Electing a New Pope: Secrets of Conclave

well Pope Benedict the sixteenth

surprised the world when he became the

first pope in nearly 600 years to step

down tomorrow 115 Cardinals begin the

sanctified and secret process of

electing the next Pope my co-anchor

Terry Moran reports tonight from Rome

with the latest from the papal conclave

Terry Cynthia just a few hours from now

amid a lot of pageantry and a lot of

Prayer just behind me there it begins

the Cardinals of the Catholic Church

will march in solemn procession into the

Sistine Chapel and start voting to pick

the next pope and the eyes of 1.2

billion Catholics around the world will

turn here to Rome waiting looking for

that white smoke to billow out of the

chimney back there the white smoke that

signals a new pope has been chosen well

tonight the cool spring air in Rome is

thick with suspense tinged with a little

bit of intrigue and for so many millions

charged with hope just imagine this is

the long walk the hundred and fifteen

cardinal electors will take Tuesday

afternoon down the splendid corridors of

the Vatican and into one of the grandest

spaces in all the world the Sistine

Chapel here they will vote the books of

procedural rules and prayers in Latin

are all in place the twin stoves await

one to burn the ballots the other to

burn chemicals to make sure the smoke

comes out the right color black for an

inconclusive vote white for a new pope

and tonight another final preparation

cosy deal me aut the Vatican staff

religious officials to medical doctors

for possible emergencies Cook's

housekeepers florists 90 people all told

take a solemn oath of absolute and

perpetual secrecy as for the Cardinals

themselves many have been out and about

and roamed these frantic final days

including Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New

York who said Mass at a local church and

who many think has a shot at being the

first American Pope I told them I said

you just like me coming because I preach

a short

than your pastor does whoever is chosen

his white papal garments already await

small medium and large depending and

they are already hanging in the room of

tears where the man who will be elected

to lead the church will come first to

change to pray and perhaps tradition

says to weep so who will it be there is

no favorite no front-runner here in Rome

is just feverish with speculation it's

the hope the belief of Catholics that

the Holy Spirit Guides this process but

it is men who make the choice and they

will take their first vote Tuesday

afternoon the prayers of millions are

already with them and the whole world