Illustrated guide! Healing & preventing Muscle Strains & injury Part 1

everyone welcome back to shapeshifters

then this is shifter here with a

question have you ever had or do you

currently have muscle and joint pain

simply because you pushed your training

just a little bit too hard well if so

then welcome to the club the journey to

move a mastery requires us to step

outside our comfort zones on a routine

basis and minor injury is simply a part

of this game yet suffer not you're about

to embark on a recap of lessons learned

from a senior member of the pushed my

training just a little too hard Club so

sit back old lover of movement and learn

of ancient secret teachings uncovered in

dusty choc filled gyms and a thousand

outdoor adventures and be troubled by

injury no more but first


basically you went or something whether

it's the micro tears that we commonly

call sore muscles or the larger tears

that we tend to call sprains strains

tendinitis or whiplash it all pretty

much means that you have torn the

connective tissue in your body

in fact even muscle growth is caused by

these tears it's the stress the body

needs in order to trigger the adaptation

to a stronger state it only becomes an

injury when you've torn more than you

can quickly heal the connective tissue

you have torn could be muscle which

feels relatively quickly or tendon which

Hills relatively slow to do to having

much less blood flow however the plan of

attack remains the same either way

avoid and heal the tears in the

connective tissue what follows are

different phases of training experience

that have had throughout my life and

what each has taught me about mastering

the problem of injuries early in my

athletic life I found myself in the gym

lifting weights a lot I was young it was

high school and it was a lot more about

impressing girls and hanging out with

friends then it was about anything else

and while for the most part I no longer

used weights it was a phase of my

athletic life that was riddled with

minor injuries and very important life

lessons one of my earliest injuries was

a constantly strained shoulder I'd been

to the doctor a few times but received

absolutely no useful help

luckily the answer came from an old

power lifter in my gym who was looking

to help some of the younger men to avoid

a possible tear of the rotator cuff and

it turned out to be very simple it was

all about muscle balance my chest in

front deltoids had simply been worked

too hard in the opposing muscle group my

back and rear deltoids had not been

worked hard enough the result was a

strength and balance and shoulders that

awkwardly rolled forward as I walked I

backed off the chest workouts a bit and

added shoulder stretches and some extra

back work in short balance was restored

and the pain disappeared another method

that proved extremely useful is static

and negative lifting

in particular this was a lot of help

with tendonitis and strength

rehabilitation after an injury as an

example imagine you had pain in a bicep

tendon after a week or two of rest you

hit the gym again and it's painful to

contract your biceps during a curl still

so forget the normal curl and instead

try a static lift by contracting the

muscle without actually moving away or

try a negative lift in which you control

the weight as you slowly lower it

avoiding the often painful contraction

phase of the lid both of these methods

help drive blood into the muscle build

strength and are very easy on injured

tissue the last technique I'm gonna

mention from my gym days is foam rolling

this is a method of self massage that is

very easy to do and it only takes a few

minutes it's great at releasing tension

and sore muscles and it helps to unstick

the connective tissue that tends to get

bound up in and around our muscles

during exercise for me this worked

really great on my legs especially after

a tough leg workout I would do some foam

rolling and as long as I did that my

muscle soreness dropped by anywhere from

60 to 80 percent honestly and as a

refinement of basically the same process

check out trigger point therapy it's a

way of pinpointing exactly where in each

muscle you need to massage in order to

get the best effect for the whole muscle

I've had amazing success with it and it

is easily among the best short-term

solutions to injury pain that I have

ever tried so be sure and check it out

at age 14 I walked into a boxing gym and

thus began my first true athletic love

affair however boxing can be a cruel and

unforgiving mistress damage and injury

to the body are practically built into

the sport as it is in all combat sports

but have no fear

a few sage-like truths have been passed

down by warriors of the past that will

set your muscles free and put your

aching body at ease if you have ever

been involved in combat sports you'll

notice one thing very quickly it hurts

like hell to get hit when you're tense

it jars the whole body and on top of

that it makes you slow and predictable

for the answer to this we can turn to

Bruce Lee's famous advice

be like water the ability to remain

loose and relaxed during intense

activity makes you fast improves

reaction speed and makes getting hit

feel so much more tolerable if you have

ever heard of rolling with the punches

it's the same general idea you don't

want to resist the punch you want to

flow with it and take all of the sting

out of it and this applies equally to

all athletic movements you need to be

flowing with the activity not resisting

it with unnecessary tension the second

technique goes hand-in-hand with the

first be present in whatever you are

doing you are way more likely to be

injured playing in a pickup game of

basketball if you're also thinking about

the fights you had with your girlfriend

or about the bills or about your car you

must empty your mind and bring all of

your awareness to the present and to

what you are doing

you'll be shocked at how much more

efficient you will become and how much

less likely you are to get injured when

you are simply present in your body with

what you are doing now this piece of

advice doesn't always seem to be popular

but of everything I'm going to share

with you today I don't know if any of it

has helped me more than this one simple

piece of advice eliminate processed

sugar from your diet sugar negatively

affects your muscles tendons and general

health in so many ways I couldn't

possibly cover them all in one video but

I'll quickly share two with you just so

you can get the idea first sugar taxes

your liver

as much as alcohol and has been shown to

create non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

and pretty quickly at that your muscles

and joints are nourished by your liver

your liver pumps out an extra liter or

so of blood every time you start intense

activity without it your muscles and

tendons don't get enough blood and they

remain stiff decreasing your performance

and making injury many times more likely

also when your blood sugar gets high

your body needs something to do with all

those excess sugar molecules that it

can't process so it does something

called glycation where it literally

sticks the sugar molecules to the

protein in your connective tissue making

them weak and malformed and by

connective tissue I mean muscles tend

fasciae all of which experience this

cellular level attack on their structure

by having excess sugar in your system

the second piece of advice is thrown

around a lot and that's for good reason

drink lots of water I feel like this

advice is constantly underestimated but

it is much much easier to stay loose and

relaxed if you are well hydrated dry

muscles are brittle muscles nutrients

which your body needs in order to grow

repair and function properly which leads

me to my next bit of advice be sure to

eat a highly nutritious diet and I don't

just mean your macros I mean vegetables

fruits organ meat if you can handle it

this should be a no-brainer but nothing

teaches like experience and I have

trained on a load nutrient diet as well

as a high nutrient diet in my

performance stamina focus and ability to

heal all predictably skyrocket when I'm

on a high nutrient diet

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