Introduction to Hijama (Cupping) Therapy Course



Ozil a minute on as invisible our man in

Havana cotton level and industrious a

diamond Ellis Obama support support

support asking for support in a

connection to divine presence so if i

don't know law salt on the part of the

law sultanim allah nabim muhammad soap i

don't know law so come anything that

helps you to establish that connection

that spiritual connection the closest

closeness that you can try to open up

the divine knowledge get yourself out of

the way is good to begin in a recession

or anything to do with knowledge or

teaching then we begin by saying

bismillah plan their hemorrhages in

God's name most gracious most merciful

and how low the clotted up that a team

that there's no strength and no power

except from God these are reminders that

the not teaching ourselves or conveying

what is authentic teaching and in order

to convey what is I thought the teacher

of course we need a a authentic teacher

to be teaching us so really the first

thing that any of you a student should

be doing is making absolutely sure that

the teaching that you're receiving is

authentic so first let me say welcome to

the introductory class to the pajama

cupping therapy course and this is going

to be easy kind of laid-back course a

lot today we're just pretty much going

to cover a kind of an orientation

introduction to what we're going to be

covering over the next ten courses or

ten classes and it's you know be easy

and just introduce a little bit about

myself and tell you kind of

overview of what's to be expected so

relax get a cup of coffee I have coffee

normally I tell people to give me one

hundred percent of their attention

there's a more attention you're giving

in the more respect you're giving the

more you're receiving in return but for

this class relax have a good time and

get a cup of coffee and take your shoes

off put them up on the desk whatever you

like to do so back to this point of

finding a teacher and making sure that

the teacher is authorized before you

embarked on a journey of knowledge and

special and sacred knowledge because

that's what this course is covering is a

sacred knowledge and so many people

today now go shopping for answers on the

internet and yeah they ask you what

evidence do you have what hadith you

have to support what you're saying and

they say give me the delisle and that

brother and it's not the correct way

it's not move it's not a method that

you're supposed to incorporate when

you're trying to get divine knowledge

what you should be doing is making

absolutely certain that the teacher

who's teaching you is an authorized

source and when you put your trust in

that teacher then you should listen and

learn it's an example that is contained

in Holy Quran with Moses's teacher al

queda relation salon who was a prophet

of Allah and he said to you know

everybody that asked him during this in

a period of time is anybody more

knowledgeable than you and said of

course like a prophet of Allah the

prophet of God you know the the one who

knows everything and that night God

revealed to him in a dream that there

was you know in fact a valley full of

people that knew more than Moses new and

there was a valley behind that with you

know thousands of other people who knew

more than Moses knew then upon that and

you know any good believer would want to

have a teacher and teach him more of the

things that he didn't understand so he

asked to God to please introduce him to

a teacher that

show him you know the things that he

didn't understand I didn't know and the

whole thing's in sword they'll cough you

can try to get an English version copy

of the Quran and read that some of the

translations are different summer richer

spiritually and more accurate than

others so even though the con is you

know infallible in Arabic the

translations are often you know a little

misguided so hopefully you'll find a

good one the muhammad asad translation

is one that I favor and probably one it

would be of good use so there's others

out there but for the most part you

hopefully find something that will give

you some insights into that what that

story is about but pretty much I talked

about a teacher and actually knew that

the king was coming to destroy a boat

and he you know violated the person's

property right by destroying the boat

and putting a hole in the boat and it

was only because he didn't want the King

to come and steal the man's boat does

anyone have the boat to be able to fish

and take care of his family so it was

only good-hearted you know gesture that

made him do what he did then there was a

boy that was going to be a problem for

his family and that boy king in front of

him and through a power of maybe like a

Tai Chi thing or something you know he

put his hand up and the boy fell dead

and it was because that boy was going to

go up to be a burden on his parents a

little tyrant and his parents were

extremely good people by his people and

God didn't want that for him and they

believed them that stress and that you

know problem of having such a difficult

child and then they repaired a wall and

went on and repaired a wall all stores

there but pretty much each step of the

way Moses you know was a shot that he

was doing things that were typically or

theoretically outside of the scope of

Sharia and he would question him and

each one of those questions led to him

telling him I told you you didn't have

the patience to learn from me so

something you may think that I'm putting

myself on the level of Moses's teacher

