Market Orientation and Sales Orientation

have you ever wondered why the

smartphone company rim the makers of the

BlackBerry smartphone fell out of

popularity and why Apple's iPhone

success has grown the answer is in the

difference between a sales and marketing

oriented company the main differences

between a sales oriented company and a

marketing oriented company has to do

with their overall view of the

marketplace a sales oriented company is

very internally focused and looks to

sell products that the company is

successful at making a marketing

oriented company is externally focused

on the consumers wants and needs a

company such as Southwest Disney and

Amazon all look to solve a customer need

with an idea product or service a

marketing oriented firm looks to create

customer value customer value is the

relationship between benefits and the

sacrifice needed to obtain those

benefits customer value can be applied

to a Rolex watch and a jar of peanut

butter customer value does not imply

that a product or service has to be of

high quality good customer value means

that a consumer must be getting a

product of a quality that they expect

with a price that they're happy with

paying marketing oriented companies can

follow some basic rules in order to

provide customer value first of all

companies should offer products that

perform to the customers satisfaction

for example when a customer purchases a

new laptop the products should meet

their expectations

next a company must earn trust from

their customers Trust is usually

obtained when the product or service

performs as promised and loyalty occurs

if every day a consumer goes to a

restaurant for 12-inch sandwich and

leaves satisfied with the quality size

and price then the consumer will return

again and again loyalty occurs the third

rule is that companies must not price

their product or service unrealistically

for example you wouldn't want to have a

new iPad be two thousand dollars or a

new smartphone cost a thousand dollars

next the company must give the buyers

the complete set of facts and

information about the product or service

they have to make sure that they explain

what is included with the product

consumers want information regarding

what they are purchasing if a company

sells a product with incomplete

directions or the packages showpieces

not included that will cause discontent

with the buyer the end result is a very

unhappy customer in addition a company

must offer significant overall corporate

commitment to the marketing strategy

airline company Southwest does not offer

the best seats most flyers do not find

out where they're sitting until they are

actually in the plane but they are known

for excellent customer service the free

check bag policy doesn't hurt either

lastly some companies excel with

involving their customers in the

creation or editing of their product or

service social media and the Internet

have allowed minute-by-minute feedback

and also have allowed companies to

utilize crowdsourcing crowdsourcing is

when the consumer votes or offers

feedback in the actual creation and

development of a product or service one

great example is the t-shirt company

called Threadless Threadless asks for

t-shirt designs from