Leo Man 10 Things To Know!!!!!

hey everybody it is your girl here jamie

leads a fine coming into today with a

video all about the leo men it doesn't

matter if you're dating him mirror to

him crushing on him or already in some

type of relationship with him today I'm

gonna share ten things with you that you

need to know so that you can hide in

your relationship to the highest

vibrations I'm so excited you guys I

used to be doing this video because this

is the last video of my ten things

series yeah I'm so excited

now Leo's please don't get upset because

I need eight your video less I know that

you are the fifth sign is this that I

didn't do it in any chronological order

sorry okay you guys let's just get right

into the video of course you already

know I'm gonna do all kinds of

background information all this leo

astrological sign right but first let me

do a disclaimer for those of you who are

new to my channel those of you who don't

watch any of my videos this is your very

first time watching my video let me

explain something to you about astrology

in this video I will only be talking

about the Leo Sun Sign

no conjunctions no aspects no houses for

this Sun okay I am only talking about

the energy of Leo so if it resonates

with you wonderful if it does not

resonate with you then you will need to

have your chart pulled for you so you

can get a more accurate understanding of

your personality traits and what you're

made up of never ever take one aspect of

your astrological chart and deem it as

everything because it's not it is so

much more to you than just your Sun Sign

Leo is ruled by the Sun the Sun the Sun

is the light it is the way the truth

and the light right all of the planets

orbits around the Sun so of course

Lia's will think that they are the

center of attention they always are even

if they want to adult right yeah

something like that

also Leo's polarity is Aquarius Aquarius

is polar opposite to Leo where Aquarius

are the brains Leos or the talent but

they both have talent they both have

brains but yeah if you want to just link

I'm sorry

whatever Leo is a very fixed sign this

is the modality of Leo is fixed so these

people unless they put their mind to

something that's exactly what they

strive for that's exactly what they want

to happen and it's not easy changing a

fixed signs mind leo rules the fifth

house the fifth house is the house of

creativity the house of talent the house

of children it is the fun house

this is the house of just having a great

time this is the dating house Soleil's

tend to like really put on a good show

for people they're usually very

entertaining take people and wherever

they are it's like all the attention

goes to Leo why because they are the

sunlight you cannot ignore the Sun the

ruling Oregon of leo is the heart they

have the biggest heart and the biggest

heart ever

léo men has a huge ego it's still big

it's too hot it won't sit like this

Costigan back it up got a big butt

biggie they have huge egos like they

really like to be noticed for every

single thing that they do so if a Leo

man if you're dating a Leo man in a

relationship whatever the case may be

whatever your connection is with a Leo

man if he does something for you small

or large you need to praise him you need

to let him know that he's amazing if you

do a good job in bed tell me oh baby you

have such a huge ego and he will love it

because you have to keep telling them

because you're wrong you have to stroke

his ego off Tim to keep him happy

because Leo they are ruled by the lion

the ruling symbol of Leo is the lion so

yeah you know if you don't show up their

ego then so you definitely don't want to

make your lion become angry okay so yeah

girls go ahead and Stroke EO leo man's

ego your leo man is extremely passionate

now this is a fixed sign so his passion

is infinite it's like once he dig those

claws into you it's like he's not gonna

let go so Leo's they tend to stick to

the person that there is for an

extremely long time you know and and a

lot of times the the opposite party

stays because the passionate is so good

you know the passion is amazing the love

is so warm and cuddly but Leo's can

Leo's can be a little bit being with a

Leo can be a daunting task but the

passion is something that usually holds

the relationships for a Leo man with

another party together and their passion

is real and is felt through every single

thing they do there

passionate about their work they're

passionate about their families they're

passionate about providing and this is

the fixed sign so once they're fixated

on something that's exactly what they

are determined to to achieve in their

lives you're not the type of woman who

can deal with a whole lot of passion or

someone who just not easily changes

their mind someone you can feel like you

can manipulate a little bit then Leo man

is not the man for you Leo man can be

extremely hot-tempered this man can be

extremely rude and a violent okay he

can't be I mean so don't piss him off

don't get him upset it takes a while to

