Men Talk HPV


hey I'm dr. Peter Leone today we're

gonna discuss HPV and test your own

knowledge about human papillomavirus

what does HPV stand for as pal it's got

some bales get some aloe in it like aloe

me and human papilloma an apple up peple

up because how much is it in Scrabble


oh that's worth for Latin Scrabble okay

okay human pop pop pop pop a pepperoni

it's not pepperoni uh expert well I mean

you it's like the pepperoni Connie looks

like a HPV doesn't know it's like a name

of a horse Pappa Ghani and Abdullah

epital up at malone homes but HPV stands

for human papilloma virus how much do

you think you know about HPV hmm I

learned a lot about STDs

growing up I was talked oh I was not

taught or if I was I did not pay

attention that seems likely yeah ATD

ADHD STD HPV I think I know that it's

really hard to detect in men if it's

dormant my lays dormant like a volcano

erupts well I think there's things with

it that show up sometimes and then don't

show up other times it's really sneaky

yes but it's very attractive to women

tree falls well most sexually active

women will be infected with HPV at some

point HPV infection in men is rare

that's a trick that's the thing where

like they don't want their giving you

answer but then it's a go nope I think

it's very rare and meant because of the

penis and the shaft and it's so long and

it takes so long to get to the back cuz

it has to travel so you know I think

because like no cuz like STDs have like

that stealth thing right well like

everyone has them oh they're like maybe

you just don't know there

maybe I think I'm thinking about a UTI I

think that's not thinking about I'm

gonna say trick question on that and say

that's that's false and I'm gonna go

against the grain I'm gonna say it's

very rare true that is false human

papillomavirus or HPV as is common in

men as it is in women the cells that are

infected by HPV squamous epithelial

cells are the same in both men and women

and so we see the same rates of

infection for both men and women I like

to win and sometimes I make mistakes

I mean it's good to know it's equal

opportunity between genders that it will

infect either just about the same yeah


true or false a person can get HPV even

if they don't have sex huh hmm well it's

an STD and the way sex is in it yeah and

you got oral sex

so there's touching still I'm gonna say

yeah true you can actually get HPV

infection without actually having

penetrative sex so part of it depends on

how you define sex but HPV is

transmitted from skin-to-skin contact so

if you touch someone's genitals or come

in contact with their genitals you can

get HPV true or false nearly two out of

every ten cases of cancer caused by HPV

occur among men I have no idea if it

causes cancer in dudes which I should

know being a dude yeah well I think we

should all know but we don't so maybe

this will help people now I know there's

a cancer connection yeah I knew there

was cancer connection in ladies and it

would seem unfair if it would only give

ladies cancer so I'm like in a weird way

I'm actually hoping this is true yeah

because it means there's some like

egalitarian not completely balanced cuz

it's two out of every ten but right you

know still all right so I know where I'm

going you know where you're going I

think so

ready Oh Oh whitey wins

I'm gonna say I'm gonna go with it I'm

gonna go with false I think maybe maybe

the numbers are a little more equal

let's let's find out no whammies no

that's Kloss nearly four out of ten HPV

related cancers occur in men and

unfortunately that rate has been

increasing over the last decade so we

actually may get to an equal

representation among both men and women

true or false the most common type of

HPV related cancer in men in the u.s. is

anal cancer anal cancer I think allow

flows can be anal I'm I think most dudes

are anal I think we don't appreciate

they'll know it though does that lead to

cancer yeah prostate stuff going on with

men that's that's a very common cancer

and they're very common gate that's why

I think it's true but that's the process

it's not in the anal that's but it's

like what type of cancers I mean hey was

that testicular cancer yeah prostate

pressed I don't know I guess I guess if

you can get in because the prostate

pants the anus if you can get it there

but it doesn't keeper let's get the gate

cubed anus hasturs like no you shall not

pass yeah I don't think it says it so

eloquently not pass i'ma go with I'm

gonna go with I'm gonna say false I'm

all about the testes I'm I'm gonna I'm

gonna agree with you okay cool false

the most common HPV related cancer in

men is actually in the back of the

throat smoking may play a role in that

development but you don't have to smoke

in order to be able to get HPV related

cancer in your throat throat the throat

making out all that stuff just like I

said before yeah I'm guessing it's just

the making out that's where it's coming

it's the ohm does oh wow

true or false more than two

third of all causes of cancer of the

bank of the throat are caused by HPV

passed the lips through the gums yeah

yeah I'm that's not how I learned that

little story at a bouquet

maybe that used to be more from smoking

and as people who smoke less mmm

then there's HPVs likes hold a head in

the back of throat cancer category yeah

is that a thing I wonder if there's like

institutions of statisticians we're

keeping track of like what is the

cancer-causing winner of it and in a

certain body part at any certain time

that's true it's like a race yeah like

Oh store-bought frosting is pulling

ahead or colon cancer that kind of stuff

yeah HPV is in the lead oh I'm gonna

take a good guess

