what's up you guys it should go and I

agree on it and welcome back to my


so today I'm gonna be showing you guys

what's on my letterman jacket okay I

want to show you guys what's on my

letterman jacket a lot of people I'll

get into that okay oh yeah that's what

we're doing today I'm showing you guys

what's on my letterman jacket what my

letterman jacket means to me so if you

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go without further ado let's get into

this video so before I start by showing

you guys what's on my jacket

I wanted to say I got my jacket this

week well inside I got my jacket last

week at school and it's something I've

been talking about a lot this Squier I

think I've really been waiting and

wanting to get ever since I was a

freshman in high school I knew that I

wanted to get my letterman jacket before

I graduated and I decided to wait till

senior year after I finished all of my

sports so I can get all of my sports on

my letter oh yeah I waited four years to

get this jacket y'all not really four

years like three but I've waited a

goodly minute to get this jacket because

if you guys did not know I am an athlete

I've played a lot of sports at my school

I'm heavily involved in my school which

is why I'm a little my youtube

consistently now during the Squier is

because I'm so I'm at that school from

6:00 in the morning to like 9 o'clock at

night like every day I'm at that school

so much okay but yeah I don't want you

to think I'm bragging in any type of way

because ever since I got my jacket at

school since I'm like one of the only

people who got in there so far this

squared everybody thinks I'm trying to

brag or everybody thinks I'm trying to

show off but no I'm very proud of this

Jackie you can't just you can't just get

a letterman jacket like you have to be

of some significance to get a letterman

jacket and I am proud of that and of

course I'm gonna flaunt it because I

worked for years to get this jacket and

to get these little things and brought

it on my letter you get a letter if you

have lettered in a varsity sport so

basically you have to play a varsity

sport and then you have

to have Leonard in that sport so at my

school if you played a varsity sport and

you finish the whole season you went

through the whole season you

automatically get a little I'm sports

you have to be a captain or something to

get a letter at my school you can get a

varsity sports letter or you can get an

academic letter which I have another

sports letter an academic letter on my

wall or like on top of this picture of

my room which I will insert a clip of

right here but these are the two

different options of letters at my

school and I could have got my academic

letter on this side but I tell my I had

already ordered the jacket then I had

got my academic letter after that so it

was too late I could still be to put on

but I don't want that so yeah so we're

gonna start with price this jacket

costed me two hundred seventy five

dollars and sixty cents and I know it

costs a lot more in other places but

this was my Jackie um so yeah I'm so

happy that I got this checking out so

let's start with the colors this jacket

is Carolina blue and white okay the

sleeves are leather nice sturdy thick

leather a lot of leather it's really big

on my arm and then the cloth or the body

of the jacket is wool they said it's

wool right I don't know what it is but

there's something Oh claw okay and then

around the wrist and the waist they have

like this little stripes

you know cloth I don't know how to

explain it but yeah so on this side of

my jacket y'all can see it just says

class of 2020 because that is my

graduation year and I'm so excited I

graduate in a couple of months like

that's crazy I'm excited and scared

because I don't know what I'm gonna do

after high school

and I know i'ma do but I don't like oh

no yeah but yeah I'm class of 2020 on

this side of my jacket it just has the

Mustang like my schools like logo sort

of kind of like this is our logo where

the Mustangs

so Mustang okay and on the front of my

jacket as you guys can see it says Anaya

a Brianna I think that is so cool like

all of my things I have my name

embroidered on it everything says Anaya

Brianna it does not say Anaya and my

last name I'm not gonna tell you guys my

last name if you know my last thing you

know if you don't you don't but all of

my stuff for school that has my name

embroidered on it says and I agree on it

because I'm known as a naive Rihanna

after I started my youtube is when I

started to embrace my middle name I

thought I had a weird middle name I

thought was ugly I was too long after I

start my youtube channel I sort of have

embraced that so now I go by a naive

Rihanna like you know me as an ayah or

not every honor people don't need my

last name like that anyways has Anaya

Brianna on here it's stitch on there

nice in this nice little Kirsten just

want to be cursive font I don't know

what it is there yeah and this side is

the letter this side is what's you know

got me to get this jacket like this is

the only way you can have its jacket

okay so this is my letter and there are

quite a bit of sports on here that have

lariat though we're going to start right

here this says competition and then

there's a cheer logo under here so do

you guys did not know I was a

cheerleader at my school uh varsity

cheerleader I did competition to your

basket watch here and football cheaters

so competition cheered that's what this

means this football stands for when I

chaired for football season Oh somebody

texted me and this back to the boss

dance crew when I chaired for basketball

season and I also just finished my

varsity season a flag football even

though I didn't really play that much I

still made it through the season so when

we go to our banquet I don't know if you

get letters for this sport because it's

fairly new to our County and like this

area and they told me laches that they

