Mechanical vs Membrane Keyboards: Are Mechanical Keyboards Worth It?

what's up YouTube this is Matt and today

I'm going to be comparing mechanical

keyboards to membrane keyboards to show

you guys the difference and hopefully

give you the information that'll allow

you to decide if it's worth it for you

personally to go mechanical or not so

just to start out mechanical keyboards

and membrane keyboards can have many of

the same features including backlighting

and key roll over and anti-ghosting but

where they differ is in the way

keystrokes are registered membrane

keyboards have basically all keys

connected with what are essentially

pressure pads that provide very little

if any tactile feedback which can make

blind typing difficult on the other side

we have mechanical keyboards which have

individual mechanical switches

underneath each key this Rosewill RGB ad

keyboard has blue switches which provide

both a tactile bump and an audible click

but the beauty of mechanical switches is

there are many different options with

various levels of resistance tactile

feedback and audible noise

here's a quick audio comparison between

a mechanical keyboard with blue switches

and a membrane keyboard so as you can

see the mechanical keyboard is much

louder but there are switches like the

cherry MX silence that boasts a similar

noise level to a membrane keyboard with

many of the benefits of mechanical

switches so the biggest question is how

do you know if you will like mechanical

switches and if you do which one should

you get well my recommendation would be

to do one of two things the first which

is preferred is to go to a retailer that

has mechanical keyboards on display and

try out the different switch types to

see if you like any of them or the

second option is to buy a mechanical

switch tester which is basically various

keys stuck together all with different

switch types to help you compare and

decide which switch type is right for

you one thing to keep in mind when

choosing a mechanical switch is the

environment you're going to be using the

keyboard in if you plan on using the

keyboard at work around a bunch of

people please do not get loud switches

like the blues

this will drive your co-workers crazy

and can be very distracting with many

workplaces actually outright banning the

use of blue switch keyboards so one of

the most important questions is is it

worth the price this basic Logitech

keyboard can be found for around $15 on

Amazon and features little to no extra

features other than being a keyboard

this Rosewill mechanical keyboard I've

seen as low as $50 on sites like

newegg.com but there's definitely a

decent price gap between the two but it

is my opinion that if you're someone who

types a lot or just spends a lot of time

on a computer in general then going with

a mechanical keyboard can definitely

improve your overall computing

experience and in my opinion is worth

the price jump it's really just a matter

of finding the right switch for you

so overall membrane keyboards are

inexpensive and have a bland

one-size-fits-all experience where

mechanical keyboards provide a better

more individually catered typing

experience at what many would consider a

much higher but worth it premium so yeah

guys this wraps this video up if you

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