Defining a Nervous Breakdown

this is a catch-all term it used to be

very in vogue particularly among the

wealthy not so much anymore and why is


I liked it well many people kind of miss

it these days because it does seem to

describe what a lot of people feel like

they're going through but when

psychiatry started getting much more

scientific really starting about the

1960s when the DSM came into being for

the first time what is the DSM the

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual the

really official diagnostic book of

psychiatric disorders a bit very vague

term like nervous breakdown really kind

of fell by the wayside because it was

just too vague

we need more codes for the insurance

companies just to make things more

complicated right right now but is there

still such a thing as just a nervous

breakdown is someone who may not have a

mind may not be bipolar may not have a

more serious psychiatric disease may

just like have too much going on at one

time in life and your body just goes

enough well that is what there is no

good word for right now and what what a

lot of people are kind of longing for

and well one expert told me it's not in

the book because it's not a disorder

it's really modern life but everybody

kind of knows what you mean it's when

your your ability to behave as an adult

is overwhelmed by forces outside of your

control right too many things going off

you're having a divorce maybe there was

a death in your family work is too


I wonder if during this you know the

economic downturn if more people were

prone to experiencing the symptoms that

might have once been classified as

nervous spring I think that's definitely

the case and I did hear from a number of

psychiatrist that I talked to that they

are seeing more people come in saying

gee I think I'm having

nervous breakdown but what what the

field has always been debating is how

much of this is actually an underlying

mental disorder and how much of it is a

normal reaction to an awful lot of

stress and is it is it nervous breakdown

kind of low for the 1% I mean it or they

just they just basically since you were

crazy right that did happen and for many

decades if you had a nervous breakdown

and you were really well-to-do you would

get sent to some very plush retreat in

the Alps or in the Rockies and you'd

have to dressed for dinner no matter how

severe your nervous breakdown was and

and you rested and that did a lot of

people a lot of good we bet the

insurance industry does not want us

having nervous breakdowns and going off

for the plus that has changed a lot but

I do not now I don't want to make mock

of this though because I think that

people people who do experience this it

is very significant it is a real

physical reaction and it can happen what

do doctors say you should do if you

haven't been classified with something

else and you really are just having just

too much stress in your life what's the

what's the treatment

well definitely go and try to get help

from some kind of a professional advisor

be it a psychologist a social worker or

your primary care physician or or


don't try to evaluate it and treat it

yourself an awful lot of people resort

to self medication with alcohol or drugs

or or something else to get through a

rough period like this and that can just

tip you over and substance abuse which

is another overlapping category with all