Manual Handling Risk Assessment - Case Study 1 - Barrel Handling

manual handling risk assessment case

study one barrel handling this case

study shows a warehouse worker manually

handling a large barrel walking into a

warehouse environment the worker

approaches a large barrel marked with a

weight of 80 kilograms our character

hunches over and grips both sides of the

barrel slowly and with great effort and

strain the worker tilts the barrel back

slightly and then forward using the

weight of their body a risk assessment

of the task needs to be carried out in

order to develop a better way of working

which reduces or eliminates the risk of

injury this assessment should include

looking at how the job is carried out

collecting information for example the

weight of the load and the distance that

must be carried identifying risk factors

with the job and making changes to

improve the job let's now look at the

risk factors and problems encountered

with this job the load is too heavy and

too large it is also difficult to grasp

these factors make the physical effort

required to move the barrel too

strenuous once a risk assessment has

been carried out a new system of work

can be adopted to reduce manual handling

as demonstrated in the following

sequence the barrel is now mounted on a

specialized trolley a safety clip holds

the load securely in place and the

worker can wheel the barrel tooths

destination easily thereby reducing the

risk of injury manual handling assessed

to avoid produce or reorganize