died assure you I am NOT I am NOT the

big shake I don't have you know vast

amounts of knowledge and life you know

have been given a little slice of

authority and information to be able to

teach people got to Gemma and not only

teach people but to grant them then jaza

as well and then also of course the

practice is am I myself which I've been

doing for many years and I didn't have

the permission to teach for quite some

time I'm sure there was a wisdom in that

but during that period of time where I

didn't have the permission to teach and

I was only able to practice hazama that

industry kind of went out of control and

now everybody's doing it and they're

doing it badly so this is an attempt to

try to to clarify a lot of the

misconceptions are you know everywhere

with hazama now and to try to turn

around the abuses that are now taking

place which people are just making up

all sorts of stuff that don't have any

kind of real true training or authority

to be doing what they're doing so we'll

go into that in point you know some

detail from but back to the story of

Moses then went in the erected a wall

and you know they were very hungry and

thirsty and you know sweating and

working hard and the people the town

wouldn't pay them or give them you know

any food or recompense for what they had

done for the work in erecting the wall

that wasn't the reason why the wall was

erected their wall was erected because

there was a treasure that was under the

wall and if it hadn't been fixed and the

two orphans who

danaus would not have found their

inheritance basically so Moses teacher

went through each one of these stages

and he refused to be patient and quiet

and not ask any questions of Moses Moses

teacher Al Queda and as a result he said

that you know we're going to go our

separate ways and Moses lost out on a

huge opportunity it's all to say that

you know not to compare again myself

with that no certainly not but it is to

say that there are people there's a

thousands of people in the valley and a

thousand people behind that Valley that

had more knowledge and Moses had that's

true today to that there are people out

there that have you know enormous

amounts of knowledge and its knowledge

that is poured into the heart it's our

knowledge that is memorized or you know

found through university studies or in

academia its knowledge which comes from

spirituality it comes from the film the

knowledge being poured into a person's

heart so it said by the Prophet Muhammad

that he poured the knowledge and abu

bakr siddiq heart now not into his brain

didn't send it to class he didn't send

him and memorize but as a result these

people possessed a huge you know

capacity for for reiterating the hadith

the sayings of the Prophet verbatim I

mean absolutely perfect without any

error whatsoever and the brain capacity

of you know an average person even an

extraordinary person wouldn't be able to

do that so this knowledge of the heart

is what is important and what is

critically important in finding somebody

who's truly authorized and has been

given permission to teach a subject

matter there's different kinds of

teaching and most of the teaching today

is going to university that's studying

for four years and getting a degree and

this is you know what my teacher used to

call positive knowledge

and it's it's not the kind of or giving

some rain here so if you hear that noise

it's rain coming off of the chimney of

the house that positive knowledge is you

know not the same kind of knowledge and

I'm talking about with heart knowledge

the heart knowledge as you really what

it is critically important then I can't

claim to be that person you know that

has that kind of heart knowledge yet

I've tasted it and you know hopefully

moving in that direction but I can tell

you that the people who have taught me

absolutely do have it than to be relied

upon you know completely for what

they're telling you is being absolutely

factually correct so that's the

authority of this class and that is what

the teaching is is we're offering

there's a teaching that's been handed

down from generation to generation to

generation to generation all the way

back to prophet muhammad saw it was

although so the small little tiny

category of his emma i was given

permission by my teacher to teach pajama

and that puts me in the chain sup people

all the way back to prophet muhammad saw

a fellow in that one little category

there are shake so teachers who take

over you know the school or not at

school but the method of teaching tanika

basically that have the authority to

lead that entire group and that's not me

i'm just in this very limited area i'm

happy to be in that limited area and

being able to offer for that so that's

my you know degree so to speak for my

certificate and it can be your degree in

your certificate through the authorized

e jazz system of education which is far

for far superior to anything that you'll

find in academia academia you pay a

tuition and you are expecting something

in return it if you can you know get the

grades and getting the grades is simply

a matter of passing tests and

memorization and you know sometimes

kissing up to the teacher it's you know

if anybody you know has ever told you

what college is like a lot of it is

political and your grades can get better

by you know losing the teacher being a

teacher's assistant or a number of

different things so there are you know

methodologies that are true and tried

and you know are truly islamic and then

there's methodologies that are off

