The Lithosphere

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this video I'd like to talk about the

lithosphere the lithosphere is a solid

and rigid outer layer of our planet it

includes the crust in the upper part of

the mantle that contains rigid rocks you

will notice in this picture that the

lithosphere is the top layer of the

earth because the earth consists of land

and water

the lithosphere can be subdivided into

oceanic lithosphere and continental

lithosphere oceanic lithosphere is

associated with the oceanic crust and

exists in the ocean basins and it is

more dense than continental lithosphere

continental lithosphere

is associated with the continental crust

and is approximately 22 miles thick

although it can reach up to 37 miles

under certain mountain ranges the

lithosphere is divided up into large

plates called tectonic plates that move

about it is believed that the original

configuration of the continents was one

solid landmass known as Pangaea and that

it broke into several smaller tectonic

plates and created the individual

continents the major plates include the

Pacific plate North American plate

Eurasian Plate African plate Antarctic

plate indo-australian plate and the

South American plate there are also

several minor plates the lithosphere is

also the location where all earthquakes

on earths occur because an earthquake

occurs when tectonic plates shift or

collide so there we go the top part of

the earth the lithosphere thanks for

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