Attending a MOVIE PREMIERE is like This - Avengers: Endgame

hey everyone I'm Peter I'm Kara and this

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don't know what we're doing but we're

gonna be covering the stuff we love

which is a theme parks and movies and

magic and our dog dogs and this is our

first video we shot on an iPhone it's in

a loud noisy environment so please

excuse the production values also

it's our web since bought this camera

right here and as you can see it looks

amazing yeah I like it a lot better the

thumbs not bad though but that's just a

disclaimer yeah also Peter and I aren't

we don't really know how to edit yet so

that too but I think we're doing really

good so far it looks

yeah we're figuring that so anyways

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bell and here's her first video tonight

we're going to the world premiere of

Avengers and game and I thought since

we're doing this vlogging thing and

nobody probably a lot of people out

there haven't ever been to the world

premiere of any movie that we're taking

a long show and what it's like as much

as we can but they're very sad about

taking your phone away but we could kind

of show you when we get there and then

the after party and all that good stuff

look who's all dolled up tonight I don't

know how to dress I only own my two

dresses I tend to always look gothic but

I am very happy me I always my signature


a t-shirt I got the Avengers t-shirt you

can find this at Target and my my suit

jacket as you can see all my magic stuff

that's usually in these pockets and

they're saying yeah

oh and you're by donations look at that

people might care about Vinylmations

know you guys care about animation I

play some posters it's really quick this

post right here is signed by Drew

Struzan it's really cool actually both

of these for something drew and this is

he meets girl and right behind you is

the original traction poster for Star

Tours so okay

so there you have it oh forgot these

here is earthed an Star Wars The Force

awakens and this is the film now I

forget what company produces this but

it's kind of cool because each Street on

here is named after and make that like a

movie so since that strip Ryan on Sunset

Strip somewhere here is a Cloverfield

park right there there's more dogs it's

fun I like to out what I'm going to the

bathroom yeah I like staring at this

she's getting mad nobody wants to see

our toilet like so we're on our way to

the premiere it actually is a top-secret

location for Star Wars movies and huge

Marvel movies like The Avengers films

Disney likes to be very secretive on

where they hold them we'll talk about

that in just a bit but I wanted to say

while we're on our way there a lot of

people are probably wondering how do you

get to go to a world premiere of a movie

I am a journalist I write about film for

a living

so I'm lucky enough to get invited to a

dozen or so world premieres every year

but if you're not a journalist if you

work in the industry usually you know

agents of the people involved the film

makers their friends the actors involved

sometimes if it's a big premiere and

there's thousands of people sometimes

they do like multiple theaters for like

the Star Wars films they will have

they'll have contests radio contest and

fan contests like the omae's contest so

so there's various ways to get invited

to premiere it's not if you don't know

anybody it's probably not the easiest

thing they have made it very hard to

sell tickets it's very hard to to

actually you know get a premiere ticket

and actually sell it on eBay or

something like that because actually

sometimes like you get a little badge to

wear around your neck with your seat

number whatever and sometimes I get mad

if we even take a picture of that and

like when I posted to Instagram because

they don't want someone seeing like the

bar code or whatever to somehow try and

get get in to duplicate it there I got

yelled out once yeah yeah and you'll see

you'll see the pickup process we're

gonna show you the whole thing or as

much as we can show you and come with us


usually these premieres take place on

Hollywood Boulevard at the Chinese

Theater the dhobi theatre or el capitán

this premiere is taking place at the

convention center downtown which I've

never been to premiere when you arrive

here you got to go to pick up your badge

and then you head to the red carpet but

today is not the red carpet here we have

the purple carpet instead of red carpet


look at this setup right inside

you might spot Kosar michael dinky now

right there water is that your main for

my own blog are we doing the celebrity

thing I have a question like tonight

you're basically just celebrity stalking

if you will no no he would be interested

what is it like to go to a world

premiere of a movie sure this one this

one's a bit of a bigger one this is not

the norm though because we I have not

been to that many room premieres but

this is one of those people who are like

I saw Alonzo ball from the Lakers this

is one of these things where like

everybody wants to you know it's the

biggest one of the biggest movie of the


we just got our photo right in front of


right over there you can see actually

the interviewers on the red carpet doing

interviews with the stars filmmakers as

they arrive see now it's the waiting

game because you can go to the fitter

you can go sit down right now

but if you do I have to give up this

phone I have to give up all

communication to that side world so

usually what we do is loiter around here

and catch up with some friends there's

some friends over there and chat with


umberto the rap club heroic howl

youtube.com heroic I said so what do you

super excited but 13 years you were

there in the 2006 but remember when he

first sees the Vengeance always in the

following year they showed us a trailer

that's what I knew they had some you

need a good think one person to survive

tonight it's gotta be I'm a cat guy

Captain America Captain America pockets

cufflinks nobody guessed America


I'm a cop guy if he dies I'm gonna be a

mess sorry now we're waiting to get a

photo in the step-and-repeat all the way

up there what I love about premieres is

that you know 37 IQ on weird the same

