Manual Handling Risk Assessment - Case Study 2 - Material Handling

manual handling risk assessment case

study - material handling system in this

case study we see a worker lifting a

bucket up a stairwell and emptying the

buckets contents into a chute the worker

lifts a heavy bucket weighing 40

kilograms finding difficulty in

balancing the load reaching the top of

the stairwell the worker walks over to a

chute and must lift the bucket above the

shoulders to empty the material it

contains into the chute a risk

assessment of the task needs to be

carried out in order to develop a better

way of working which reduces or

eliminates the risk of injury this

assessment should include looking at how

the job is carried out collecting

information for example the weight of

the load and the distance it must be

carried identifying risk factors with

the job and making changes to improve

the job let's now look at the risk

factors and problems encountered with

this job the load is too heavy and the

body is in an unstable posture the

bucket which is difficult to grasp must

be lifted up a stairwell it has lifted

overhead and its contents emptied into

the chute presenting a risk of injury to

the worker once a risk assessment has

been carried out a new system of work

can be adopted to avoid manual handling

as demonstrated in the following

sequence having walked up the stairwell

without the load which is stored in a

pallet at ground level the worker uses a

vacuum pipe to transfer the buckets

contents into the chute this

introduction of new technology has

significantly reduced the risk of injury

as the Bukit does not have to be carried

by our worker manual handling assessed

to avoid reduce or reorganize