didn't get letters so I don't know if

we're gonna get them this year but since

I finished I'm gonna go ahead and say

that this also stands for flag football

so varsity football cheer and flag

football are you guys following

competition cheer flag

a cheater football basketball okay

I also put in volleyball yes sir I play

volleyball and then I did track so all

of these sports sports that I played in

my high school career and I'm not even

done yet

I do plan on playing soccer I don't know

if I'm actually going to do that I'm I

was gonna play lacrosse but I'm gonna

internet if you go to my school or if

you know me personally you know my

reasons as to why I'm probably not gonna

play lacrosse who put the only sports

love for soccer and track and I'm

probably going to the row and do like

discus and all that first track and then

I might do soccer but I really don't

want to have flag football be my last

sport like it's November and our season

just ended and I have the whole Squier

to go and I don't know if I want to

spend it just playing sports still or

really focusing on these last couple

months of my schoolwork and just like my

last couple months of being kidding

aren't 18 in April this is not a joke

okay your guys's are all of my sport

yeah period so I also have kids for

these sports as well that can go on my

jacket I just don't know where I put

them usually people put them on their

letter somewhere but actually I could

see my letter is very busy and has a lot

going on so I don't want to one of my

popular went swimming the leader I swear

nobody text me during the day or as soon

as I turn this camera on here I don't

really want to have like a charm after

each one cuz I think that might be a

little corny and just too much to look

at so we're just going to keep it as is

but my charms are on my other letter

which is on my dresser on my picture

whatever which I'll show you guys again

I'll show you guys all of my charms

right here these are my charms they're

cool they're shiny they're cold they're

nice Oh

so yeah so now the last thing that's on

my jacket that's important is it sad as

a Meadow Creek High School Oh

PLC it says an L Creek High School okay

38 the Meadow Creek High School is a

high school that I go to which I didn't

want to put that out there but honestly

I've locked in my school so many times

and games and stuff if you're true

subscriber you already know I go to

mutter peak high school every new here


Briana's Meadow Creek High School I know

that's pretty risky to put out there but

um yeah anyways oh yeah guys so though

now it's time to get into my opinions on

this jacket I was originally gonna get a

size extra large which isn't a size


and it's huge still like there's no

reason why I should be able to sink into

the arms of this jack and have a handful

of leather but apparently that's how

they're supposed to be made and that's

how they're worn I could have went a

size medium honestly I really could have

but I just kept it to play to save and

one with the large because I went to the

opposite I tried on the extra-large and

I haven't a hoodie at the time so it fit

nice but it was still way too big didn't

all right you know we got home and she's

like you know a large probably would

have been better and I was like okay so

we had time so I called him I changed it

to a large I also got the sleeves cut

down on an inch and a half because they

were an intern a clogger than this but I

put in an alteration when I put on my

order for my clip for them to cut it

down an inch and a half and how did I

know that because the ladies at the

place where the advising me and telling

me like okay we can cut your sleeves

down so they're not super long so if I

didn't cut them down that would have

been this long and still really thick

like this is thick yo y'all see this I

should not be able to grab all this but

whatever it is what it is I still love

the jacket okay so then it also has

pockets keys are the pockets and they're

not learned with leather and I like that

I really do like that and you know I

just really like this jacket and like I

said I've been waiting for years to get

this jacket I finally got this jacket

I'm not even gonna cap I do feel like

somebody walking through the hallways

because as soon as I got it I tell y'all

everybody was asking me about my jacket

oh my god where'd you get your jacket

how much it cost how do i order one wow

that's funny where'd you play oh this

looks nice you look fine all the

teachers will telling me not to put it

down somebody might steal it you know

all the coaches are looking at my jacket

like okay I like it I like your jacket

um it's just a real statement piece and

I'm not gonna feel bad about wearing it

sort of kind of felt bad about wearing

it to school because random people asked

me about it and then they would ask me

the price and I got to tell them it's

basically $300 and they might be like

why would you pay $200 but and then my

friends are by me and talking about son

oh you Sean Flint's girl not gonna flex

it you know if I was trying to flex I

earned the right to blaze okay

I busted my butt playing sports for

years okay I Dippold and a build in

several sports I never was that one

person to want to stay in one sport but

yeah y'all that's what's on my letterman

jacket and that's what it means to me

okay so question of the day if we made

it this far

um once you make it to high score if

you're already in high school if you

play sports do you plan on getting a

letterman jacket on if your school

offers school you know let me know if

your school doesn't offer them you know

just talk to me I like talking to y'all

I love talking to you if y'all look at

my comments or any of my other videos

you'll see our response almost every

comment literally I said out of time

during the day where I replied comment

so comment to get a comment back I

promise I'll get back to you but yeah

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