Single Mom Moves into TINY HOUSE VILLAGE w/ Daughter

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In today's video,

you're going to meet a single mother who decided to move out of the city and

into a tiny house in the country with her 10 year old daughter.

We're going to take a tour of their vibrant tiny house and learn a little bit

more about their big lifestyle change.

I'm Erin and I'm Paulina and this is our tiny house

I decided to move into a tiny house with my daughter because the apartment we

were living in was a little too noisy city and I was ready to get out of it and

so I started looking for a new quieter,

more country places to live and I found Tiny house block online.

I was really surprised. San Diego didn't have a tiny house community sooner.

So as soon as I found it, I jumped right on it.

But I was looking for affordability and when I found this place,

I actually couldn't believe how affordable it was because it's such a hip

lifestyle that I did not expect to find a place. So cute.

In the price range that I was looking

I'm able to save a few hundred dollars a month, not just in the rent price.

We're on propane now,

which the only thing that the propane is used for is our water heater.

We don't need a lot of power to heat the house because it's so small.

So I've only been here a month but I can already tell I'm saving a ton.

I just like how much nature there is a here and how much time that there is to

spend outside and stuff.

I also like to go exploring and hiking and it's just,

it's just so cool. My friends are actually very jealous of me.

so when we came to tour tiny house block,

the reason I chose this house is because it's the only one that has a balcony

first of all.

And I love the idea of sitting out on the balcony and looking at the stars or in

the morning drinking some coffee and saying hi to my neighbors.

I also really liked the bright colors.

There's no other house here that has the same bright, happy look as mine does.

And I just really identified with it.

Hi guys. Come on into my tiny house.

Here we've got our living room. It's a nice cozy atmosphere. I've set up,

we don't have a TV. What we just used is one of our laptops. Set it right here,

cuddle up on the couch with some blankets and some popcorn.

Have us a movie night. We've got our coat rack,

got our backpacks there because we do travel into town every day to go to school

and work. I do have a nine to five

I do have this table that

just kind of folds down and scoots

out of the way and I'm going to hide these stools right in here.

It's a pretty handy little thing to have when you've got very little room.

This was on Amazon. I ordered it and it was delivered to my door.

Over here we've got Sabrina the skinny pig.

I'm not sure if you know what a skinny pig is,

but she is a hairless Guinea pig and she welcomes all who come through this door

with some singing and hopping around. She's super adorable.

Quick turn over here. I've got my pantry,

I had to get a lot of Mason jars because it just felt right.

Mason jars in tiny houses. It's just a thing. Right,

and I didn't have a whole lot of counter space. I only had this guy right here.

If you notice, I don't even have an oven or a stove.

So I added some counter space by adding these covers over the sink and adding

even a little folding table over here so I can do some chopping and whatever for

dinner. I do cook dinner every single night.

I use my air fryer as my oven as my microwave and of course my deep fryer and

I've got my handy water kettle here and I do have a electric kettle,

sorry, not an electric kettle, a electric burner here.

If I got something I want to fry on the stove,

we've got a full size fridge here. I do love to cook, I cook every night,

so I've got lots of ingredients in there to play with.

Lots of appliances up here,

including my breakfast sandwich maker for the mornings.

That does come in handy when I'm trying to pack lunches and get ready and get

her ready for school at six in the morning having a pour overset.

So I just turn on my kettle and once that's hot I'd pour it right over in here

and then it's nice and out of the way.

I don't have a big clunky coffee maker to have to use it.

Most girls dream of a walking closet, but we wanted a walk out closet.

Our closet pulls right out

and we take whatever we need and then we push it right back in. This, uh,

storage holds a lot of stuff to my surprise.

So I actually found myself putting stuff in there thinking that I was going to

have to get rid of it.

I've got some linens here and I've got some laundry room stuff,

some garage stuff, but it all fits nicely in here out of the way.

So I don't think it looks very junky. It's nice and out of sight,

out of mind.

Now, a lot of people are super interested to see my bathroom because they think

they're going to see like a little airplane bathroom or some tiny little tiny

little shower. Slash. Toilet. But that's not the case with this house.

We have just a regular bathroom, full-size bath and shower,

normal toilet and it's just a nice regular, regular cozy bathroom.

This is my room and I get the bigger room and because of that I share it with my

pet snake named middles. He has a mustache. You can't see it right now,

but the two scales in between his nostrils make it look like a mustache.

He's a California King snake. Well,

he's really nice and friendly to hang out with. So as you can see,

this is my whole wall of stuffed animals that I have.

This is Hedgy and Pikachu very special dolls of mine.

I used to take them around everywhere when I was younger.

Over here I have more art supplies because I do like doing art.

I really just love to see all the animals that live around here.

We have a bird feeder in front of our window and I like to see all the

woodpeckers and blue Jays that fly around. There is a woodpecker.

There's a bunch of them.

This is my loft.

You may notice there isn't a bed up here and that's because my bed is a corner

chair by day.

It's a three-part mattress that I've pushed up against the corner to be a nice

cozy chair to work on my laptop or a on some ukulele and just relax and

enjoy my tiny house. Also, I've got the balcony right here.

Just crawl right out.

Oh, here you have the best view at tiny house block.

I am the only tiny house here that's got a balcony that can oversee all the

neighbors. I can yell and say hi if I'd like to, but I'm not that neighbor.

I do have a telescope up here because we do see gazillions of stars

every single night, including meteor showers.

We could see shooting stars going by

When I was my daughter's age,

I actually lived in a place much like this and it was probably

the happiest years of my childhood.

And so this is really cool that I found this place where I could offer the same

atmosphere for my daughter to grow up in and remember these years.

And she's a total animal lover. She loves nature.

And so this is just like any other little girl,

a Disney princess castle to live in. And we are a couple of princesses.

Well maybe, maybe a couple of Pocahontas is

me and about four other families living here. And so far we've had two potlucks,

two bonfires.

We've had a couple of game nights and it's been really great and it's,

it's been weird for me to get used to having that community again cause I'm

moving here from the inner city where you didn't really talk to your neighbors.

So it's really interesting.

having to get used to that feeling like I had when I was a little kid.

I think now that I'm closer with my mom because living in a tiny house,

it's just, you kind of have to work together to figure things out.

My favorite part about living in a tiny house is how close we get to be because

in the apartment that I came from,

it was pretty big and I'd be in my room and she'd be in her room and or I'd be

in the kitchen and we didn't really get to be very close together unless we were

just intentional about it. Where as our tiny house,

we are just constantly right next to each other.

Even when we're in our separate rooms,

we're just in loft so we can just shout out to each other and see each other

and, and, and have a nice, have a nice chat.

Cause we're just right close to each other. She's teaching me a lot.

I'm teaching her a lot,

we're teaching each other and it's just a really fun experience.

I think my advice for living in a tiny home for moms is, uh,

you don't need to have that much stuff.

You'll find yourself constantly putting things away.

You'll realize maybe I have too much stuff.

And as you start to get rid of some of those things that you find yourself not

really even needing,

you'll find that you're just fine with just the basic necessities and just

having each other. I think when I get older,

I'm going to want to live definitely someplace in the woods somewhere because

really there's not that much stuff you need.

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