course and most of these universities

are off course now they're providing you

with a degree and it's really just a

business it's a business that promotes

who gives out excuse me a little coffee

told you get out from its of course it's

a business and they're stamping unit you

know you are an acceptable product in

this category accounting or this

category of being a doctor this category

and it really it is just truly a

business I mean you know kids in America

nality go into debt slavery with these

student loans you know some of them with

Ivy League schools are hundreds of

thousands of dollars in debt and I mean

if you just took that money and invested

it in a business right away and had a

little bit of business training on you

could establish and start a business

like a greenhouse and have a very happy

productive healthy life never have to

work for a corporation which is

unhealthy never have to work for an

institution like a medical facility that

is selling pharmaceutical drugs then you

never have to you know be a debt slave

and continue down a path of being forced

into you know paying off all your old

loans for an education and really isn't

worth very much to begin with so he jazz

is completely different from that and

we'll go into quite a bit more detail

about what did

as is and what it's not is you know I

told you this would be more of an

introductory course but you got to get

into this stuff a little bit before you

understand what direction that we're

taking in why it is you're sitting here

listening to this course now you can go

on the internet now and get you know

vast huge amounts of free information

that is absolutely destructive because

it's not worth anything it misleads

people give you false information that

makes all sorts of representations from

people's imagination and they are not

protecting the cinema as much as they

swear that they're protecting us in the

Prophet Muhammad listen again being the

example that he left us and more

specifically example of hazama that you

left us and then make all sorts of these

claims and you know you can do it you

know when you're not supposed to do it

if it's an emergency and you can use

plastic cups and you can you know but

just saying all sorts of different

things then even when they you know

assume this position of expertise they

are going way beyond the bounds of what

they should be doing really trying to

become you know medical people and

claiming that they're able to help

people a much wider scale and what

they're really you know able to do even

if they were legitimate pajama artist

practitioners so we'll go into that

quite a bit and we'll try to understand

a little bit more what did jaza means

what I'd recommend to you is to search

and try to find out a little bit more

about myself and about my teacher and be

certain that the knowledge you're

getting because you shouldn't pollute

yourself with knowledge that is not

completely trustworthy you should never

expose yourself to anything that is not

you know completely trustworthy and i

can tell you you know that your caravan

coming through the desert

you know you're incredibly thirsty and

you want knowledge and you want

understanding now which is represented

in that thirst but I'm standing there

you know telling you that this pond that

you about to let your camels or horses

you know drink out of and that you're

going to drink out of yourself I'm

telling you you know unselfishly without

any benefit to myself that that pond is

poison and it will make you incredibly

sick and it might even kill you and I'm

saying that you know a mile down the

road you just have to pursue it a little

bit further but a mile down the road

there's a fresh spring and it's clean

beautiful you know water that will

suffice all with your needs you can you

know take as much as you like it's free

but people are suspicious and you know

saying no you probably want to try to

sell me water you want to keep this

water for yourself or the nature comes

into play and they're thirsty too so

they want to drink and the knowledge on

the Internet is the same kind of thing

people you know they just want it they

want to to be that medical person that

people respect so they want to rush into

trying to become the Hazama practitioner

themselves and then of course they want

to make a career out of it and then they

want to make money out of it and it

becomes a horrible intention and all the

while again they're telling you that you

know they're absolute experts and they

learn from experts and nobody's better

than they are now we're really good at

marketing themselves and wonderful

promoting themselves and they have the

fanciest websites to promote what

they're doing and it all looks you know

wonderful on the surface they have the

gloves and they have the white coat and

you know they put the mask on and they

have you know the clinic with the proper

chairs and everything that doesn't mean

anything and you shouldn't be deceived

or fooled by those people so you know

this course is designed for everybody to

try to get them and to understand what


is really all about and what cupping is

all about now the industry with you know

sports medicine and physical therapy and

massage there's many different

alternative practitioners that are

incorporating cupping now into the

practice and then I'm doing it properly

either doing all sorts of things which

are actually harmful to people and

making all sorts of claims which are not

correct so over time to bring that all

back and you know we're not trying to

