Types of experiments: Lab, Field and Naturalistic Cambridge International Psychology 9990 AS/A Level

hello guys today we are going to look

into various types of experiments so

there are basically three types of

experiments the laboratory experiment

field experiment and naturalistic

experiment so let's first look into the

lab experiment so most of the lab

experiments are conducted in a lab

setting but it is not really the

criteria for it to be a lab experiment

it is when the experiment is far away

from the real-life situation and it does

also when the independent variable is

being manipulated and the dependent

variable is measured right and also

you'll have much more control over the

variables the extraneous variables and

you will have a standardized procedure

in conducting the whole study which

means that the study is can easily be

replicated okay so since one of the

examples the club one of the classic

examples of lab experiment would be the

Milgram study so in this the IV was

manipulated the dependent variable was

measured and it was in a lab setting it

was far away from the real-life

situation and therefore the ecological

validity is very low so house field

experiment different from a lab

experiment the main difference is that

the field experiment is conducted in a

real-life situation even in the field

experiment we

manipulate the independent variable okay

we probably introduced some Stooges or

we in other means manipulate the IV and

we measure the dependent variable

probably through observation okay

so we do that as well but the main

difference other than this being

conducted in a real life situation is

that we have less control or the

extraneous variables okay less control

over the extraneous variables because it

is in a in a real life situation and we

have no control over anything that's

happening there all we can do is

probably observe and record whatever

that is happening but since it is a

naturalistic us I mean a real life

situation the khaliqul validity is

definitely going to be high compared to

the lab experiment now moving on to the

naturalistic experiment how is this

different from a field experiment the

main difference is that we are not

intruding in the natural habitat of

these subjects that we are studying okay

so you go into a classroom you observe

the students without them knowing

probably through a camera or you know

probably when the teacher watches the

students and records the behavior it's

basically a naturalistic study because

you are not intruding in their natural

environment everything is going

according to how it is supposed to

happen but you yet again probably you

know through a word observation you are

observing what is happening in there and

then you're studying it so here again

you have no control over the extraneous

variables you are observing and

measuring what is happening in there but

you are not again

manipulating anything in there no

manipulation yeah so again since it is

you know a real-life situation the

ecological validity is going to be

really high compared to any other

experimental methods ok experimental

types now I I'm guessing that you

understood the basic differences between

the three experiments and if you have

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