaks don't join these policies are

even more common among high-profile

hospitals like the Cleveland Clinic in

smoke we don't have highly protective of

their healthy image we think that

smoking is the number one preventable

cause of cancer the critics questioned

if it's fair or legal to discriminate

against nicotine users it's a major

major consideration for employers which

brings us to our workplace expert Kevin

O'Brien is a business law professor at

the University of Denver we have one of

the most powerful laws in the nation for

workplace protection Colorado's law says

employers can't fire an employee for

what they do legally outside work but

there's a catch it says nothing about

hiring you can be discriminated for

legal activities outside of work before

you're hired a loophole in the law that

paved the way for nicotine free hiring

policies O'Brien argues it could have a

domino effect and what's to stop

employers from discriminating against

candidates who are obese or addicted to

caffeine it is a slippery slope and

alcohol is is a great example

Stephen Morgan makes signs for a living

in Aurora he knows firsthand the power

of nicotine quitting smoking is probably

in my mind the hardest thing I ever did

Morgan's been smoke-free for two years

now but has a manager with plenty of

nicotine users smoke cigarette so they

smoke a jewel or they do both he thinks

smokers or vapors should be able to do

whatever they want on their own time I

love for my guys to quit smoking and

feel better but I'm not gonna tell them

they can't smoke because that's their

choice back to consensual apps that

Colorado company doing the drug testing

no matter how many drugs they're testing

for assuming it the sleeper runs

operations at this Denver clinic she

says so far few companies are asking for

nicotine testing there's been one in

about a year as for her personal take

she supports the idea of companies

offering candidates help to quit but

isn't sold on companies having a blanket

no smokers policy I would be concerned

if they were testing me for for nicotine

of like oh boy if I smoked the why comes

down to the rising cost of

employer-provided health insurance but

at what point does it cross a line

that's for you to decide