Mind Mapping | Teaching Strategies #3


hello and welcome to teachings and

education mind-mapping give students the

opportunity to visually create and

connect large and small ideas let's

first answer the question of why we

should use mind maps when it comes to

mind mapping information is very well

organized and memorable information is

classified using single words and

circles rather than reading large

paragraphs of information when students

create their own mind maps those mind

maps are unique to the individual

student students create the maps just

like they would create a work of art the

brain recognizes the content as both

visual and verbal and the maps are

created using the brains natural way of

thinking mind maps are presenting

material in a way that is logical to the

student now let's discuss how teachers

and students can mind map the first

thing you should do is identify the main

topic of study maybe the student is in a

chemistry classroom but the main topic

of study for the day is the periodic

table the next thing you do is Center

and circle the map with your main topic

of study so just like this write the

words periodic table and place a circle

around it then branch off other

important ideas from the main idea so

here is the main topic and you can then

draw aligned to other important ideas

for example organization is one another

subtopic of the periodic table is

electron affinity you can also add

atomic radius and metallic properties

lastly you want to support the important

ideas with the most important

information so for example the

organization of the table can be broken

down into groups or families which are

actually columns going up and down and

you can even add a drawing of a family

to help you remember the table is also

broken down

in two periods which are horizontal

rolls so draw them as visuals spice up

your map by adding even more drawings

whenever possible now if you want your

students to mind map you must first

model the way for them on how to mind

map take a few minutes during class time

and do a lesson on the whiteboard for

your students on how to mind map every

once in a while do a mind map of a

particular topic during your instruction

before we finish up here are just a few

tips for you and your students mind maps

are a form of note-taking however they

can quickly run out of space so I have

students plan accordingly

also let your students be creative one

mind mapping it should be fun

also whenever questions pop into their

heads allow them to write them down as

well all ideas are welcomed and accepted

right now I just want to say thank you

for your time and subscribe to this