discourage people from moving forward

and doing something when after they've

been properly trained of course not it's

a great benefit to mankind to be using

these things because it's very

inexpensive and it works so it's you

know our duty to try to promote and you

know let people understand exactly what

this is all about but it must be done

properly and it must be done by people

who understand what they're doing there

must be done by clean people that's also

a credibly important so the jazz a

process again is to vet people you know

morally for high character for the

spiritual acumen not everybody has that

it's just like everybody doesn't have

the smarts you know do certain things

they're born without the ability to to

you know think as well as some other

people and some people were born with

better looks and others and you can't be

a runway model but you know others are

born with a physical you know ability

that others don't have that could run a

you know race and when the olympics but

other people don't have that gift the

gift of healing is the same thing either

you're born with it or you're not it can

be cultivated and you know and people

can help you on the level of Olympic

coach chick and improve somebody who is

Olympia limping Olympian standards but

you can't take somebody who doesn't have

that natural ability to make them an

Olympian the next day so in this case

we're not trying to defuse this course

to introduce people across the board

about what neshama actually is so they

are not cheated by people who are making

all sorts of these false claims but

they're also we're also trying to find

the gems you know in in the bunch that

show promise and being able to be true

hijama practitioners and those people go

on to do what we call a hazama intensive

and it's just a week-long course which

is pretty much like a retreat it's you

know more spiritually kind of focused to

try to get at the heart of the people

actually you know wanting to do this and

then after that if you continue with

this a jazz a program you then get to be

trained for free because it becomes our

obligation at that point it'll teach and

train people because we're doing this

for God we're not doing this for money

or for business so um you know we'll

explore all these avenues is a whole

bunch of information that is important

for people not only just seeking out

true hazama practitioner but for people

who think that they might have this

acumen as a healer to go on and actually

contribute do something positive with

this incredible soon enough so hazama is

you know they say it's a cure for every

illness and you know you if you cut off

your arm and put a cup on your stub and

extract the little blood out of that

you're not going to go into harm so

we're not talking about physical

disability necessarily but we're talking

about the illness of disease and the

reason why it's a cure for every illness

and disease is because it really cleans

the body of

dead blood cells and the poison that's

inside of the cardiovascular system and

in so doing you're freeing up that

system to do the job that it is able to

do best which is heal itself and you're

like unclogging a radiator you know when

you're flush and radiator to car all the

[ __ ] and stuff that is built up in that

radiator causes the card over heat and

heat is engines worst enemy and without

it you're going to end up cracking a

block or overheating the car that will

become you know something you can't

drive after a while so in a similar

manner the heat in the body builds up

from the sludge and the dead blood cells

in the form of like you know high blood

pressure and stuff which hazama is

excellent for high blood pressure and it

extracts those dead blood cells at the

important thing to know here is is that

it's not the amount of blood you're

taking out and everywhere you see these

people pumping and pumping and pumping

try and get more but I'll get more money

you know I'll put on more cups I'll get

more money or you know take more I'll

get my money's worth no then I don't

want have to come back in six months I

want you to do it all now and it just

it's insane then but that's human nature

they think that you know more is better

and they put more cups on you and see

these pictures I think internet people

covered with cups and it's so dangerous

it's just crazy and pumping is for you

know taking water out of a well it's not

for taking blood out of a body you don't

pump blood out of the body you have a

heart that packs as a pump that has

regulated and taking out the exact

amount that you need and the heat from

the cup is enough to extract and

regulate the pressure that is necessary

to take out the dead blood cells not you

know huge amounts of blood so our

teacher was telling us that you have to

take 50 bites of food well in teams and

that's a lot that's more than what you

would consume and maybe several meals

and out of those 50 bytes you will

produce one small drop of blood so it

takes quite a while for your body to

rejuvenate that one and it is not

something that you should be wasting

because you're extracting when you're

using these pumps you're extracting the

healthy blood so getting back to the

importance of having a true expert true

you know authorized person teaching

these things is it's absolutely

critically important to know the source

of knowledge you know using because even

like really well-respected people from

in the Islamic feel like you know shape

comes a Yusuf has really given out bad

