How the bees act when they reject the queen new beekeepers don't miss this

hey everybody this is David barnyard

bees today's video is about another

queen situation and the last video I did

it showed a queen been accepted and how

they acted when they accepted her well

here's the opposite side of the spectrum

what happens can you see this right here

this little ball that they got going on

right here and just see the Queen there

ball on this Queen this was actually the

swarm if you remember my my last video

when I had to swarm in the air and I

used this stick in the pole with a frame

on it to get it down and then I come

over and I watched a swarm come in well

when I come down here yesterday and I

was checking they was balling the Queen

and they had her balled up in the bottom

of the hub while I rescued her saved her

and put her in one of these cages here

when these little plastic cages well I

put her in the cage put her back in the

hive for a couple of days and I plugged

it up with wax where they couldn't get

it out whether they got it out but as

you can see right here there's

absolutely no mistaking what this looks


these bees are angry they absolutely

hate this Queen there's something about

her they don't like and a little wild

guy mate I already made one video but my

camera shut off right in the middle of

it so I had to restart it so she

actually has flown away and then flew

back a couple of times she don't want to

leave but they're gonna kill her so the

only thing we can do is put her back in

the cage put her right here seconds

there actually see that's a tight see

how tight that is they're not interested

in staying in May they're the only one

to kill her that's only the only thing

they got in mind

so what I'm gonna have to do is separate


from these beads I've got to put it on

pause so I can put her in a cage and

then offer return okay

now finally she had her back in the cage

they did not want to let her go they had

a death grip on her she's one of our

marked Queens so that swarm when we did

a split they apparently they so they

swarmed out and ended up in this box as

you seen on one of my videos now I've

been through this hive and I've been

through two or three times I've not yet

found the Queen I've not yet seen eggs

were another Queens lane but something

about that Queen they absolutely hate so

what I'll have to do is try to introduce

another queen to this colony because

they will kill her absolutely no

question about it

and this is a I mean it's not a very big

swarm but it's not a tiny swarm eaters

there's a decent-sized amount of bees in

it but

they almost look like it has something

balled there but I've looked off through

it and I've not yet seen a queen not

saying there isn't one it's possible but

what I'll do I'll close this hive back

up and then I'll come back


tomorrow and I'll put another queen in

there and a lot of times you do that and

they're fine with them sometimes they'll

never accept another Queen that that is

possible too and sometimes hives are

just doomed to die if they won't ever

accept a claim yes it doesn't it's rare

they just didn't like her and I mean

there's a 90% chance when I put a queen

in here tomorrow that doe except there's

more than likely and then there's a real

good chance we're going to take this

Queen and try to put it in another

colony there's a good chance they'll

accept her it's hard to tell sometimes

why they do that she flies well she's

not wounded for sure so I'm not really

sure they just there's something about

it you can't explain that something

sometimes why they don't like it that's

just B's and they're how they act but I

thought that was very important I want

new beekeepers see that if you had to

see my other video on the release and I

made it Queen it was like TV videos back

go back and watch it and watch how

gentle and nice that was to that Queen

they they had no problem whatsoever with

that Queen so you just never know so

what oh that would install another Queen

tomorrow and I'll take this one and put

her in another colony and that's all for

today I just wanted to show that I

thought that was really interesting and

well I see it all the time it's nothing

new it's just I want people to see that

to see what the difference is between

them tending to the Queen you know that

the Queen that except they'll feed her

the tent or but this they had her balled

up and she was good as dead so that's it

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