What are mood boards? | Graphic design logo tips 2018

hey everyone its Justin from black bear

creative and today I want to go through

mood boards

what are mood boards that's what you're

gonna find out


so to put it simply a mood board is

pretty much like a mashup or a collage

of different photography textures and

color palettes logo examples or all sort

of place together sort of you tell the

the brand story and we send this to the

client before we design anything just so

it sort of paints a picture of the

direction that we want to go and might

do multiple mood boards and to

experiment with different sort of

directions with the brand's story and

yeah it's just a really really quick and

effective way to allow us and the client

to collaborate together and get the get

the visuals get the final vision right

before we start you know working on

concepts designing you know let the

logos and what sort of stuff so there's

two ways we like to use mood boards the

first one is basically researching the

photographer photographer textures

colors you know testing different color

palettes that sort of reflect the

proposed brand story the second way is

researching more different examples of

branding logos and all that sort of

stuff exploring and including different

types of directions and even putting

specific some examples that I know the

client might not be interested in we do

this specifically to pick the the

clients brain and see okay

which topic which photo typeface are you

looking at what type of color palette

you know through these examples you know

sort of speak to you and tell your bread

story and yes so pretty much it's sort

of we get to whittle out whatever we

definitely don't like what the client

definitely does not like and just makes

the direction a lot clearer for us

before we start designing anything the

benefit of the mood board is that pretty

much everybody is on the same page

there's no confusion of what direction

we need to go with the concepts and so

when we show you know the first initial

concepts the client doesn't go back and

tell us hey look why did you include

examples using you know this script sort

of typeface it's not we said we didn't

like that you know if it avoids all that

and we get we stick to directions that

we know that will work best for the

project and and our clients feel like

they have more of a input in terms of

you know collaboration because like to

include collaboration with our clients

in this phase so you can really get a

sense of you know who they're trying to

target their vision they have in their

head because sometimes it's very hard to

sort of explain verbally or you know on

the phone email it's very hard to

explain what you want to see so this is

a great technique we use to sort of get

those words and those little concepts in

the clients head and bring it to and

bring it to life pretty much

so hopefully this sort of broadens your

understanding of mood boards and why

they're important for Briony projects

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