information about hazama you know what

look is logically thinking in his mind

is is that you know they took at a lot

of blood and when they did that John

there for me and you know then this was

a good thing and it's not a good thing

he gave you left people with the

impression unintentionally of course but

he left people with the impression based

on what he said that you know a lot of

blood extracted from a java session and

something it's good and it's absolutely

not good quite the opposite so even if

somebody possesses you know certain

amount of respect or knowledge it

doesn't necessarily mean that they're an

expert and you know another field so

Azam is a very you know easy discipline

to learn and that's you know one of the

risks and problems involved with the

Hazama industry or it now is because it

is technically so easy to learn

especially when you stupid pumps you

know anybody can put a cup out and pump

it and well you know suffice or

apparently suffice no it's really doing

damage and we'll get into that and some

of the reasons why it's not a good idea

to be doing that but the point was is to

reiterate and emphasize the fact that

you have to have a teacher that you can

rely on

in the field specifically that you're

trying to gain knowledge so we will go

over the rules and regulations of Kazama

but more importantly or trying to get

into the spiritual connection that is

necessary to have in order to be a good

healer and will touch upon different

areas like mussoorie Muldoon's energy

residence and you know talk about you

know different modalities and things

that you know truly make somebody healer

and what like the faith tradition of the

Jewish religion does with certain things

now they teach so it should be a really

informative interesting course and 10

middle classes should be enough to give

people enough of an understanding to

know what a true you know his Auma

practitioner is and to be able to

differentiate between those who are just

claiming to be a zombie practitioners

and those who truly have any jazz and

able to you know honestly take care of

the people that are coming to them for

help so there's a number of things in

what we also want to stress is it that

the healing doesn't come from the

practitioner and it really doesn't even

come from the herb you might give

somebody as medicine and suddenly

doesn't come from the prescription drugs

that they're handing out like candy to

people every single disease has a

pierced by a corresponding cure but

nonetheless that cure only comes from

one source that source is the traitor as

from God so the practitioner is someone

who is just simply trying to get out of

the way they're acting as a conduit but

they're certainly not the source of any

kind of healing so don't believe for a


you know you're going to the

practitioner and the practitioner is

healing you or what he's doing or what

he's giving you is healing you there's a

prescribed method there's a keys that

you enter and you can open and these

prescribed methods of pajama and you

know herbs and different things are only

those keys to open those locks which

will enable you know you receive from

God the cure so there's you know of

course known modalities and methods for

doing this stuff and they've been

prescribed through the examples of

prophet muhammad saw little solo and

passed down from generation to

generation so you know are certain you

know methodologies for this kind of

stuff but we must never forget that the

Cure comes from the creator and a lot of

hazama a lot of really medicine in

general that should be more closely

associated with belief and religion and

spirituality but it's not because it's

going to drive it out of the sciences

you go to college now you don't learn

anything about religion it's all

considered to be you know big joke if

you teach religion in school I didn't of

them like a philosophical way so you

know this separation of science and

religion is just you know an absurd

concept especially when you're talking

with you know health and healing because

you can't you know possibly help human

being without addressing the spiritual

nature of that person there's so much

depression now the psychiatric industry

I think came up with over 5,000 new

psychological you know definitions over

the last year alone which made it into

like the physicians Desk Reference and

of course every time they come up with a

new psychological illness like my

favorite nail is the one you see on


was it binge eating disorder ah that one

cracks me up but you know every new

illness that they come up with they come

up with a corresponding pill to give you

a bunch of course leaves in a huge

amounts of money for them so it's all

market driven and money driven and it's

lost its spiritual connection which is

why people are racing and running

towards alternative practitioners and

our alternative medicine and herbal

medicine because they're tired of it

there are sick of the prices the sick of

going into a doctor and seeing them for

you know five or six years over chronic

illness and the doctor never actually

ever touches the patient you know all

they do is look at the blood work and

you know arrive at a pill that there is

supposed to take and then that pill

causes side effects and they require

another bill you know a few months from

that point that's just a spiral down so

I don't have to tell must feel that are

taking this course about that you know

that probably better than I do but this

this connection between spirituality and

I you know it's probably a good time to

