25 Characteristics Of A Husband Who Truly Loves His Wife

twenty-five characteristics of a husband

who truly loves his wife one includes

his wife in envisioning the future two

is willing to say I'm sorry and forgive

me - his family

three discusses household

responsibilities with his wife and makes

sure they are fairly distributed four

seeks consultation from his wife on all

major financing decisions five follows

through with commitments he has made to

his wife six anticipates the different

stages his children will pass through

seven anticipates the different stages

his marriage will pass through eight

frequently tells his wife what he likes

about her nine provides financially for

his family's basic living expenses 10

deals with distractions so he can talk

with his wife and family 11 prays with

his wife on a regular basis 12 initiates

meaningful family traditions 13

initiates fun family outings on a

regular basis 14 takes the time to give

his children practical instruction about

life 15 manages the schedule of the home

and anticipates pressure points 16 keeps

his family financially sound and out of

harmful debt 17 makes sure he and his

wife have drawn up a will 18 lets his

wife and children into the interior of

his life 19 accepts spiritual

responsibility for his family 20 honors

his wife in public 21 explain sex to

each child in a way that gives them a

wholesome perspective 22 encourages his

wife to grow as an individual 23 takes

the lead in establishing sound family

values 24 provides time for his wife to

pursue her own personal interests 25 is

involved in a small group of men

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