TODAY! Fitness: Make a Medicine Ball "Slammer"

hey this Pete Mazzio's from 10a fitness

net and welcome back to my podcast for

those of you have tuned in before or

seen some my other videos I've been a

big fan of making my own medicine balls

over here you can see a 25 pounder and a

10 pound that I've made before my old

plans required using the stalkers knives

making be in put the funnel in and

filling up with sand then

putting a patch over the top duct taping

it making it all nice and secure

although those type of medicine ball and

I did mostly for weight work as opposed

to slamming I found some plans on the

website on the internet by Piero gay

about making a medicine ball slammer so

the idea behind this is to take a

basketball and using a tire plug kit

making a smaller hole in it and then

plug in with a tire patch so you can

fill it up with air again and then using

it for Slams personally I love medicine

ball slam but I think there are great

exercise great for the core get a little

back and by back in chess work as well

so I used a little bit of thicker

basketball this time I'm going to try to

follow these plant and see how we can do

with it so overall time here is

projected somewhere around two hours to

make medicine ball but I'm going to give

a shot trying to make about a 15 pounder

and we'll see how that goes so basically

according to the plans here we're going

to use a tire plug kit you can pick up

at a

the typical of Walmart's for a auto

parts store so a tire plug kit we got

some shoe goo to seal it afterwards

and in a basketball we're using some

power lock jointing sand typically a my

regular medicine balls I'll use place

and they got some bigger stones and I'm

since we're going through a much smaller

hole on this medicine ball the joint

thing stands a lot more fine it's what

they used for the paver patios and

between the stones so a little bit more

expensive but again hopefully it'll be

well worth it because we're going

through a smaller hole I made another

little funnel here out of a three-in-one

can of oil hollowed it out a little bit

and we're going to try to use that to

fill up the sand so following the

procedures here I'm going to take a

moment here I'm going to take all my

sand pour it in the bucket to make it

easier to fill up and I'll open up these

kids here just so you want to see me do

that I'll be right back

okay we got a we got everything opened

up here ready to give it a shot so I got

my basically my whole maker here from

the tire patch tire repair kit and

basically the plans require making two

holes one for so that air can escape

while you're filling up with sand and

one for the funnel to put the sand in so

I'm going to jam this into my basketball

make a nice hole up little bit one on

the other side alright it should do it

now I'm going to take my phone put it in

one of the holes all right well I made

the hole and got the funnel and finally

I tell you that wasn't the easiest thing

in the world probably took me good five

or ten minutes to wedge this funnel into

the little holes out but again hopefully

it'll work

I took a bathroom scale here because I

want to make my ball about 15 pounds and

now that I got the funnel in here

just going to take a little cup and

start pouring my sand in the phone so

what I understand this is going to take

a good long time so instead of you

watching me pour the sand in cut and

come right back I'll let you know

elapsed time is on the sand well they

said patience is a virtue but

for about an hour now and my medicine

balls got nine pounds so and I want to

make it about 15 so got some time to go

I've decided to swap out my bathroom

scale I got this little fish scale

9 pounds 10 ounces so that's a 2-1

Alomar and keep on filling in come back

about an hour and a half hour and 45

minutes I was able to get this ball up

to 15 pounds so now I'm ready to plug

the holes so take my take my fall out I

took the tire patch kit got one of the

batches cut a rubber cement stick down

in the hole


I'm going to patch the other hole and

like I said rather than waiting for that

time I'll come back as soon as I have

both holes patch alright I just put my

two plugs in and she's cutting off the

excess here cutting off the rest of the

plugs as with some tires a lot of times

will just burn down and up here the

patches laying pretty good and helps to

melt it down lower to the rubber once I

do that burn down a little bit and just

go smear flat and put a little shoe goo

on it and we'll try this bad boy out and

see if we have works with the slams

after I put some air in it so let's go

right now

okay some Apaches are nice and flat

smears from the river back into the ball

I'm going to put some Meshuga on it and

let's marry it and you'll be right back

alright so you have some success I put

the plugs in as I mentioned burn them

down a little bit to melt the rubber

patch smeared it in nice and flat then I

used some of the shoe glue over the top

waited till the next morning to

demonstrate it here but got a nice tight

seal I put some air in it so got some

nice consistency so if you look real

close here you can see where I patched

it not really a lot of blemishes to the

contour of the ball and I like to put a

little poundage on the ball so I know

what I ma know what I'm not even around

here so I'm going to try some slams out

some maybe some tornado ball and I'll

see how nice it's consistency on the

website I also have some ideas of how to

make a tornado ball or rope ball

basically just a basketball net pick up

from the store for a couple dollars use

a shoelace tied one end of it together

and you can just put your medicine ball

on the inside I like to use a piece of

rope that I can pull together will get

good hold on it

there you go rope ball turn a dough ball

let's try it out not bad so overall good

consistency nice sturdy finished product

with the medicine ball again you got to

have some patience because it takes a

good two hours to fifteen two and a half

again this is a 15 pound ball but a good

finished product I like the way it came

out I like the feel of the ball the

consistency and I think it's going to be

a lot more adorable than the previous

ones I made so thanks for tuning in to

the podcast if you feel like taking a

whack at it

good luck otherwise a 15 pound ball in

the store is probably good 50 $60 so

this one total cost I'm thinking of

probably about 15 so 10 $15 for uh the

supplies needed for the medicine ball

thanks for tuning in we'll see you next