tell you I don't care if you're Jewish

or Buddhist or Muslim or Christian

towers de it makes no difference to me

what you label yourself as your labels

not important what's important to me is

you're somebody who sincere and somebody

who has a good heart somebody has a

purity and able to have the humility to

learn and somebody has a reverence to

want to truly help your fellow human

being so it really comes down to who is

open to any truth from any direction so

if you can convince me that something is

certain something is true I'm going to

incorporate it into my life because I

want to make my life better I want

get closer to my Creator and I want to

increase my spiritual stations so

anything from anybody any religion

because they all possess you know the

amount of truth is presented to me in it

make sense i'm going to incorporate it

into my life and that's what we should

all be as truth seekers not you know

these people put labels on ourselves

like you're a football fan you know i

love the patriots you know and why do

you love the patriots all the players

are dispersed from different states and

none of them are actual residents of

that you know statham who said they're

good people you know they're just

football people partying all the way

through school and did all sorts of you

know bad behaviors through college and

now they're playing professional ball

and why are you so loyal to that

football team of that basketball team

that baseball team and I means people

become crazy you know fans over

something that's just really ridiculous

so you know in that manner our religion

becomes this you know fan-based identity

that we will fight to the death to

protect you know who we are and forget

about humanity and you forget about that

all truth and everything goes by the

wayside and it just all becomes identity

so that's how well we're interested here

and certainly you'll find a lot of that

within the Islamic faith today and

that's not what I subscribe to don't you

see prevalent in the media anyway the

Islam i prescribed to as a religion of

love and respect and beauty and it's

hopefully you'll get a sense of that

over the course of these next ten

classes so it's a

super important not to you know take

these identities too far to try to you

know humble ourselves and be that

conduit for good healing that you must

be in order to be an effective hazama

practitioner so we welcome you we will

be talking more you know there's no

homework in this class just introductory

general orientation as I said the next

class no they'll probably be an

assignment and I'm not you know stickler

on assignments necessarily but they're

necessary in order to get people engaged

in the knowledge if they heard and I

want people to reflect and think about

what has been said so the only way I can

be sure that people are reflect and

think about that is that I give them you

know a couple questions if they reflect

on and then write you know some short

essays on it now so those assignments

will be due the following course will

have probably two days it'll be

structured two days a week I won't say

specifically in this class but there's a

website where you'll go and get all the

information for that particular class

and you'll be receiving an email on acne

and garden excuse me have received that

most of you already looked at the

website and each week there'll be a new

website in a new video approximately an

hour long 50 minutes there abouts and

there'll be any assignment work or

whatnot will be on that new webpage and

you know shortly after this class you'll

be receiving the information for the

next class I'll tell you the time in the

date and then when we're done with the

time classes will be a bit of a kind of

a final exam

that will judge your overall you know

understanding of the knowledge that you

addressing you and based on those

results will you know select those

people who we think they're capable of

moving on then don't feel bad if you

don't move on I mean you shouldn't feel

bad that you're not an Olympic athlete

if you're you know for 42 inches you

can't possibly think that you're going

to play basketball for a professional

basketball team even though you may be

really good you know for the height that

you are you're not going to be able to

compete against the other people who are

you know much taller so in this way

we're trying to find what we're natural

that what we're supposed to be doing and

that's the process of this a jazz is to

identify those people who have that

inherent ability to heal and not

everybody possesses that and not

everybody should possess that because we

need you know people from all different

walks of life doing all sorts of

different things and you know you don't

have people excelling in different areas

and enjoying what they're doing then

we're all going to end up doing the same

thing and that wouldn't be very much of

a productive society to have everybody

doing the exact same thing so it's a

huge blessing and benefit that you know

we're talented and good at the certain

things that were talented and do that

and it's not for us to decide that

that's why we have this urge as a system

of teaching it's for somebody who's been

you know identified as somebody with

that talent that can see it in others

that is best to judge so you can argue

that that personally doesn't know what

is talking about that's okay you see can

make that argument and go off and get

one of these certificates from the

certificate bills and many people have

