How to Revise A-Level Economics!

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I revise for a level maths I told you

guys I will be making a revision series

so but cool popular demand I'm head say

with how to revise for a level economics

now I'm so excited from this video

because you guys know how much I love

economics as I'm taking it the Uni as

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with the video number one use a time

table if you guys have seen my last

video you know I have already talked

about using a time table I've gone into

a lot more detail about the time table

in that video so you guys can go ahead

and watch that one if you want to know

why I use a time table so much but

basically what I'm trying to say is if

you aren't organized then you'll find it

very hard to even revise it in the first

place because you'll procrastinate and

you'll say I'll do it tomorrow

I'll do it next week but when you've got

a time table you will sit down and savor

I have to stick to this and I've got to

do it now I revised two hours a day this

is what I need for my GCSEs and it works

for me but if you guys prefer three

hours a day if you guys do for one hour

a day do what's best for you because

everybody is different and everybody is

used to revising different amounts so if

you're not used to revising much then

two hours might be too much for you or

if you're used to revising more than

maybe two hours isn't enough for you so

it all just depends on what's best for

you but make a timetable and stick to it

number two number two no matter what

mission guides I am so excited to say

this because I have not said this in two

years but three GPD regression guides oh

my god guys I can't tell you how good

this book is I I use this book

throughout my whole of year 12 and it

really really helped me

goes into quite a bit of detail on the

different topics at Hattin that you need

to know this is a generalized version

because CGP don't have one for each exam

board but it does say like for example

this says these pages are for AQA and

OCR only so unless his test that then

the page is off for most exam boards but

some pages will say these are like this

one says these pages are for all boards

some will say sisters for a few ways

it's just for OCR but this is really

good because at the bottom of each page

there is an exam style question like

this one every single page has exam

style questions some are like 25 markers

15 markers 9 markers for markers

multiple-choice this book has everything

you can think of so I would definitely

recommend this book I will try and link

it in the description down below now

moving on to year 13 what I revised with

this year is the AQA a-level economics

book - a friend of mine in the aerbook

was selling this book and he told me

that he used it and he found it really

good he sold it to me big cheap so I

thought okay might as well try it and

honestly I think it's such a good book I

actually think it's better than the CGP

book only because the amount of detail

it goes into is crazy and the good thing

about this is it has like extension

material so if you're aiming for the top

grades like me you should definitely

read the extension material which is in

the green and as well as that they have

case studies that you can read so in

economics a very important thing is to

incorporate context in a lot of your

fifteen and twenty five markers you need

to know a lot about context and this

book has so many case studies which is

ideal to know about the different

contexts for each topic so I really

really like this book obviously they do

have questions as well at the end of

each topic and every few pages and so

they've got quantitative skills for your

math side of economics and they've got

the essay based questions as well this

book is so good I use this for my

Maxim's and it seems to be working

obviously this

for a QA so I would recommend this for

people that have a QA I don't know if

it's good for like OCR and the other

examples but I'm sure there's an

equivalent book for that if not the CTP

book is great all you can still get this

book because I assume that every example

sort of has the similar content anyway

but yeah I would really really recommend

this book oh I will also try and link

this in the comments down below number

three physics and maths tutor now for me

multiple choice was my weak subject

after I'd realized that my essays were

very very strong but what was bringing

my great down was my multiple choice my

teacher recommended physics and mastery

to me it's such a good website because

it has all of the multiple-choice past

papers from like ten years ago up until

this year and it's got loads of long

answer questions as well but I mainly

used it for my multiple-choice and this

brought my multiple-choice up

drastically so I did a lot better

because of physics and maths tutor so I

would really recommend that maybe once

every week go through one past

multiple-choice paper from physics and

math tutor every week try and do at

least one in the build up towards your

mock exams and new exams make sure you

cover every single one by the time your

exam comes around because you'll realize

that a lot of the time they repeat the

questions or they have very very similar

questions and if you pick up on those

patterns you will realize that okay the

answers gonna be the same each time so

it just ensures that you know you get

those a little extra few marks but yeah

physics and maths tutor is so brilliant

I really would suggest you use that if

like me multiple-choice is your weakness

number four Seneca now at my school my

teachers gave us all access to this

website called Seneca and I think it's

brilliant for solidifying your base

knowledge this makes sure you know the

foundation of economics Seneca is really

good in knowing how students learn and

how students understand so for example

once you finish your whole topic so

let's say I finished the labor

Marcus topic on Seneca I can then save

this topic in a location so you can

choose a location to put this in and

that just sort of helps with your memory

recall obviously I wouldn't say it's

quite for developing your knowledge

because it makes sure you know the

basics but once you know the basics you

can build on that like if you don't know

the basics how can you build on that so

if you guys don't have access to Seneca

already I would really suggest going to

your school and seeing if they can

perhaps invest in Seneca because I'm not

sure if it's free or not if it's free

I'm sure you guys can make accounts or

if you want to like to spend money out

of your own pocket cool like usually you

can do that as well

but I think you should go to your school

first ask them if they can like invest

or buying a subscription for the school

because it's a really good tool to have

number five oh god my voice has gone

croc yes hello number five teach your

friends now I find learning so much more

fun when I teach my friends as well as

the fact that I understand concepts so

much better when I'm talking to someone

else through the contact so for

economics I actually shooter one of my

good friends on a regular basis I it's

all forces me to make sure I know the

topic 100% before I go in and teach him

so for example if I'm teaching him the

law of diminishing returns one week I

make sure that before I go and teach him

I've read up on the chapter I revised it

so that I go in knowing 100% what I'm

talking about

and I think it's a very good way to

solve force yourself to know what you're

talking about and understand what you're

doing as well as the fact that when you

are talking to someone through what you

know and what you understand to make

sure they understand it you end up

understanding things so much better

also with economics I would say get a

whiteboard because drawing out the

diagrams is so helpful in remembering

what each diagram is you guys might be

familiar with this diagram it's the

labor wage route diagram so if I am

teaching my friend about the labor

market and about the diagrams I will

draw the diagrams first I'll rub them

off and then get him to draw it that way

both him and I need to remember

what the first diagram was to make sure

that the second one that he draws is

correct and that way both of us are

making sure we know this diagram inside

out so I would really say whiteboards

are great as well as the fact that oh

yeah when we're going through our 15 and

25 marker essays we use the whiteboard

to plan each point out and it actually

helps so much like I've even asked him

and he even said like so that is my

final point try and teach your friends

because you will understanding so much

better and you will feel a lot better

learning with your friends and helping

your friends out so yeah guys these are

my top tips on how I revise for a level

economics if you guys have got any

questions or suggestions be sure to

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