Muslim Wedding SECRET FACTS To Know

hi welcome to the new episode of

relationships today we should let you

know how a holy union happens in a

Muslim marriage a normal nikka or Muslim

marriage ritual is three days long and

consists of rituals may be derived by a

mix of cultures money or engagement is

the day when the two individuals

exchange rings

followed by happiness and their family

the bride is not allowed to step out of

the house until the day of her nikka

makka or marriage is the day when the

two individuals will become one with

each other forever the ceremony of the

day starts when the groom and his family

and close ones are welcomed at the

marriage venue by the showering of

flower petals by the bride's sister and

young females the groom's family members

are welcomed with a freshly prepared

rose flower drink or sherbet the

marriage can be held at either of the

families places or at a neutral venue

the day progresses with the maulvi or

priest reciting verses from the Quran

which then asks for the permission of

the bride and the groom individually in

an Orthodox Muslim family the bride and

the groom are restricted from seeing

each other directly and use a mirror if

required after a job' kabul or

acceptance of proposal the vollis or

father of the bride and the groom play a

vital role in assessing the mohair or

new column

which is given to the bride by the groom

or his family the amount is reached by

mutual consent an economy or marriage

contract is signed which includes the

mohair and the signature of the two

vollis bridegroom and the MALDI after

offering his Salam to the older women of

the family and taking their blessings

the bride and the groom proceed to a

lavish dinner where the maulvi places a

Quran in front of the bride and groom

who then say their first prayers as a

couple and proceed with the dinner later

in the day the bride leaves her house

and proceeds to her groom's house rook

shut does the ceremony with emotions

flowed through the eyes of the bride and

her family as she bids farewell the

bride's vollis gives her hand to the

groom and asks for him to take care of

her and her happiness the ceremony is

completed when the bride enters her new

home with a quran held on her head by

the groom's mother the groom and bride

then enter their well decorated room for

consummation post marriage rituals begin

with the cha team this is when the bride

is welcomed to her original home


the post wedding ceremony ends with the

Villa Mella where the two families are

reunited for post marriage celebrations

ending the ceremony of two hearts with

one soul together and forever that was

it for today's episode be sure to catch

us on another episode as we explore

different rituals