Why Liberal Arts?

there was a time when people thought of

themselves as subjects of the king then

the king fell and a new idea emerged we

are not subjects of the king we are free

citizens of the nation but that new idea

brought a new question what kind of

education is fit for a citizen liberal

arts was one answer to that question a

citizen needs to contribute to the

workforce articulate numerate informed

and equipped to learn a citizen also

needs an education in history law and

political economy when the nation faces

a crisis it can only be as strong and

free as its citizens but it's not only

as citizens that we face crisis human

life itself is vulnerable to tragedy at

those times it helps to have studied

tragedy and psychology and ethics it

helps to know about the history of

melancholy and which literature films or

music might help you through it helps to

have an education in the liberal arts

the art of living free