Scream Powered Microwave

I make one video about how bad your

robot ideas are and you're also funny

and silly and quirky that you [ __ ]

inundate my comment section with shitty

robot ideas build a robot that self

destructs whenever it hears its name

that's so freakin funny and silly and

quirky oh my god oh my god I'm like a

robot that says bad robot ideas every

five minutes why would I need that when

I have you haha a robot that tases

people's legs when you take a picture so

that you're the tallest one in the

picture that's [ __ ] funny a microwave

that only turns on when you scream at it

how would I why why would I ever make I

wouldn't never in a million years

[ __ ] make last time I did this you

guys complained that I wasn't trying

hard enough on the robots and that's

what made them bad this guy even made a

video about how he made a better hot

glue gun than me it's a good video but

you know [ __ ] you still well I'm gonna

try my absolute best on this one as long

as it takes to make it perfect just so I

can show you that it's your idea that's

bad whatever it is days weeks months so

it took two hours it's a piece of [ __ ]

it is a piece of [ __ ] I got everyone's

favorite food tin foil ah oh my [ __ ]

god it's not super complicated this is

the microphone that picks up sound

around the microwave it's feeding into

an Arduino which is running a bunch of

nerd code to detect screaming if it does

detect a scream then these relays are

gonna go off and emulate the button

presses for start and stop on what used

to be the microwave keypad

I made it your ideas suck haha videos

over right wrong cuz I know what you're

gonna say you're gonna say Michael you

didn't let anyone else test it out

you're probably the only one who thinks

that [ __ ] I'm not gonna let you get the

chance to comment that we're gonna show

it to as many people as possible and

they're all gonna say the same thing and

they're all there to tell you their

ideas bad and I'm gonna be ready to go

to Target for the last time excited to

show how good your idea is thank you

good sir I'll put your name on the

screen here's this name on the screen

here's this home address there's a

social security number and it's blood

type we're going

feels nothing but right there so

on-target we've been [ __ ] harass okay

but do you see the sign yet do you feel

better wait that means ha [ __ ]

you just left me to carry the microwave

I understand why he left very we don't

we don't know him

we got hot pockets we got Eggo waffles

we got toast feels pizza bites we got

Bagel Bites we got plates

we got pop-tarts how are they gonna kick

us out very easily it's the answer oh

hey how's it going can we do it is that

like a No let's not just be the SATA

state so to stay your left so far well

we need a link

apparently Target hates free food and

charity and [ __ ] happiness I guess

but this is gonna stop me

we just need a place with a lot of

people that we can't get kicked out of

so we're going to the park we're just

trying to give away some free food I'm

just trying to do a good thing for your

like the people of the community you

know what and like I'm trying to make

your shitty idea come to life so that I

can show you that other people think

your idea is mostly because I tell them

to say that but what are you gonna do my

video and to know conclusively that the

idea is [ __ ] I'm gonna show it to every

demographic of a person I can find

starting with young people nice to meet

you what would you like from our fine

selection of amenities popcorn

absolutely how is your lung capacity oh

my god that's what popcorn looks inside

that's awful a little nugget of popcorn

for you is it still worth of popcorn

okay alright he says it's worth the


could I interest you in a single popcorn

your idea is terrible and you should

feel bad about yourself

yeah look at that look at the malice in

this child's eyes he hates your idea

that's a oh one for people who [ __ ]

hate it and a big fat zero for people

who think it's good next let's try

people who I can't really figure out

their age good excuse me would you like

some free food you go for a waffle okay

give a little passion when you cook it

right you need nice and warm yes it is

actually honest I guess so bags maybe

people should stop leaving robot

comments and your freaking comments

section I forgot to ask him to say it

was bad another tally mark we tried old

people free food

could you give any interested free food

we even tried ugly Goblin looking people

excuse me sir step right I'll enter it

into my microwave machine now with the

power of science I give you the ability

to control

hey will I forgot to film you saying the

microwave was bad can you say it was bad

your ideas bad and you should feel bad

thank you you [ __ ] Goblin looking ass

so I only got like four people to say

that it was bad no one said it was good

but still it just it just doesn't feel

like enough I just wish I was like

giving a hundred person talk at VidCon

or something next week

no it's all

say you're like Dia is bad and you

should feel bad

yeah look how many people thought your

idea was bad and it has nothing to do

with the fact that I told him to say

that it was bad they really think well

this time I think I really hammered at

home and I'm confident that none of you

will ever post a robot idea in my

comments ever again

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