How Email is Sent and Received on The Internet- Video

hi this is Steve from OE updates and in

this video I want to talk about sending

a receiving mail on the Internet

and I want to cover two scenarios I want

to cover sending or receiving using a

standard email client desktop based

client like Outlook Outlook Express and

using a web-based client ie a web

browser so let's start with an email

client and we have someone sitting at

his PCs laptop and composes his email

once it's composed his email he connects

his client to his internet service email

provider whatever provider that is and

he sends that email using a protocol

called SMTP Simple Mail Transfer

Protocol so the email is sent from his

client machine to the email server here

this server is located on the Internet

now once here it is then transferred

across the Internet to other email

servers and it lands up here at its

destination on the email server this is

the email server of the recipient that

now it sits there waiting for the

recipient to connect to this machine so

the recipient sitting over here sitting

at this PC connects his machine to the

email server and this time is using a

protocol called pop3 or an alternative

protocol is imap4 pop3 or imap4 now

these protocols are used for receiving

mail on the internet so he connects

using one these protocols and the mail

is then transferred from the email

server to the email clients using pop3

that is probably used in 80% of the

cases so the email is no longer on this

email server

it is here on the clients you can

configure the pop3 client to behave

differently I'm up for behaves

differently and we cover that on the

website in understanding pop3 and imap4

the differences okay so know we've got

the email what happens if he wants to

reply well he connects to the email

server using SMTP and sends the reply

the reply gets transferred across the

internet and now this is using SMTP

across the internet and it arrives now

at the email server of the recipient

this guy now connects to the email

server using again pop3 and retrieves

his email the email is sent or retrieved

on to this client machine so now the

email is here okay so that's sending or

receiving using a standard client like

Outlook Outlook Express now the other

alternative is using a web-based client

so this time the guy is sitting there in

his computer and it connects to is email

server this time using HTTP this is the

standard protocol you use for connecting

to any web page on the Internet now this

email server needs to support what's

called webmail and most most do these

days so he connects that using HTTP

using the client is going to be using is

Internet Explorer 7 or 8 or 6 if you

still using it or Firefox and or Safari

whatever browser you're using and it

connects here and it composes his email

and the email is composed on this email

server here it's not composed on the

client any click send and that email is

then sent across the internet using

standard internet protocols SMTP sending

receiving and eventually it ends up here

on this machine here now as we've

already gone through the snow

retrieve this email with pop3 or imap4

alternatively you can connect this email

server using HTTP and use webmail to

read the email now the email stays on

this server here in that case the email

is not transferred to the client in that

case so the difference really between

webmail and a desktop-based clients like

Outlook Express Outlook is in webmail

all of the sending and receiving is

actually done on the email server and

the email is never transferred onto the

client machine whereas using a desktop

client the email is composed on the

client machine and is sent from the

client machine and if eventually when

you receive the email it is actually

stored on the client machine ok that

ends this video on sending and receiving

email on the internet until next time