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I was in my father's house to believe in

democracy trust the people we are the

masters of our faith that the task we

can each set us it's not above our

strength that it's pains and toils are

not beyond our endurance as long as we

have faith in our course and an

uncomfortable willpower salvation will

not be denied us it's a proud thing to

be given the office of Prime Minister

but as for courage character I know the

British people have these in full

measure Britain

has been great is great and will stay

great provided we close our eggs and get

on with the job

I have only one thing to say u-turn if

you want to

the lady's not for turning I will not

change just to court popularity I am

happy that my successor will carry on

the excellent policies that in fact have

finished with the decline of socialism

and have great prosperity to this

country which are raised witness

standing in the world and in fact have

brought about your truly capital owning


I believe that when our children and our

grandchildren look back on this

turbulent century now look at those

years from 1979 onwards and they'll say

these years changed the face of our

nation and they changed the fate of our

nation and they changed them both for

the better we campaigned for hope not

fear we campaign for change not more of

the same and I am very proud this will

be a new modern conservative party in

Parliament us is a great country our

future is in our hands together let's

seize it together let's build a better



ladies and gentlemen please welcome the

chairman of the Conservative Party

Brandon Lewis


thank you

good morning and this morning marks the

culmination of a contest who has shown

the very best of our party our values

our ideas our people and our

organization a party that is

fundamentally strong and united in its

common purpose to deliver for Prosperity

opportunity fairness and security for

everyone in our United Kingdom

I've been hugely proud as chairman of

everyone in our party throughout this

election the voluntary the parliamentary

and professional party working together

to deliver a fair and efficient election

we've held hustings in 16 towns and

cities right across the United Kingdom

in every region and in every nation our

candidates have covered some 3,000 miles

taking over 400 questions and answered

hours and hours worth of questions in

interviews culminating in that fantastic

event at the excel just last Wednesday

and we have welcomed thousands of our

party members and friends and family to

hear directly from our candidates and in

a first for a political party we held an

online live hustings open to everyone in

our country and indeed beyond I want to

pay tribute to the team at CC HQ in

particular for running both the

membership ballot and these fantastic

hustings and I also want to thank my

parliamentary colleagues for their

support through that process in

particular the members of the 1922

committee brilliantly led by Charles

Walker and day Michelle Gilliam who have

been of attorney officers throughout

this process and have given us such an

efficient professional and effective

start and run through this process and

to all of the members of the

Conservative Party Thank You those

members our friends our family and our

colleagues have undertaken a solemn duty

in choosing our next leader who will be

this country's next prime minister they

have engaged constructively thoughtfully

and positively in the process a chance

to choose our leader is a privilege and

I believe our party has risen to that

task but finally I want to take this

opportunity to say a thank you to our

current Prime

Tereza may her leadership of our party

in our country over the last three years

something that was never going to be an

easy task and it is now paramount that

we come together that we unite as a

party for our country to deliver in the

national interest to get behind our new

leader and our next prime minister to

deliver on the result of the referendum

and to deliver for the whole of the

United Kingdom and we are a party that

does that best when we are united and

that's a party will be led by one of our

two fantastic candidates that we've seen

out on the roads over the last few weeks

ladies and gentlemen please welcome

Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson

a lazy gentleman to announce the results

of the leadership election please

welcome our attorney officers named Cho

Gilliam and Charles Walker


well Thank You Brandon can I thank you

and your team that conserved a central

office for doing a fantastic job it's

been a team effort and shown the

conservative family at its best and if I

could make one plea as a backbencher can

we be kinder to the next prime minister

than we've been to the current Prime



so without further delay I'm going to

hand you over to the wonderful co-chair

of the 1922 committee Dame Cheryl

thank you very much Charles on the 24th

of May the Prime Minister the right

honourable Theresa May announced that

she would be standing down as leader of

our party on the 7th of June and over

the past 46 days

the 1922 committee organized five

ballots of members of Poland and then

worked with the party chairman and the

electoral reform services to present the

final two candidates so all qualifying

members of the conservative and unionist

party could vote for our new leader I

want to echo Charles's thanks to Brandon

and in particular to the party board and

the party staff for all their sterling

work on the hustings and also the ers

who have conducted a very professional

operation collecting and Counting the

votes from home and abroad and also the

1922 Executive especially my co-chairman

Charles Walker with him it has been a

pleasure to work and at least we have

brought equality to the top of the 1922


gender balance is important and the

offices of the 1922 committee Sir

Geoffrey Clifton Brown Bob Blackman and

Nigel Evans all together here today and

our own parliamentary staff who have

given up their spare time to help

conduct what I believe has been a very

