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in the 1960s small-sized Australian

Shepherds found work in the US rodeo

circuit was selectively bred to further

reduce their size the new breed was

originally called the miniature

Australian Shepherd they became

especially popular with equestrians

traveling to horse shows as their

intelligence loyalty and size made them

excellent travel companions the

miniature American Shepherd shares many

physical traits of his forbearer the

Australian Shepherd only on a smaller

scale females stand between 13 and 17

inches at the shoulder and males range

from 14 to 18 inches despite their size

miniature every inch a true herding dog

energetic versatile rugged an extremely

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with a smooth and agile snap of a dog

built for hard work on punishing terrain

they have an average life expectancy of

12 to 13 years and miniature American

shepherds are generally healthy dogs and

responsible breeders test their stock

for health conditions communicating with

other dedicated breeders to work

together for breed health and

preservation of the breeds unique

qualities regular visits to the vets for

check-ups and parasites control help to

ensure the dog has a long and healthy

life the miniature American Shepherd has

a double coat with a longer outer coat

and a woolly undercoat the breed sheds a

fair amount even more so during shedding

season which can occur once or twice a

year weekly brushing and daily during

shedding season will help to remove the

dirt and loose hairs and keep the dog

looking his best

maxvill tangles can be worked out of a

slicker brush or metal comb as with all

breeds the nails should be trim

regularly as overly long nails can cause

the dog discomfort

exceptional agility combined with

strength and stamina allows for working

over a variety of terrain this highly

versatile energetic dog makes an

excellent athlete with superior

intelligence and a willingness to please

those to whom he is devoted he is both a

loyal companion and a biddable worker

which is evident in his watchful

expression the miniature American

Shepherds are active and athletic and

they need a moderate amount of exercise

but or

so very adaptable to their family's way

of life they do well as City dogs as

long as their owners provide sufficient

exercise they enjoy outings with their

people that will occupy both their mind

and body they enjoy and excel in many

canine events including obedience

agility and tracking as with all breeds

early socialization and puppy training

classes are recommended and helped to

ensure the dog grows into a

well-adjusted well-mannered companion

however these are extremely intelligent

and willing to please and make the

miniature America's Shepherd highly

trainable and they'll reach their best

potential as a companion when taught at

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