get him here he's a fire so you have to

get him he's he's ruled by fire so you

have to get him started and it takes a

while sometimes to get a fire started

but once you start that fire you know

you need to be having some stuff on the

side to go ahead and put it out now you

know you don't want to get too big

because Leo's again it's fixed like

Scorpio of the Taurus and Aquarius these

are fixed signs so these people once

they fixate their mind on something they

become very determined it's very

difficult to change their minds now with

Leo when you piss him off with your Leo

man when you piss him off really bad you

probably want to get on your knees and

beg and say please maybe I'm so sorry I

mean you're still amazing I love you so

much and I mean just like really rub it

in and um there's a possibility that

there's a possibility that the fight

will move into the bathroom instead of

the street however he will be taking out

his frustrations on something if you

know any and a way to piss him off is

he's very jealous he do not like his

girl talking and flirting or just being

really quarrel with other men okay so

yeah don't do that okay don't do that

Leo man it's extremely charming here's

the cute little smile or is a gleaming

smile it's something about that damn

smell of a Leo man

you know what I'm talking about Liam

don't try and play with me there's

something about that damn smile when

they like flashing or something their

eyes like all twinkly looking and that

smell is amazing you're like oh my god

what's going on you know but anyways

you're Lee oh man is the type of guy who

he gets so much attention right and then

he makes that smile at people that women

and the may just want to just be with

him and then the next thing you know

they're like following him around and

things of that nature and it's making

you like when you're around you're like

what the hell what what do you have

going on with this woman and he's like

oh nothing I mean I didn't do anything

yeah you did you did you did it Lee oh

man that smell that charming smell and

being so nice you know better than to do

that yeah you did it yeah so ladies if

you don't want to be able to men who

have a huge following a female then yo

man just might not be the man for you

your leo man is extremely confident now

there's a little twist to the confidence

of a Leo man now all the surface he's

seemingly so confident but underneath

there's a web of insecurities you know

what I mean like when you see a Leo man

it's like they look so good

you know they look so handsome so well

put together they're so sexy you know

and you're like Dean they dress so nice

or they just have this style about them

like you're like wow and I wish I could

have a boyfriend like that and the guys

are like man I wish I could look like

that you know or something like that but

in all actuality Leo's are insecure

they're confident about what they look

like and how they can attract people

they're confident because they've been

doing this all their life but when it

comes to their abilities to perform

certain tasks like when it comes to your

academics or when it comes to your

technology and things of that nature

sometimes they feel a little

insecure about things like that so

there's you can find Leo's who are

extremely confident look in but

underneath they they have these insects

they have these insecurities that that

that gnaws at them constantly so yeah

you know so if you was a Leo man you

know stroke again going back to number

one stroke his ego tell him how smart he

is you know always let him know you know

like I in you I I trust in your

abilities you are amazing and this is

going to prove to be very important in

your relationship with your Leo man

support what he's doing even if he's

making a hot ass mess be like oh baby

that is so cool teach me how to do it

but you know if you can you see that

he's failing can't like help him out so

that you know he doesn't fall flat on

his face because that will be a bruise

to your leo man's ego you also have to

remember that Leo is polar opposite to

Aquarius Aquarius is the brain that

Aquarius is the brain you know the the

the innovative one the one that that

that just can you know be really really

good with you know creating new things

inventing new things and grasping the

knowledge of something really quick and

being able to perform it well when it

comes to you know academics but when it

comes to Leo Leo is the talent Leo is

the entertainment you know they're

really smart when it comes to putting

outfit together and looking amazing you

know or putting on a show or joking and

entertaining a crowd when Aquarius

really don't do that Aquarius a lot of

times don't even know where they fit in

you know a lot of times their send-off

is where leo is the one who takes center

stage and they're happy to do that you

know so these are opposites so you

definitely want to support your man

because this is where he stands now

there may be other things in the chart

that may you know help your Leo man out

when it comes to the brain department

