How to Remove Your Urinary (Foley) Catheter | Memorial Sloan Kettering

this video will show you how to remove

your urinary catheter also known as a

Foley catheter when your catheter was

put in sturla was injected through a

port on the catheter the water inflates

a small balloon inside your bladder the

balloon acts as an anchor which holds

the catheter in place first gather your

supplies you'll need a towel or

protective pad and a 10 milliliter

syringe use a few paper towels under

your catheter to protect your furniture

from any urine that might leak out when

you remove it unfasten the velcro tab on

the cath secured device on your thigh

releasing the catheter for where it is

fastened to your leg locate the port on

the catheter the port will have a

colored plastic disc encircling it in

order to remove your catheter the

balloon needs to be deflated to deflate

the balloon insert the tip of the

syringe firmly into the opening at the

end of the port and let it drain you'll

see the syringe fill with a clear fluid

this is the water that was injected into

the balloon when the catheter was put in

squirt the fluid you have removed into

your sink or wastebasket attach the

syringe to the port again and let it

drain just like you did before this is

to make sure all of the fluid has been

removed from the balloon when there's no

more fluid in the balloon slide the

catheter out by gently pulling the

catheter downward

if you meet resistance or if you have

any questions call your surgeon's office