Natural River Levees - How are they formed? Labelled diagram and explanation

hello everyone in this video we can be

looking at another River feature in this

case we can be looking at levees and

specifically natural levees you consider

I'm labeling them over here on the

photograph there's those little raised

sections that you get an either side of

the river that prevent river flooding

and are famous for having failed in the

Hurricane Katrina disaster so how does

the liver form while eleven forms over

here directly on the river banks at them

labeled in diagram one and there are

naturally occurring and naturally

forming feature sort occurs is as we can

see in diagram to is it during a flood

conditions or during flood conditions

when the water level rises above the

banks that are the area directly on

either side of the bank is the first

area where they're going to be exposed

to additional friction and large stones

and silt our first deposited directly in

the areas that I'm marking with the

little red circle this is because this

is where they lose their energy first

and it's the place where all the larger

sediment is deposited now over time

what's going to occur as you can see in

picture three that this sediment builds

up and it builds up on the lip and of

the riverbank and gradually again over

time what it does is that it forms this

elevated section that you can see both

on the diagram and in the photograph

what these levees can do is they can

increase the river current capacity and

they prevent the river flooding in the

future because now the channel can hold

more water thank you very much for

watching and have a great day