but right now we

only talking about the Sun your leo men

is extremely attracted to money money

money money money now Leo man wants a

woman that can act to him not take away

but to add to him because you have to

understand your Leo man is independent

but he's also dependent and when I say

that it's like there are leaders of

course their fire I mean they're

passionate so of course these people are

driven and they're fixed so of course

they are leaders and leaders tend to be

independent because they even if nobody

follows you know they think they can

take over whatever's and and they have

no problem with doing what they gotta do

okay one of the themes tokin Leone

somebody there that is going to support

him and he don't have to do all the

supporting you know so he want a woman

that you know can add value if you don't

bring any value then Leo is not going to

value you and is not going to be you

know a relationship that is going to be

that's gonna move into marriage or

things of that nature is gonna be you

know maybe something that's gonna be a

fling but it will not move into marriage

so if you're a woman of value and you

don't mind being in a relationship with

a guy who is going to he would take care

of you he will help to take care of you

but if he's in love with you but for the

most part

Leo's like to take care of themselves so

they don't need a dependent they need

someone that they can depend on now -

he's a gold digger but uh he ain't

nothing with no bro chica ah New York

Leo men is an attention [ __ ] I'm sorry

Leo's I had to be honest now when I talk

about attention [ __ ] they love

attention but they don't always go out

searching for attention this just

happens for your Leo man I mean there's

a son there rule-bot a son who can

ignore the son no one can ignore the son

no one can deny the son

so they're gonna get attention whether

they want it or not I'm sorry so if you


with a man who's always getting

attention then guess what

vo man is not the man for you

leo men can be foreshadowing now the

definition of foreshadowing is a sign or

warning of what's to come in the future

so if you're with a Leo man you guys are

going through problems or you know your

first day pay attention to the type of

music that he's playing you know because

that music is going to indicate what

he's looking for what he want from you

what he's feeling from you what he's

vibing because he may not always

verbalize what he's feeling 100% he may

do it indirectly and the way that he do

it indirectly is probably through his

music and actions of course but just pay

attention and try to read through the

signs you know read between the lines

with a Leo again this is a fixed sign

similar to Scorpio you know as Scorpios

don't want you asking them a whole lot

of questions they want you to pay

attention and to figure it out so that's

kind of like the same right here with Oh

Leo these fixed signs

you guys are confusing though if you

don't have time trying to figure out a

read between the lines Leo man is not

the men for you

you're Leo men love's love he is he

loves love and he loves to cuddle

so you're Leo man may come home after a

tough day he just made flop his head

into your lab and he won't want you to

stroke his ego

I mean his um made hahaha same thing but

he's gonna want you to stroke his

beautiful head of hair and just tell him

how great he is

he needs that sometimes so you

definitely want to support your Leo man

like that give him lots of hugs and

kisses and loves and cuddles he loves

that he his rule in Oregon is the heart

so you have to always take care of his

heart and you always have to do

heartfelt things for your Leo man and he

would really really appreciate it so


and I promise you your relationship will

be so beautiful with your Leo man once

you really really understand him

accept him for who he is and support him

and whatever it is that he's doing which

brings me to your Leo men has an inner

sadness you know your leo man has

sometimes he made after it's so hard to

explain your leo man goes through so

much in a day you know he's confident

and he's insecure you know he's

independent and he's dependent he's the

center of attention and then sometimes

he's he don't want to be even what he

don't want to be he's the center of

attention he so he's pulled and he's

tugged between the insecurities that

lies and within himself but he can't

always express this because people view

him totally opposite of what he feel

inside of himself so sometimes he just

need to be alone he just want to close

the stuff off away from the world and

just have some time to just rest and to

just focus on him as a person and when

you see here Leo men feeling down like

this you need to be his support system

you need to be that one to go in there

and and make sure that he knows how

wonderful he is Hey he knows that you

understand no matter what it is that

he's going through he's an awesome man

and that you're always gonna have his

back every once in a while he needs to

hear this because he don't need you to

