How To Calculate Your Handicap - Here's the formula

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into today's video so a lot of people

have a handicap but they probably don't

know what that number actually

represents your handicap is an average

or an index that combines your ability

and skill level with the difficulty of

the course in which you play so why are

handicaps important they keep things

equitable so say you have two players

with the same exact skill level but one

plays at their local course it's easier

it's you know there's not a lot of trees

there's no water at hazards nothing like

that they're gonna post lower scores

well save someone that's the same exact

skill level goes out and plays a course

Pebble Beach and that's all they play

it'd be pretty nice to be that person

but say that's the course that they play

all the time

well they're gonna be posting higher

scores even though they're the same

skill level save par 72 on both courses

one's gonna shoot in 85 and one's gonna

be posting a 105 well the way that the

handicap is calculated and the formula

is written it accounts for the course of

difficulty so it keeps things the same

at the end those players still the same

ability and the handicap will be about

the same so do you need to know how to

calculate your handicap no you don't

need to know how it just you just don't

but if you're like me I was curious to

know what happened when I put my score

into the phone said what course I'm at

and they would give me a handicap and

I'd be like well what's that mean before

we can calculate your handicap we have

to know and understand three key

variables that go into the formula first

course rating course rating is what a

scratch golfer on average would shoot in

an 18 hole round at that course number

two slope rating the slope rating is a

formula and I'm not gonna get into that

of how it's calculated but essentially

it's the difference between a bogey

golfer average golfer and a scratch

offer multiplied by something to give

you a rating so that rating is between

55 and 155 with 113 being the standard

number 3 the adjusted gross score now

this is your score after an 18-hole

round after you take into account the

equitable stroke control I will put

definitions to everything we just went

over down below in the description so

you know what all the information is

that you need but where do you find it

well typically it's on your scorecard so

I have a scorecard here this course here

it's a local course it's an easier

course course rating is sixty four point

two and the slope rating is 110 so now

that we know what goes into your

handicap let's get to the formula

calculating a handicap takes three steps

the first step is calculating your score

differentials to do this you take your

adjusted gross score subtract the course

rating then you multiply that by 113

remember I said 113 is the standard

difficulty for slope rating you divide

all of this by the slope rating at the

course in which you are playing now this

is where it factors in the difficulty so

if it didn't have this part it only had

your adjusted gross score minus the

course rating times 113 that would be

just accounting for how many strokes you

were over par well this is where it

takes into account the difficulty of the

course so let's do this in a real-life

example so I have a scorecard here so

I'm gonna say I shot part is 67 I'm

gonna say I shot an 85 so 85 minus the

course rating which is 64 point 2 I'm

going to multiply that by 113 and then

divide it all by the slope rating which

is 110 let me get a calculator here so

divide it by 110 I get a score

differential of a twenty-one point three

six seven

now the USGA says

take it out to the tenth decimal so I'm

gonna drop the six and a seven and this

score differential is twenty one point

three so now that we know how to

calculate the score differential we need

to calculate an average now the USGA

says that you have to post a minimum of

five rounds of golf before you can get a

handicap index this is true for a

maximum so that's the minimum

there's a maximum that you can have they

only look at the twenty most recent

scores that you've entered before they

start to fall out so your oldest one you

post a twenty first score number one

will fall off but they will only look at

certain ones so if you post five scores

they will only look at the one lowest

score differential and use that as your

handicap if you post ten scores they'll

look at the lowest three score

differentials and average them out if

you post twenty scores they will look at

the ten lowest score differentials so

let's say we played ten rounds of golf I

am gonna say we got twenty one three so

let's say that these are our score

different rentals what they're gonna say

is that we have to now find the three

lowest differentials and average them so

I have a twenty one sixteen seventeen

and a fifteen so those are gonna be our

three lowest score differentials because

we've only posted ten scores we now

average the three so sixteen point nine

seventeen point one and fifteen point

nine that's good calculator so this adds

up to forty nine point nine so we now

divide that by three because we're using

three scores so our average is sixteen

point six three three but like I said we

only take it out to the nearest tenth so

sixteen point six but remember this was

just step two step three is now we have

to multiply sixteen point six by 0.96

now why 96 percent well I believe it's

because the usj wants

give you a little a little help they

want to say hey here you go

here's a better handicap so you feel

better about yourself I don't know

I'm sure if you know why post it down in

the comments so we take sixteen point

six multiply it by 0.96 so we get

fifteen point nine three six we take it

out to the tenth so we drop those two

numbers so fifteen point nine is our

handicap in this situation this would be

what you read on the app after posting

your score the trend all that this is

would be your handicap if you only

played ten rounds that's it guys that's

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