St. Cloud Hospital Adolescent Mental Health Unit Admission

welcome to st. cloud hospitals

adolescent inpatient mental health unit

thank you for choosing us to provide

quality care for your child over the

course of the adolescents

hospitalization our highly trained

interdisciplinary treatment team will

work to assess diagnose and provide

support through the emotional behavioral

crisis our inpatient behavioral health

unit treats adolescents ages 10 and up

depending on the number of patients on

the unit the adolescent may have a

roommate our unit is co-ed most youth

stay on the inpatient unit for two to

five days a care team comprised of a

mental health associate MHA and a

registered nurse we'll admit your child

to the unit the admission process

involves checking for contraband

obtaining vitals and a skin check Youth

are provided hospital scrubs to wear the

RN will check in with you and provide a

parent handbook outlining all safety

measures and visiting hours

our Youth Safety and confidentiality is

of the utmost importance

we will ask questions about your child's

history current medications services

providers and relevant concerns

information will be shared with members

of the treatment team to ensure quality

care we may request written consents to

coordinate with appropriate people or

agencies in the community to support

assist with evaluation and aftercare

planning at the time of admission a list

of whom a visit or call your child is

developed and the adolescent is assigned

an identification code which is given to

the caregiver the identification code

must be used during contacts our

interdisciplinary treatment team

includes a psychiatrist who cares for

your child

performing thorough assessment managing

medications and directing treatment

goals the clinical social worker works

closely with the psychiatrist providing

therapy and assisting with the plan of

care the clinical social worker will

meet with the adolescent support people

and provide regular updates on progress

recommendations and aftercare planning

the RN and MH a will work with youth

daily MC

goals and coping strategies your child's

social worker or nurse will be able to

address most of your questions staff

provide enhanced structure and

supervision our unit is secured in order

to provide the safest environment

possible we have expectations of

acceptable behavior for all youth

receiving treatment some adolescents may

require additional precautions and any

concerns and safety measures will be

reviewed with you there are some items

not allowed on the unit in order to

ensure environmental safety we offer a

variety of structured groups and

therapeutic recreation during the school

year your child will continue daily

classroom education

we encourage interaction between

caregivers and their youth during visits

to the day's activities and assignments

we believe caregivers support is an

essential part of the adolescents growth

and well-being peer interaction also

plays a vital role in development

treatment seeks to re-establish the

adolescence goals perspectives and role

within the family unit and community our

team works to create an atmosphere of

respect caring and therapeutic

interpersonal interactions to enhance

individual strengths in collaboration

with the treatment team your child

psychiatrist will determine the

discharge date staff will work with your

family and community-based providers to

have a plan in place for continued

treatment after hospitalization we

appreciate you taking the first step in

seeking help for your child we can help

your child learn more effective ways of

managing and expressing difficult

feelings we hope to give your child and

you the tools necessary for success