done so but you should accept you know

that it's not maybe for you and you can

take the course over again and you

pursue it again but usually the first

time around we're going to probably see

pretty clearly who has the ability to

continue who doesn't but those who do

show that promise whoo congratulations

and you know it's not necessarily

something to congratulate people with me

cuz it is it's a heavy burden doing this

kind of work that's not an easy thing to

do and you're not going to get rich

doing it because it's not about the

money and if it is about the money we're

going to do our very best to find out

that that's what is motivating you and

we're not let you continue anyway so be

warned and I don't think we're going to

be tricked but you think you can trick

this and was welcomed go ahead and drive

but it's critically important to

understand that this is something that

is not to be played with and it's

something that's very serious and it

will really harm you if we you know and

ask you to go on and continue doing

something that you're not naturally

inclined to be able to do because we

can't do it it will tune you up it'll

you know eventually it'll be too heavy

on you because you count a lot of heavy

things including you know you know a lot

of people come now for black magic and

all this other stuff and there's too

much of an emphasis on that now too many

people are getting cheated left and

right and they have no idea what they're

dealing with or what the you know doing

it does help you know and there are

prescribed methods for helping people

like that but you know working with that

is no easy matter it is you know not

something that people that are not

equipped to be able to do shouldn't kill

anywhere near so we're doing a favor by

telling you not to continue if we do

tell you not to continue but take the

knowledge hopefully that you've learned

in this introductory course and then you

know share it with others and hopefully

will preserve this important sooner

prophet muhammad saw lee less on them

and yeah then you'll be able to go and


Oh feel comfortable that you're truly in

the hands of a qualified practitioner

when you're seeking out the services of

somebody yourself I know encourage you

to do that and so we'll talk about age

restrictions and you know when you

should have as advil and you shouldn't

all that they'll be covered in the class

and then there's one other thing I

wanted to talk about oh well that's

saying I lead myself to last is they're

only talking about myself but it is

important in the vein of understanding

who the teacher is in order their

authorized give a little bit of a

history of myself I was invited Ernie

mom to teen program that a bone or

university and damascus syria and that's

the school that many people that have

come back to united states that you know

claim to be moon shapes using his rear

potentials for being a shake but i can

tell you the university course and

system is not the way to gain the

knowledge that you need to be a shake no

matter what people were laying claim to

university education is not the method

it never was a method it's not the

method of the sahabah was on the method

of the disciples of christ they didn't

go to university to learn what they

learned they sat at the feet of their

teacher there shake their profit and

they sat in circles circles of knowledge

entire 24 hours a day was a living

experience because the prophet like

moses is teacher oh yeah this is the

question maybe to ask how did Moses's

teacher and go ahead and read that in

sort of cough the Quran if you can get

ahold of it so maybe there's a setting

that for this course but it's voluntary

I might be making that the assignment

later though so get a leg up if you do

it now but Moses teacher how did he know

that the king was coming

and you know did he have a spy that was

you know calling him on a cell phone and

saying hey king king is coming ok I'll

killer the king is coming he's going to

destroy that des Beaux you know he told

me it's silly it was you know too much

spiritual stations as soon as knowledge

that he understood those tanks and the

question then is you know are there

people today that have that spiritual

station that spiritual knowledge and the

answer is you know an absolute yes you

have to seek those people out you have

to know when you meet one because many

of us meet them and you know like Moses

we don't have the patience to listen to

them and then you know once we you know

haven't even figured out that that is

one it's to know sometimes too late so

again I you know not laying claim that

I'm one of those people bits and pieces

and taste it makes me know that

absolutely at oriole but I can

absolutely show you the people that I've

had the fortune of learning from are

those people so we went to Damascus and

this is where you know I had a good

portrait of running into those people

that they exist you know there's 124,000

Saints alive today that most of those

Saints are hidden because we're in a

huge age of ignorance right now just

being dormice age and it is you know a

parent everywhere you turn you know

Islam is just on its back it's not

thriving it's not benefiting anybody

because it's just you know thinking

practiced and promoted by just ugly

people that they're not really truly

following it but there are people out

there and the sincere will find them if

they keep you know looking for them

they'll eventually you know stumble upon

them or be introduced to them

something and if you you know run into a

bad teacher you get by that and

