Lemon Drop Martini Recipe




hi guys and welcome back to my vlog

today I'm going to be making a Lemon

Drop martini so it's another cocktail

which i think is probably more well

known as being a shot same as

yesterday's cocktail which was the

camicazi I had this probably six seven

eight years ago for the first time but I

believe that the actual shooter is

really popular in the States

comment below let me know if it is or it

isn't if you've tried them before so

what we going to do is we're going to

start weird our scoop a glass now Rim

the glass with the lime or lemon and

just moisten the rim and then add sugar

to it as you can see there there's a

really nice picture of a rim for the

sake of the presentation I'm not going

to add the ice cube into this one

because once it dilutes has a little bit

of melts of water when I tip it out it's

going to make mess the sugar so ideally

keep this one in the fridge for just a

couple minutes beforehand not too long

because if there's any condensation or

moisture on the glass then it's going to

affect their sugar rim so it's shaken

cocktail so start with your cocktail

shaker you get so beat in and as you're

out 45 mils of vodka so kettle one today

then 50 mils of Cointreau or triple sec

if you've got that at home half a shot

there next up we've got first press

lemon juice sorry 30 mils followed by 50

mils of sugar syrup this is one to one

true sir don't need too much of it is

the sugar in the Cointreau is also going

to have balance out that fresh lemon

juice so your cocktail shake with us and

give it a good shake

now double strain into that glass or

into that - gloucestershire be

it's already got the sugar rim so that's

sort of enough of a garnish but just for

the sake of the photo I'm going to add

some color to it and just add a slice of

lemon and drop that in and you're good

to go they have a Lemon Drop martini

Cheers it's quite a sour drinks but the

amount of sugar around the rim helps

balance it out quite citrusy works

really well as a shooter you can also do

like chilled vodka with a piece of lemon

that's dipped in sugar shot and eat the

lemon that works really well but thanks

for watching make sure you like and

subscribe and I'll see you for another

cocktail video tomorrow yes