How A lobster Trap Catches Lobsters

all right guys I'm gonna demonstrate how


because there's holes in a trap I'm

gonna show you guys what a lobster sees

he's gonna come up to a trap right now

he imagine this is the view of the

lobster he feels around with his

antennas but right here this goes up so

the lobster will travel up here and then

he'll drop into this area right here

once he gets past here the bait is

hanging the bait is hanging already down

right here off a string and sometimes

the logs minerals put the bait right

some a few fish right through this this

string right here and they go in once

there you go inside there they kind of

drop into this area they really they

can't get back up over this so the next

natural progression it's been to walk up

this rope of this the head this is

called the head so they'll travel up the

head and then there's another ring right


that they end up dropping through and

then they go into the parlor and then

once they're in the parlor they're stuck

in that section right here because

they'll drop through that ring right

there now the only thought the one good

thing is that on all lobster traps they

have these escape vents right here and

the size of this escape vent is so that

juvenile logs just can get out

so actually juvenile Lobster small

lobster can come and go in the trap go

in here travel up through drop through

that ring then actually exit right here

there you go that's how it works