line Michael Chiquito

everybody's here down this hallway is

every single character booster or a

bigger thing

where is the work

right there here's where everyone is

standing they don't want to give up

their phone what are you doing what are

you gonna do it by your collar

I don't know here is a wall with photos

from Marvel Studios first ten years of


right before you enter custom Jones

Avengers theater behind the scenes

what's actually interesting is we end up

putting our phones these greens tell you

actually okay so we've seen the movie I

don't want to give any spoilers here but

I loved loved loved this thing this is I

think if you imagine the best possible

Avengers endgame movie this surpasses

like every expectation I personally

cried I think six or seven times I know

somewhere between five and seven yeah

not just like an on Saturday reunion

what did you think um I liked it a lot I

am obviously shocked at how much you

liked it because I feel like sometimes

you don't I'm more a little bit more

critical yeah I am

I liked a lot like it hit every mark

like I didn't know any spoilers thank

God going into it and like just the

places that we went and the things that

happened was just so perfect and like

masterful like I don't know it's there

no spoilers but this is a tribute to the

10 years of the Marvel Cinematic

Universe this is as some of the most

yeah it's a love letter it has some of

the most epic scenes I've ever seen

there's like you think that splash page

scene from the original Avengers or from

civil war is epic this is like a hundred

times that so incredible kept taking me

by surprise I guess I'm just there

like naive in that way but so many

things happened I was just like of

course like this is just incredible and

this is also a movie I don't think

people can just walk into and not

haven't seen it's depending on your

seeing yeah all the movies there's

callbacks to everything this is

conclusion missus you want to like

rewatch like I feel like that but this

is I still wanted this is the most

emotional MCU film I really enjoyed it

but we should talk about the plan

because they built this theater in I

don't know if you've ever been here but

like they started deconstructing it and

I'm like oh yeah we're in the convention

center like it's crazy and by the way

that the stuff you saw earlier it's gone

it was right here behind us yeah and

literally that was in the time of them

showing the movie which took three hours

and then the party we were at the party

for a couple hours so we were at the

party until it was like closing yeah

okay they constructed a theater out of

like nothing and like the canary dolby

atmos theater and I'm gonna put some

video in here so you can actually see

what it looks like it was impressive and

afterwards the entire Avengers cast came

up on stage I did not we did we weren't

allowed our fault remember so the entire

Avengers cast was up there but I think

if Disney puts those photos online I

will insert him here so you can see some

of this it was just effect or so


like Kevin fight you got a standing

ovation it was it was just so good and

then after the whole thing emptied out

into an after-party yeah where they had

all the props on display that costumes

that photo ops we're gonna we're gonna

put in something some video from the

stuff coming up I know that um they were

playing DJ's were playing music yeah so

we can't put that music so we'll

probably put some other music over it

and you can actually see it probably now

while we're talking actually you can see

it was a

you know also now we're talking yeah now

I see we're learning how to vlog here

and the other cool that some great food

we're on a diet so we had a lot it was

great yeah they call it fire right but

we did not give in yeah they hadn't been

in Jerry's if you remember an infinity

war they talked about the Ben and

Jerry's flavors for Avengers ice cream

and yeah there's a joke on there so they

had a Hulk smash you can make your own

Avenger Avengers

yeah we didn't have that but we'll show

that also some of the photo ops they had

there and and also we were walking

around and this was a huge party like

all the actors were there everywhere I

tried to get a couple shots don't see

Chris Hemsworth though let me tell you

every not that I've been to that many

premieres but every time I go to a

premiere and I think he's gonna be there

I never see him he's avoiding you he's

avoiding it he was there yeah well he's

avoiding you it's trying to avoid you I

will put some shots here like some

celebrities lights

I spotted I did get to run into Leonard

and Jessica Maltin Leonard Maltin was

that was the council I grew up reading

his books and Roger Ebert but I Robert

Roger Ebert's books and I got to tell

him that I was cool and I got to thank

him because literally I probably

wouldn't be here or writing about movies

it wasn't for him so that was a cool

moment I won't you got a photo with him

but it seems like overall the reaction

here was pretty impossible like

everybody I talked to I don't think I've

talked to one person that didn't like

the movie and I don't know so do we show

enough of this this premiere like do you

think people got like what what it is

like to go to a wealth myth

maybe I mean I we showed as much as we

could we had to put her phones away yeah

I don't know I mean if I oh you know

what we should talk about this because

all the actors and the filmmakers and

people worked on the movie are in

attendance throughout the movie people

are clapping and hearing more often than

I think they normally are at screening

so it's like you're really pumped when

you're watching it like every time any

character came on screen

people were like losing their mind I was

right there with them it was off I think

there was probably 30 times throughout

the movie like three dozen times of

people cheering throughout the movie and

I you know I when you see these premiers

people are more pumped to see this kind

of stuff but it's never been like this

it was like off the chain I feel so

honored so lucky to be here you know

seriously III I think Disney for

inviting me to this because this is just

a very special night and I thank you for

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