Balancing a Centrifuge

hi my name is Ryan Farrell from

universal medical and today's technique

video is about bouncing a centrifuge

balancing the centrifuge is important

for many reasons one damage to your

equipment as you can see this one was

wobbling all over the place and if

you're not paying attention it could

wobble right off the table and shatter

and then you're out of a $300 piece of

equipment secondly you want to obtain

optimal results if it's unbalanced and

it's spinning like that your results are

not going to be accurate and lastly and

most importantly safety to others these

motors even these minis are spinning

very fast some up to 6,000 rpms that's a

hundred rounds a second if the rotor

breaks if the motor breaks and a piece

comes off and someone's nearby it's

gonna hurt so today we'll be doing we'll

be working with the my fuge 12 and I'll

show you a few different ways in which

you can balance the centrifuge even if

you don't have a balance - so let's get

started step 1 check to make sure the

centrifuge is on a flat level service

otherwise this can throw off the balance

as well

step to make sure your micro tubes all

have equal amounts of substance

including your balance tubes it is also

important that your balance tube

contains liquid of equal density

especially when dealing with larger


step 3 balance your centrifuge by

placing your micro tubes and balance


opposite one another so as to evenly

distribute the weight here are some

examples of a micro tube combinations

for a 12 configuration rotor

tip-time if you run out of balance tubes

are you having trouble finding one you

can still balance your centrifuge

depending on micro tube arrangement and

style of centrifuge with a 12 slot

centrifuge like the one we're using

today you have the option to balance 5 &

7 without a balance - if your centrifuge

still spins or shakes in an uncontrolled

manner contact your manufacturer if you

have any other questions or comments for

us feel free to drop a line on our

comment section and we'll get back to

you as soon as we can

thanks for watching