Replacing your Old Roof ? WATCH this video before you INSTALL your new ROOF...( must watch)

is it really time to replace your roof a

lot of contractors that go out to your

door and in the knuckles door when they

seize you're rich is falling apart and

they tell you that you need a new roof

in this video I'm gonna show you when

you really need to replace your roof

okay like in this case you see the roof

is made out of fiberglass

let me play a fiberglass and they coat

it with a granules when you go up on

your roof then you see the underneath

the granules then it's time for you to

you can see the fiber glass underneath

day the granules still this roof can

last another let's say another two years

you don't have to replace it but then

you're gonna really risking having a

wind blowing off all your roof I mean

all your shingles and aiming the camera

this is the south side of the house some

people they have come and performed some

roof maintenance and it looks like that

the original roof is still there so

there's another existing and then

replace all damaged wood and you see

only on the south side that's when it

really gets damaged like on that side of

the valley on this side of the valley

and this one this is the way it looks it

doesn't look that bad actually in front

right here in the front of the front of

the house it looks it looks good it's

only in the back you see how the

fiberglass is peeling off the granules

are falling off there it's coming apart

from the fiberglass oh so it's it's time

this roof is about 20-25 years old maybe

20 26 get into 30 but still hanging in

there so it's not that bad so you don't

really have to replace it but the guy

he's worried about the rain

here in California we've had a lot of

rain and like we never had before so a

lot of people got scared so right now

it's the time when people calling me

it's October

so I'm very busy from October October

November December January and February

and then it gets low in March April and

June well for a lot of people they get

slow me I'm always busy in doing

something you know repairs we roof tile

resets anything anything that's related

to the roof working on the windows or

doors or anything like that anyway this

looks man this is the time for for us to

replace all the damaged wood damaged

fascia because this roof nobody can

touch them in another 30 years or

remember you roof it 30 year investment

so think about on the long run before

you do any changes okay

check out the fascia board check out the

plywood go up on the roof or hire

someone to go up on the roof and check

on your roofer and turn to replace all

the damaged wood okay don't cut corners

because nobody's gonna touch your roof

in another thirty years okay it's your

investment it's your money and you're

worth it okay oh sorry I don't advertise

my my my company on internet because by

law is not permitted well you guy can do

it but I don't want to because I cannot

take two too many jobs I have a small

crew but I take every job like personal

so I do it like it's my own house that's

why I don't take a lot of jobs before I

used to have a bunch of guys like 12 15

20 guys and all I had it's a bunch of

headaches which are mistakes people

sometimes they don't care do that they

do their hours and they go home

quality so I say you know why it's not

worth it so I'm just burning myself all

right guys so I let you go for this time

and then hopefully can take a video and

the process with this re-roof good

morning everybody

Eric here again this time I'm going to

talk about a rear roof you know like

sometimes people they they like to go

with another layer on top of the

existing existing materials it's called

overlay or yes call overlay a lot of

contractors they do that and they say

they in a lot of stages you know they

allow you to a lot of counties they

allow you to have at least two layers on

top of the existing as long as the

bottom ones are three tabs so we can go

with the dimensional a 30-year shingles

on top of the three top shingles then he

doesn't he's not very noticeable from

the street or from the when you eyeball

it but anyway on my opinion as a roofer

I don't really recommend you to to go

over the existing with the new roof

because first of all when you're

skipping the the removal the the tariffs

that we will call it demolition you

skipping the part what you're doing it

if you have any termites termites you

know termite invasion

then you won't be able to see it because

the termites they work you know they

they usually bury inside the wood you

don't notice on top of the top of the

shingles on the other hand when you

replace the the decking I mean the

damage taking I mean you're only doing

it every 30 years so

any roofie like well installed should

last at least between 25 and 30 years

it's a little-bitty about some termites

that I found on a house that I was not

going to tear off and then I show the

video to the owner and he decided to

remove it


is how termites look like after they can

get rid of the wings they bear into the

wood and they start eating it


or to install the shingles on this roof

before I start the maintainer to check

on your roofer it's he replace all the

damaged wood that's the most important

thing second thing make sure that he

installed the material according to the

manufacturer's specifications and for

the roofer here's one tip this house I

installed a felt yesterday right now

it's about nine o'clock and it's : I

usually when it's cold you know your

paper your felt underlayment tends to


he creates backhoe I'll give you a

secret down nail on the in lap okay use

nail from the middle and up okay but

don't nail on the in lab because that

way they they fell doesn't doesn't relax

because you got the nails on the in labs

just leave it like that the wind is now

gonna bar less is real windy then you

have to nail her on the in laps on the

overlap okay but if she's not windy just

a nail on the middle and up middle and

up on the upper on the upper portion of

the felt okay you see it this one

doesn't have any any buckles at all

you see nothing right when you see the

matter like this is because the nails

are used there's too small and that's

why they they metal it's pulling up the

the nails and usually looks like this

after like a year or so the other thing

you can do on this it put some silicone

underneath and use some screws of bacon

screws not nail because then they the

force of the metal is gonna pull them

okay pull them up

alright so be careful on this detail


pollution is backward from GFI


sometimes the roof is the easiest thing

to install when everything is fixed

prepared so remember to clean up after

you get done pick up on nails blow off

the bottom part I really like the way

you find it because like sometimes I'm

prefers you know they just speed up on

finishing the job and then they leave a

mess our friend of mine there's a good

roofer he's a excellent offer but when

it's time to cleaning he doesn't like it

he gets mad remember follow sean is both




we replace this fascia board this is

standard two by six spruce you used to

have a 1 by 1 by 4 and we match the the

one in the front of the house the front

of house he has already 2 by 6 so I told

the owner right now that you're making

the you know the project so go ahead and

buy it and install it for you we share

clean as much as possible so we blew off

all the debris cleanup and shall leave

of clean as we can all right because

you're only gonna be there for five days

and the owners gonna get a stuck with

all day all you debris and that's gonna

give you a bad name

okay you might be a wonderful roofer you

may be a good roofer but if you don't

clean up after your mess it doesn't look

too good

alright guys just get the color show and

it's Hickory I mean work with