just always show him like with your

actions he actually want to hear the

words coming out of your mouth because

he's passionate you know and and when

you're talking to him and he can feel

that what you're saying is real yeah he

can see what you're doing and that is

real but at the same token he want to

hear it from your mouth

as well so yeah okay you guys so now I'm

gonna go into the venous breakdown of

your Leo match five different ways that

he can love you you have five different

types of Leo men when it comes to

relationships so what we're gonna do is

go ahead and break them down if your Leo

man has his Venus in Gemini this is

going to beat

very moody leo man that very

unconventional type lover your leo man

could possibly have a relationship in

another country or another city and and

one with you as well so you know Gemini

is like that you know the twins we're

about a twin so both of the twins have

to be satisfied and you know sometimes

this can definitely be a very

unconventional lover also can be someone

that's very difficult it's very

difficult for this person to settle down

Leo man has his Venus and cancer this is

the Leo man that's very nurturing you

know he's always looking out for you

he's always putting blankets on you and

you're sleeping and you fall asleep on

the couch he's the Leo man that's going

to be the one that like to cook you know

he's in a kitchen a lot you guys miss a

home a lot you know he don't you know he

don't hang out a whole lot you only have

mine but for the most part he's more

most comfortable at home and with you

and enjoying movies together you know

just really enjoying that home life

together that's the type of Leo you know

if the cancer is in if it's Venus it

falls into the sign of cancer if you're

Leo man has this Venus in leo but these

are not the other thing these are the

typical Leo's that you think about when

you talk about allele you know they're

extremely stuck on themselves they have

a nice head of hair they're usually very

good-looking they usually dress very

nice that usually you know always

looking for a spotlight so these are the

type that there's always out and about

doing something or they probably really

big on you know being an actress being

you know in some type of entertainment

they're gonna really look to be in some

form of entertainment in their life if

they don't do anything but have a

youtube channel or whatever the case may

be these people are really always on the

search of a spotlight even in the

relationship I'm gonna look for women

who take you know who's still the

spotlight being on women who are

extremely beautiful I dress really nice

you know just really amazing so this is

what happens when a Leo man has is Venus

in leo is an author you're Leo man has

his Venus in Virgo this is going to be

that pathological liar you know that leo

that you meet that has always telling

lies always trying to paint a picture

that your life is extremely perfect but

in all actuality is big huge mess on the

surface it looks good but underneath the

surface is a huge mess and this is gonna

be that leo that's kind of boring like

this is gone or there's gonna be

disciple leo

there's always looking to serve others

you know like they're always out in a


they recycle people they do more for

others and a lot of times they do for

themselves sometimes even though their

family there put others before

themselves or their families you know

and then think that kind of boring in

the bedroom also

but with Leo being there that passion

there he's gonna help it a little bit

but these are the more on the boring

side of a Leo lover you know you can

never truly be more with Leo but with

that very old eNOS there they're gonna

be more conventional because this is an

earth sign now if you're Leo man has his

Venus in Libra this is gonna be that

shallow Leo this is gonna be that very

flashy Leo almost like the Leo Venus but

they're gonna be shallow you know

they're gonna be all about you know just

is there'll be good people they like not

a huge liar usually a lot of times

they're gonna be count on it they can

still be liars but not huge lawyers like

the Virgo Venus they're gonna be the

type that's just always want they're all

about beauty because you know Libra is

real like Venus so they're gonna always

be looking for is beauty beauty beauty


um so they may spend a lot of money to

be to beautify themselves they saw the

Leo man who actually probably would put

KITT in their hair so the hair would be

curly or let me do all kinds of things

make the hair wavy even though meals

usually have a nice head of hair they

would still do something to enhance

their looks and it mainly will be

something with their hair and a lot of

times um these are really good lovers

now the bedroom scene would be amazing

with this and his Libra and Venus a

little breakdown um I don't have a whole

lot of time I don't have any videos so

long until the next time you guys I wish

you so much love peace and many

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