Best Nibblers: 5 Best Nibblers in 2020 | Best Power Nibblers (Buying Guide)

hello guys welcome to my another video

today I am going to show you the five

best nibblers lets save your time and

money I am going to show video reviews

on the five best nibblers on the market

I have made it based on my personal

researches and I am trying to list those

based on price quality and more

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five vaquita 16-gauge nibbler the makita

X and Jo onesie is another full-sized

power tool nibbler it not a drill

attachment which is why the price is

dramatically higher it pretty similar in

terms of specs to the makita J and 1601

we featured earlier however it has one

major difference it powered using a

battery as we mentioned in the JN 1601

review a lot of makita power tools are

now powered using batteries and that

tends to make them more expensive the

battery in question is an 18v lxt

lithium-ion battery which is not

included in this listing you have to buy

them separately and they cost upwards of

50 dollars so you will be spending

nearly $500 if you don't already have

one most Makita power tools use these

batteries the reason that people are

willing to spend this amount of money on

a nibbler is about more than just

convenience the fact that it a cordless

tool makes it perfect for working on

sheet metal roofs when you eat up on the

roof the last thing you want is a

trailing wire that you could get caught

up and it makes it a much safer tool to

work in compromised positions that why a

lot of professional tradesmen prefer

these tools over drill attachments or

corded options

for weeks Betty nibbler metal cutter our

next drill attachment nibbler is the

Burt's Patty double head sheet nibbler

metal cutter again it looks similar to

the previous one there seems to be a

pretty standardized design in the world

of drill attachment nibbler they all

look fairly similar so the question is

why would you spend an extra ten dollars

on this product if it does the same job

this short answer is because the quality

is better you can tell that this product

is built better than the other cheaper

drill attachment nibblers it the same

tool underneath it fits on any standard

drill cuts up to fourteen gauge metal

comes with circle cutting and straight

cutting tools and comes with extra tools

but this one is made from better

materials and is a little bit better put

together plus it has one thing that the

other products can offer a lifetime

warranty that shows that Rex Betty is

prepared to stand behind the quality of

their products we say that easily worth

the extra $10 if you keep planning to

use this tool a lot again it worth

mentioning that this tool will leave

extremely sharp metal shavings

everywhere and if not suitable for tough

nibbler based jobs it probably won't

work on tough jobs like cutting into

metal roofing but for smaller precision

jobs it an excellent tool be sure to

also check out our guide to the best

drill bit sets for more awesome tools

like this

three illuminate ultimate metal nibbler

cutter this product is almost identical

to the dick vos double head metal sheet

Niblick cutter that also features this

list they are pretty much the same

product they just have a slightly

different color scheme in a different

name so why would you buy this product

over the other one well for starters it

a couple of dollars cheaper it not a

huge saving but every little bit counts

the illuminate brand is n as well known

as the dick Theo's so some buyers might

prefer to spend a little extra for the

name however we think this one is just

as good it cuts through two millimeters

or fourteen gauge steel moves anywhere

within 360 comes with a straight edge

and circle cutting tools and comes with

a 2-year warranty this is one of the

cheapest and still effective ways of

cutting through sheet metal if you

looking for a budget option illuminate

ultimate metal nibbler cutter as the

best our guide to the best framing

nailers features more handy tools you

can add to your collection


- dick feels Niblick udder the next

product is an attachment that fits onto

power corded or cordless drills and

works the same as a nibbler now if you

eat cutting metal professionally we

recommend going for the real deal the

results will be cleaner and they are

easier to use than these attachments

however if you eat just using it as a

DIY tool any of the next three products

will work fine the drill attachment fits

effortlessly on to any standard drill

and it comes with a wrench and other

necessary parts it has to be said and

the Amazon reviews back this up dick

feels Niblick Haider produces some

pretty impressive results it can

effortlessly glide through metal and

creates a precision edge without Birds

it claims that it's able to cut through

14 gauge steel but if you cutting

something that thick you might want a

more powerful nibbler


one vaquita JN 1600 116 gage nibbler the

makita JN 1600 116 gage nibbler is often

said to be the best nibbler tool on the

market it not the most powerful or the

most expensive but if you are looking

for a sturdy power tool that will see

you through almost any job that requires

a nibbler 8 the one to go for having

said that it not cheap as is the case

with all Makita tools you paying for a

quality tool nowadays most Makita tools

are cordless but this one still powers

the 5 a MP motor using a cord speaking

of the motor it can power the sheet

metal cutting tool at a 2200 SPR strokes

per minute which means you can blast

through a job pretty quickly as we said

this is and the most powerful tool on

this list for that check out our premium

product the dilled

DW 898 however if can still cut through

16 gauge stainless steel an 18 gauge

mild steel before you go ahead and buy

an electric nibbler it always worth

checking out the material you working on

because you might not need a tool this