eventually find a good one if you're

truly sincere so you just have to keep

kind of plugging away at it but Damascus

was in one of these places where they

were extremely prevalent and they were

open and out he could you know go to fit

in mosques certain holy places and you

know there would be you know

concentration of them there and if

you're getting closer to you know having

a pure heart you recognize them more

more MORE when these are the people that

have the true knowledge the real

knowledge the knowledge that can be

poured into your heart not you know sit

down study and memorize this and you

know you'll get that examine you know

this and that means that and you know

I'm using these questions as kind of an

exam to get people engaged in thinking

about what has been said because

otherwise I don't know whether they you

know really gave any thought to what was

talked about here or not so exams on

some schedule and productive but for the

most part it's a heart-to-heart you know

kind of connection heart dark training

that is necessary to truly raise human

beings and you know what's the

definition of a holy person a holy

person is somebody who is whole their

whole human being they've done what is

necessary through meditative exercises

and you know doing the things that are

prescribed for a human being to do to

improve themselves and to become a human

being and to throw off their animal

nature and as you progress through that

you get higher and higher and higher

then you can have the patience to you

know listen to these people and learn

from them and then you start getting

like you know little tidbits of the

flashes of you know hidden kind of

information that

teacher of Moses you know had to be able

to understand that the king was coming

to destroy that boat and he had the

authority from God not from his own mind

or thinking you know well just destroyed

about prayers don't save it no it was an

order from God that told him to do that

and so he wasn't breaking any you know

laws he was obeying the law fine

distinction between the two so it's a

subject that most Muslims don't have any

concept of and the problem is today is

that the authorized teachers of the past

are becoming fewer and fewer fewer as

time goes on and while people today

claiming to have a connection to an

authorized teacher truly believe that

teacher was authorized that therefore

they're authorized now there was no

permission to continue that chain of

authorization so there's a lot of people

you know that are related people that

were authorized and believe that they're

authorized now but they're really truly

not authorized so it makes it even more

complicated so what I say that you know

there's 124,000 saying so most of them

are you know hiding right now it's just

it's we're kind of in this waiting mode

for Jesus leysomme to return and for

Imam Mehdi to make an appearance because

without them this situation that were

crippled yeah that's not going to turn

around so for those of you who are you

know not Muslim and you're hearing maybe

a lot of things that you know not so

familiar with and don't worry about that

so much it's more you know the sincere

heart and the nature to be a healer that

we're trying to find in you

again when you call yourself and what

you label yourself is a little interest

to be right now so if you don't

understand something go ahead and shoot

me an email and ask me more questions

trying to respect my time and not

carrying on a conversation but truly

give thought to what you're asking and

you know try to accept what you're being

given as an answer without you know

entering into a long conversation that

would take up too much of my time

because there's you know number of

students it can be taught through this

mechanism at the Internet and the

methodology of using so keep that in

mind when you're trying to correspond

and then also keep in mind that you know

we might be covering some of the

questions you may have a little bit

further in depth as we progress so you

might want to hold off a lot of those

questions until the end of the course

but write them down and you know then

we'll exchange and those who go on to

getting any jaza I mean you you have

carte blanche to to ask all the

questions you want and you will be given

you know extraordinary amount of time

and again that's all free that's you

know it becomes our pleasure in our

honor and our obligation to do these

things because it's you know so

important for the sunnah to be protected

it doesn't you know get hijacked by

sports medicine people or the cutting

people or the fake to Gemma practitioner

people so we're welcome you I'm very

pleased and happy that you have taken

the time to sign up for the course and

we hope that you find it incredibly

beneficial and useful not because of

anything we say or do it because of a

connection that we have authentic

teaching I hope that you come to

understand that teaching we hope that

you come to understand the true system

if you jazz on the importance of that

and we hope that you come to understand

this healing nature and spiritual nature

that is required to effectuate good

health and people

that again only comes from God Almighty

so so the honor of the most honored

amongst creation saved in Navajo that's

all I wasallam Zorro Fatiha bismillah

and that he 111 enemy earth energy marry

kill me Jeanne after all the way I

mistaken you doing this all totals to

him so often they denied me shukla thank

you very much for showing you will see

you next class