successful election finally I would like

to thank all those party members who

voted and those who stood in the

election and particularly my colleagues

Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson who

despite the challenges of a contest run

in the glare of Press comment and public

scrutiny I believe have emerged as

worthy candidates for the position of


now I think you've all been waiting long

enough but in in the honored tradition

I'm going to ask my beautiful assistant

to handle hand me the envelope for the

announcement it's called teamwork I Dane

Cheryl Gillan the joint returning

officer for the conservative and

unionist party leadership election

declare that the total number of

eligible electors was one hundred and

fifty nine thousand three hundred and

twenty the turnout in the election was

eighty seven point four percent the

total number of ballot papers rejected

was five hundred and nine and the total

number of votes given to each candidate

was as follows Jeremy Hunt 46,656 Boris

Johnson 92153 and therefore I give

notice that Boris Johnson is elected as

the leader of the conservative


thank you very much

well thank you very much good morning

everybody thank you


Thank You Carol

thank you so much thank you sir thank

you Charles thank you very much Brandon

for a fantastic that deafening well

organized campaign I think it did a lot

of credit as as Brandon has just said to

our party to our values and to I our

ideals but I want to begin by thanking

my opponent Jeremy

by common consent an absolutely

formidable campaigner and a great leader

and a great prodigy Jeremy in the course

of twenty hussies amor I mean 20

hustings or hustings style events it was

more than 3,000 miles by the way it's

about 7,000 miles that we did criss

crossing the country you've been


you've been good-natured you've been a

font of excellent ideas all of which I

propose to steal and above all I want to

thank our outgoing leader Theresa May

for her extraordinary service to this

party and to this country it was a



it was a privilege to serve in her

cabinet and to see the passion and

determination that she brought to the

many causes that are her legacy from

equal pay for men and women to tackling

the problems of mental health and racial

discrimination in the criminal justice

system Thank You Teresa

thank you and I want to thank all of you

all of you here today and obviously all

everybody in the Conservative Party for

your hard work for your campaigning for

your public spirit and obviously for the

extraordinary honor and privilege that

you have just conferred on me and I know

that there will be people around the

place who will question the wisdom of

your decision and there may even be some

people here who still wonder what quite

what they have done and I would just

point out you that and of course nobody

no one party no one person has a

monopoly of wisdom but if you look at

the history of the last 200 years of

this party's existence you will see that

it is we conservatives who have had the

best insights I think into human nature

and in the best into the best insights

into how to manage the jostling sets of

instincts in the human heart and time

and again it is to us that the people of

this country have turned to get that

balance right between the instincts to

own your own house your own home to earn

and spend their own money to look after

your own family good instincts proper

instincts noble instincts and the

equally noble instinct to share and to

give everyone a fair chance in life and

to look after the poorest and the

neediest and to build a great society

and on the whole in the last 200 years

it is we conservatives who have

understood best how to encourage those

instincts to work together in harmony to

promote the good of the whole country

and today at this pivotal moment in our

history we again have to reconcile two


two noble sets of instincts between the

deep desire for friendship and free

trade and mutual support in security and

defense between Britain and our European

partners and the simultaneous desire

equally deep and heartfelt for

democratic self-government in this

country and of course there's some

people say that they're in

irreconcilable and it just can't be done

and indeed I read in my Financial Times

this morning devoted reader than I am

seriously it's a great great great great

British great British brand I read in my

financial times this morning that there

are no incoming leader no incoming

leader has ever faced

such a daunting set of circumstances it

said well I look at you this morning and

I asked myself do you look daunted do

you feel daunted I don't think we I

don't think you'd have remotely daunting

to me and I think that we know that we

can do it and that the people of this

country are trusting in us to do it and

we know that we will do it and we know

the mantra of the campaign that has just

gone by in case you've forgotten it

you probably have it is deliver brexit

unite the country and defeat Jeremy



I know I know suck some wagons already

pointed out that deliver your knight and

defeat was not the perfect acronym for

an election campaign since our portion

aliy it spells dud but they forgot the

final E my friends IVA energize and I

say I say to all the doubters dude we

are going to energize the country we're

going to get brexit done on october 30

was going to take advantage of all the

opportunities that it will bring in a

new spirit of can-do and we are once

again going to believe in ourselves and

what we can achieve like some slumbering

giant we are going to rise and ping off

the guy ropes of self-doubt and

negativity with better education better

infrastructure more police fantastic

full fiber broadband sprouting in every

household we are going to unite this

amazing country and we are going to take

it forward I thank you all very much

for the incredible honor that you have

just done me I will work flat-out from

now on with my team that I will build I

hope in the next few days to repay your

confidence but in the meantime the

campaign is over and the work begins

thank you all very much