What to Expect from an MRI


if you've never had an MRI before you

may have some questions hi the first

thing you'll do when you arrive at CDI

is to check in with the front desk to

let us know that you've arrived if you

would fill this out you'll fill out a

metal checklist that'll go over anything

you've had implanted in your body any

surgeries and your joint replacements or

pins needles screws in your body we do

this for your safety

Aaron after you fill out your metal

checklist in your paperwork we walk you

back to our changing room I'll have you

change into some scrub pants in a gown

top removing anything that you have on

that may include any metal bras that

have clips or duster straps will come

off watches jewelry anything metallic

that you have on earrings necklace and

then you'll lock your things in a locker

room and after you're done changing

number eye tech will walk you back into

the MRI Suites and review those metal

checklist questions with you one more

time depending on the scan that you have

you may go in feet-first or you may go

in headfirst

whatever Anatomy that we're looking at

is usually in the center of the

maintenance that's where a magnet takes

the best pictures MRI machines typically

sound like a loud jackhammer lots of

loud knocking noises to protect your

hearing we give you earplugs and or

headphones the headphones will cancel

out the noise of the machine these

headphones also allow the MRI

technologist do you let you know how

long each exam will be if you ever have

any questions in between the scans

they're able to hear you through those

headphones we give you an emergency call

button so if at any time you just decide

you do not want to do the exam anymore

you can squeeze the call button and we

come in and get you out it is much more

common to be claustrophobic then I think

anyone realizes we have lots of practice

as technologists with patients who

experience claustrophobia our biggest

technique is standing right next to you

the whole time while we get you in

position and while you're moving into

the scanner and then we make sure that

you're comfortable before we step away

from the scanner or step back to start

the exam and that's another reason why

we give you that call button it's for

your peace of mind almost should let you

know that you can squeeze that ball at

any time and we'll bring you out of the

scanner you're doing a great job we're

on the other side of the door so if you

ever need anything all you have to do is

speak up and we can hear you and we'll

come in and talk to you generalized

extra curvature MRIs are very important

they allow radiologists and doctors to

see what's going on inside your body to

pinpoint your symptoms so those results

will get sent to your doctor and then

your doctor will come up with the best

treatment plan for you based on that MRI