How to Identify a Malignant Narcissist.

most of us understand narcissism we

understand covert narcissist versus

overt narcissist and the symptoms and

signs of both but what about the third

type of narcissism the malignant

narcissist in today's video I'm going to

identify the symptoms and signs of a

malignant narcissist and how to uncover

and understand if you have one of those

individuals in your life right now hey

there friends glad to be back today and

today we're we talking about narcissism

okay but we're not gonna be talking

about covert narcissism or overt

narcissism we're gonna be talking about

the third type which is malignant

narcissism or malignant narcissists and

I find it very interesting and the

reason why I did this video is because

I've worked with clients for years and

years and when we go through and deal

with a family member a spouse or a

friend that's causing trouble in their

life we usually go through the DSM and I

ask some questions for narcissism MPD

and we've go down the list of the

criterion and it's interesting when I'll

say you know it's just for fun let's go

down that list of antisocial personality

disorder as well okay and it's

interesting because especially when the

person collaborates that this other

person has more than three symptoms in

the criteria on APD in more than five

and MPD and it's very interesting when

you put those together and you begin to

see a picture

now the malignant narcissist is that

picture put together so if you have time

take a moment go online or get a copy of

the dsm-5 and open it up and look at

antisocial personality disorder and

begin to go through that criterion next

you can pause this video and go through

MPD narcissistic personality disorder

and you can understand what I'm talking


but there's a little more coupled into

this malignant narcissist as well as

though we're going to talk about that

here in today's video so in today's

video I'm going to offer you seven signs

that you're dealing with a malignant

narcissist the first sign that you're

dealing with a malignant narcissist that

is not uncommon for all narcissist is


okay they have a tendency of using

manipulation and they're highly skilled

at manipulation they're highly skilled

at getting what they want from you

and using you to get what they want

and I find it interesting especially

with this particular type of narcissist

they only use us for a means to an end

right and the idea of seeing us as human

beings with feelings and thoughts and

believe some values is not part of their

makeup and so manipulating people is at

their core of getting what they want and

they don't feel any remorse from it

whatsoever and I know that many of you

say well you can find that in the covert

and the over art narcissist and yes you

can but it's to a different degree I

believe with the malignant narcissist so

let's talk about the second sign that

you're dealing with a malignant

narcissist the second sign is that they

are extremely paranoid now this is very

different from the covert of the over

right because I don't really find that

that often and one in either one of

those but in the malignant they're

extremely paranoid they believe that

everybody is out to get them and they

don't even need any probable cause or

any suspicious activity they just feel

that everyone is out to get them okay

and I want you to think about that

because I wonder if it's a little bit

because they're kind of using us to a

means to an end

do they feel that we reciprocate as they

act I don't know but they are extremely

paranoid without any suspicion so

definitely interesting and definitely a

telltale sign that you're dealing with

one of these individuals the third

indication is that they're quick to

criticize they're quick to criticize

everybody about everything because they

do everything better and they're just

better than us hands down right that's

what they think okay because of their

superiority complex the interesting

thing though about the malignant

narcissist every Narcisa for that matter

but more so this particular type is that

they cannot accept and they are not open

to any criticism of themselves and I

find that interesting that's a dead

giveaway trying to give somebody some


some conscious criticism right

definitely not handled well by these


so definitely indication that you're

dealing with somebody with narcissism

but definitely malignant narcissists the

fourth indication that you're dealing

with malignant narcissist is that

they're sadistic in nature right there's

sadist and there's two different types

of those sadist right so you have the

vicarious and you have the everyday now

the vicarious is the person that lives

through other people doing things like

hurting people killing people watching

it on TV or movies right or maybe

watching a fight or watching something

like that they're living vicariously

through someone else doing it and

they're getting pleasure from watching

this okay they're getting pleasure from

it the other is the everyday where

they're not living vicariously through

anybody else so they actually take it

upon themselves to abuse other people to

hurt other people and this also includes

animals as well right animals and people

the living and they take pleasure and

personally hurting people and things and

this is definitely different from the

covert or overt narcissist and that's

what adds that other little piece to the

puzzle when I was talking about earlier

you had the antisocial personality

disorder which is separate from sadist

right then you add that to it and then

you have the narcissist component so it

makes it really interesting the fifth

sign is that they have no empathy you

know how we talk about what it'd be like

to walk in someone else's shoes right

that's never a thought with the

malignant narcissist right they're not

ever thinking about walking in someone

else's shoes and they're definitely not

thinking about your in my plight

okay they're not thinking about how we

feel our emotions our feelings because

they lack guilt and they lack remorse

and they don't have empathy because

remember even if you don't have empathy

and you have guilt it still kind of

keeps you in a certain segment of

society feeling bad for what you do

right you feel bad about doing not good

things right because you feel guilty or

if you have remorse you do I can't do

that or I feel bad about it and then if

you have empathy you don't want to do

anything to hurt somebody because you

feel their pain and so this individual

has no empathy they lack the guilt

and they lack the remorse and they're

not interested in knowing how we feel


the six indication they're entitled

entitlement now this goes for all

narcissists right but it still paints

the picture for you to understand

somebody with no remorse no empathy no

guilt a little statistic rate with that

antisocial personality disorder and

they're entitled it's very interesting

because think about that and you start

painting this picture of what this

individual looks like and acts like and

it makes it very real so you can

understand is there somebody in your

life right now that exhibiting these

symptoms and signs right because we need

to know that information to protect

ourselves and the seventh and last

indication that I want to go through in

today's video is they do not take

responsibility for what they do or what

they say they will project on you and

they will Gaslight you okay they are not

taking responsibility okay so you got

somebody that's completely entitled not

taking any responsibility with no

empathy no guilt and no remorse and so

really think about that and so if you've

been dealing with somebody because a lot

of times what happens is that when

you're dealing with this type of person

you might feel as though you have brain

fog when you're dealing with them right

because it seems like there is never any

agreement that they've ever done

anything wrong and you begin to question

the validity of everything that's been

said in the conversation and it's so

concerning and so questionable you kind

of leave there even questioning what was

even said in the conversation to begin

with and who was right and who was wrong

in these situations with these

individuals when they've done you wrong

usually so they've done you wrong and

you go and you try to talk to them and

tell them that you're upset because

they've done you wrong somehow or not

you end up apologizing to them right

because all of a sudden they turn it

around to make you think there's

something wrong with you

and so if you've ever been in a

situation where somebody's done you

wrong and you've left that situation

kind of apologizing you might have been

dealing with one of

individuals but the thing is they don't

take responsibility because they think

that they're above the law

they're completely entitled to whatever

you have and whatever they want and so

that's what makes it extremely

interesting so really thinking about

this the combinations of all these

different symptoms right and all these

personality disorders coupled together

is what makes this the malignant

narcissist now is the malignant

narcissist in the dsm-5 no but I do feel

that it really categorizes that type of

individual and it makes it very clear as

to what you're dealing with and I think

that when we have clarity that helps us

to understand it gives us knowledge and

it helps us to better prepare and

understand what we're dealing with in

our day to day life I hope this video

has helped you definitely want to

produce more videos on narcissism

because I think that is anything we can

do to protect ourselves is key and to

understand where these people are coming

from but then to also understand kind of

the limitations because I think a lot of

you are out there trying to save the

world and I love saving the world but

there are certain people that you can't

save and remember you have to save

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and how did you deal with that

day-to-day interaction if any of you

have had day-to-day interaction as well

as have you ever been in a relationship

with a malignant narcissist I'm assuming

you probably have exited stage right how

did you do it and how tough was it to

get out of that relationship in the

meantime don't forget to live your true