How I got an A* in Economics - Revision tips + Advice // A-Level

hey guys welcome back to my channel and

I hope you are doing well so in today's

video I wanted to share my revision tips

and advice on how I got an a star in

economics I don't know how that happened

but yeah I hope you enjoy and hopefully

it's useful my first tip is to make sure

you use the spec and this goes for any

subject you know the basic knowledge

you'll be able to apply that to anything

and I was quite lucky that my teacher

actually printed out anyway and like the

spec for us I basically wrote the key

points around the set point so I'd

highlight also where it's to do is

context and I'd also have RS to do with

little things I need to remember for it

and this was quite good for revision

because the day before the exam in the

morning if I have to go over something

this would be really useful tilaka and

yeah I don't know if you can see it but

like I'd have context there they let me

know in the comments if you want me to

do a detailed version of each different

paper because I don't know if that will

help this is another example of just

throwing everything I also kind of draw

a little diagrams on the side just to

make sure I knew everything because I

didn't want to go into the exam thinking

oh I should have revised this little

speck point because it could come up in

any point with the paper and I might

forget for so I've also write

definitions if I forgot them

I also wrote evaluation alongside if I

needed to and you kind of needed it for

everything I guess another thing that I

did that was really useful was using me

and so again I don't know why our

teacher ended up giving these what I did

was using this for a write out the topic

and for efficiency's economic growth and

I'll look at this back and write out the

different spec points over like a B C D

and E and F and I'll just write it out

the different things to do with a spec

point and I rather like the definition

if there was like a formula I needed and

I'd kind of write it all out in

different colors and I would also use a

whiteboard after to kind of write how

much I can remember then go back to this

to see what I missed out as you can see

I've done

and I drew diagram and when evaluation

was needed

I'd write that in a different color for

example in this one I wrote and brown

the resources I would use to actually

fill this in with my spec and then I'd

use my normal class night so I would

also watch equalness Dow which is quite

good and I'll speak about how I use this

video is to help me and the CG peeper

and my economics official Edexcel

textbook and I'd say don't actually ask

anyone to do this or just a picture I

think when you do it yourself

you'll actually take it you'll take it

in and that's the most important thing

there's no point copying oh it's all

like just reading it off it's not

actually gonna be beneficial with

actually doing this yourself hope you

and a lot more useful

I also did a keyword cheat after like

doing practice pages and like obviously

in class and like gain feedback I never

used to like write keywords

I wrote every keyword that I need it to

using my Edexcel textbook moving this

back again and using my CGP book

remember what I mean to be honest and I

would do practice questions or passages

which I'll also mention later

I'd also use this after I've marked it

to see it have I used if Hugh earth how

about it not and kind of then try it

again to make sure I've used as many

Hewitt so if I can offer you don't want

to overdo it

one thing I'd say is do this yourself

because it's so useful to know what you

don't know what you do know another

thing that I did which was useful to

some extent was flash cards but a lot of

people I think I knew this - cards for

everything so they kind of wrote

everything on there whereas for me I

didn't really look at flash class that

much especially if I've got a lot so a

few weeks before the exam I basically

did a few flash cards not that many and

I'd write out stuff that I would forget

write out what I needed to know for like

my two countries which I did the UK and

Brazil so as you can see I wrote reveal

them and I've seen you don't have time

to make it

see like we're doing a-levels and so you

need to make sure that it's simple I

also use flashcards for like the

diagrams I'd forget so I used to forget

perfect competition and a lot of them

market structures didn't understand that

like still probably doing it because if

you're not you're not gonna go over it

and it's hard for you to actually keep

telling yourself whereas if you write it

out like in a simple way you will be

easier for you to go over for some of

them I'd also create a say class I write

out the micro point and macro points by

the table and then evaluation at the

bottom - another thing that was really

useful work post-it notes I use this for

all my end of projects and I wrote

basically a two for the exam I would use

my back no odds that I did on here

combine the two but basically pull it

down to one post-it note and obviously

you can do different kinds of different

things I didn't really do that I just

found whatever person know I had I wrote

little things on that and I drew diagram

from here as well to test myself I'd use

a whiteboard and Wilko do this for four

or five pounds I can't actually remember

but the best purchase I ever made for my

a-levels I just reached out loads of

essay questions that would be 25 markers

because that's what I wasn't the best up

and I write it on the whiteboard and

kind of plan out my answers using like

arrows or theme it takes so much time

writing out the whole essay and you

don't really want to waste time on that

so by doing their arrows and like

quickly writing out the point that an

evaluation as well which it's very

important it's useful to do that when I

found out if I got a good mark on an

essay which wasn't very often or when

planning it with my teacher I'd go home

straight away and I've actually write

out the essay but like in a format that

was quite easy then write it up in

arrows unlike the day before the exam

I've read through everything and

highlight it all and after doing this

I'd also to see how much I can remember

by writing it on my whiteboard

all like just using like random

like rock paper or like a random like a

book and I'd kind of bright as much as I

can remember and for website and then

for like books and stuff like that i

watch accomplice dow and i've kind just

write notes like this just so simple and

then i would actually be able to go over

this rather than it being like

PowerPoint notes and just a lot I just

write simple things and just making sure

that I understood that and I'll show you

some of my notes as well that I did I

did it quite simple so I'd also

sometimes one more time just the one I

randomly picked out didn't have it but I

was there at the spec point it's not

important to know this back I am like I

literally memorized this back because

you need to know every single point this

is class notes there I turned it into

that and then I turned it in to the spec

points like that and then at the end I

turned it into this and possibly this if

I need it to so can you see how it's

like a chain of like the different

things I did on paper three I would draw

a table and I'd make up an exam question

using this back again and I basically go

through the Hospit and write out a

question where a micro effect and macro

effect can't remember how many points

you need preach or you only need one for

micro one for Matt craft paper three

with a valuation of course and then I

can just write like using arrows just

basic little points that I need to

remember and I did that for every

possible exam question that I made up

sorry my phone died so I had to wait for

it to charge and now it's not a lot

funnier so sorry for the lighting but I

was talking about my tables for ps3 and

and as you can see for bigger topic I

made them into a lot more detail because

it kind of what has a little vision ding

and I briefly spoken about half APIs

throughout this video but the main thing

is to make sure you keep really doing

particle questions see if you can

improve extracts and

able to understand extra are so

important because if you know practice

trying to analyze extracts you're not

going to be able to do well in the final

exam because you need to be able to read

it quickly and then use parts of that

information in the questions even if you

don't answer it sometimes I'll just read

through the extras from random questions

and kind of see if I can understand it

because that's the main thing and the

last thing I wanted to talk about is how

I actually managed to do all this

revision so I first kind of created a

to-do list and I also brought up the

date for the exam just so I could keep

track and I'd also I also write it out

in my book well I had a diary but I lost

it and like from Feb I planned it

actually in Jan or when I was going to

write out respect points and actually

completing them in my mind map and I

started this from Feb half term so I'd

finished up I finished up in end of

April during the Easter holidays and so

I wrote out the days when I would do it

so for example Micro is I'd write this

paper Northey just like 1.2.3 and I'd do

it on the Monday week beginning 25th of

F and yeah I hope you found the revision

tips and advice I shared useful I shall

see later bye