Easiest Way To Anchor A Mobile Home

do you have to tie down a mobile home

early 9 it oh wait you're not buying


figure out how I could drive in these

mobile home times okay then just augers

double-helix they got to go on the

ground and I was thinking this is clay

that we're having and I don't want to do

that by hand because I've got a tiger's

to do by themselves so we got here this

is just your standard toe behind one-man

auger or digging postholes

then I thought wait that's basically

what this is well I've got a bit here

and then you figure out how to attach it

onto this thing so I just welded

together this pipe here just goes over

I've got this half inch bolt that goes

through washer and the nut that holds it

onto there

my grade and then I have this pipe here

this square tubing so all I do on this I

just and stick it through put my bolt on

or my net and there you go

so let's see this thing in work so we've

got our whole pre dug because what most

of all home installers do not do and

what you have to do is you have to when

you put the anchor down inside you have

to have some sort of plate or concrete

or something so that when the wind

starts pushing the home it's not just

gonna slice right through the dirt and

do you no good I mean 99% of all the

mobile homes I see as soon as the wind

starts blowing on them they're just

gonna be knocked right off the

foundation because I mean you see this

rod that's just gonna Bend and then it

doesn't do any good so you got to dig 18

inches down and make it at least a 10

inch diameter hole to fill up with

concrete so once you screw these anchors

in you need to have concrete around it

or you can buy special plates they get

driven down into the dirt they go up

right next to this so that when you

start pulling tension it stops on the

plate and increases the surface area

that will keep it so that this anchor is

not going to just be pulled when wind

blows all right so back to this




not applying any

the weight of the machine


like start about

with the IP


I mean this does not take any time at

all I don't have to exert myself in any

way I just put the anchor on put the

bolt through it screw it in and then go

to the next one so if you want an easy

way to drive in these mobile homemakers

definitely the way to do it and this

thing costs about $100 for 24-hour

rental so while you got it you might as

well dig some post holes if you're gonna

be building a fence or anything like

that super easy