and say yes I say false I'm gonna go

ahead and say HPV winner back and throat

cancer right true the majority of

posterior throat cancers are related to

HPV HPV is necessary maybe even just

sufficient smoking may play a role in

terms of acquisition of HPV we think

oral sex may actually be one of the

drivers for both men and women with

throat cancer true or false

cancer often takes years even decades to

develop after a person is infected with

HPV yeah I bet that's like a like a

cancer thing cancer cancer just always

takes for a long time yeah thank you you

might not know you have it now n down

the road or like up the prize

alright there's a thing or a bumper oh

yeah yeah that's a long span I I'm I'm

gonna go with with false on this one you

know I'm gonna sadly you know what false

on that's too true HPV related cancers

take many years in fact may take decades

and for men particularly with anal

cancer that increased rate or risk goes

over many decades to the peak rates

occurring at age 50 to 60 decades it's

it's like cancer ninja yeah just like in

the bushes for years I think you go out

you trim those bushes maybe you pull

some up somehow it's still in there I

was still here but I ain't gonna do that

yet I'm still here you got a package

true or false

okay left untreated genital warts can

develop into cancer now I feel like I've

heard this from doctors

people always say don't mess with war oh

no that's moles

yeah moles like if it's raised and


uh-huh then it's um it could be a skin

cancer yeah I've never actually heard

that warts are a skin cancer thing yeah

ready yeah false genital warts won't

turn into cancer different subtype of

HPV so there are types of HPV that cause

cancer types of cause warts they don't

cross over true or false

men should get tested regularly for HPV

I feel like any time the question is

like you should get regularly tested the

answer is always true right yeah I think

it has to do with sex or anything

literally anything man should get tested

in general for just everything yeah any

diseases math yes awareness of street

lights signs so Street knowledge

yes I wonder if feel like it happens

when you're getting tested for other

stuff look whatever like you're going

get your oil change and they're like and

your filter and your blob of lawn your

blah blah blah and you're a sperg it's

like you're age 82 I think I think I

think I think I'm right answer yeah all

right yeah really so either no matter

how you try to finagle it then this

one's just hitchhiking this is a I need

to get it ride can't get around out of

here let's get a ride but yeah I'm gonna

go with true on this one true

false we don't have recommended HPV

testing and screening and men men's

Anatomy is different than women so it's

actually difficult to collect samples

for HPV testing from the penis there is

some controversy around whether we

should do anal screening but there are

no firm recommendations around that for


I feel hornswoggled by that question

it's like yes you should but no you can

that's what Hornswoggle what's what

Hornswoggle yeah that sounds like an STD

true or false

while the HPV vaccine protects against

genital warts in both males and females

the only cancer it prevents is cervical

cancer cervical cancer that's lady

cancer yeah I think I believe it's

that's what I think yeah

cervical seems like a female type of

word yeah the cervix is like that's like

an inside part for ladies yeah yeah this

HPV is tricky yeah

HPV sounds like a confused villain Oh

yo get genital warts or not then there

won't be the cancerous guy but they'll

stop you from getting a date

I think the cervix is like it's either

like a part or a bone inside of a lady

it's I feel like sometimes when they

have like babies something happens to

the certain the cervix dialing ah the

cervix dilating was like babies coming

it's like an organ false the HPV vaccine

actually does prevent HPV related

cancers cervix and women anus in both

men and women and we believe it actually

will reduce the risk of throat cancer in

both men and women I'm just glad that

the vaccine doesn't just do one thing

like one cancer that was true or false

boys and girls should be vaccinated

against HPV at

ages of 11 to 12 I'm not sure I mean I

guess they should because I mean I don't

know I wasn't that I wasn't active as a

kid or 11 or 12 year old could that be

the point you're not active yet so it's

like oh here comes here comes HPV we're

gonna stop it before he gets to the bus

it's a pre stop to the bottom okay HPV

zone is way it seems early it seems that

does definitely but it might be one of

those things are like they get the HPV

vaccine in and then like it bonds with

like the testosterone and hydrogen is

like you develop and you get stronger

defenses yeah the whole determined like

sit-ups when you're young so I'm I'm

gonna say maybe you get it earlier than

that maybe this is another one of those

tricky Hornswoggle II question let us

say yes

ready yeah true we want to vaccinate

boys and girls before they have sex

however you wanted to find sex the HPV

vaccine is prophylactic vaccine so the

goal here is to vaccinate kids before

they can get infected one thing we were

both right about is that getting it done

early maybe I was a little too you

little too early yeah yeah but guess

getting it done this Saint better safe

than sorry

yeah because there was a those ages

where things start to get active in a

lot of different ways I feel like I know

a little more about HPV now well I have

to say Jeff I've learned a lot today I

I too have learned a lot I hope you

enjoyed today's video and you learned a

little bit more about HPV and it's